Annoucing the ‘How To’ Video Series!

Remember how I said a few weeks back that many new and exciting things were going...

Remember how I said a few weeks back that many new and exciting things were going to be happening here at Well, one of those “things” is a video series dedicated to how to spiralize different vegetables!

I’m working with the lovely Jess Star from Shooting Stars Pro LLC (based in Brooklyn, NY) to film a series of videos. Not only will she be filming to “How to Spiralize” series, but we will be filming a “How to Make” series as well, featuring step-by-step recipe videos…. with cheery music, of course.

I’ve even added a drop-down menu to “VIDEO” on the navigation bar for easy access.

Through the month of December, I’ll be launching the “How to Spiralize” videos, starting with the following:

How to Spiralize: Beets
How to Spiralize: Carrots
How to Spiralize: Butternut Squash
How to Spiralize: Apples

Check out my first two available videos:

How to Spiralize: Zucchini

 How to Spiralize: Sweet Potato

As for the “How to Make” series – I’ll be debuting the “How to Make: The Inspiralized Bun” later this month!

2014 is going to be a very exciting year!

with love, Ali

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  • You are the best Ali... thank you :)
  • great clip - next time get a manicure first - you have one nail unpainted and it was distracting to your nice work
    • Thanks - and my fingernail wasn't unpainted, it's painted a different color than the rest, as a tribute to a friend who has cancer. I always paint one nail a different color!
  • Great blog! I was given a spiral slicer for Christmas and I am very excited to try out your recipes!