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How It All Began: How I Discovered the Spiralizer

This past week, I was visiting my parents in Singer Island, Florida. I partly (okay,...

Christopher's Kitchen Zucchini Noodles

This past week, I was visiting my parents in Singer Island, Florida. I partly (okay, mainly) went to enjoy some sunshine and partly went because I wanted to visit Christopher’s Kitchen, an organic lifestyle restaurant.

Why did I want to go to this restaurant so much? Well, let me tell you a story. It’s the story of how I first discovered zucchini noodles and then, the spiralizer.

Oh, and it rained 3 out of 5 days while I was down there. Womp, womp.

My mother is a Type 1 diabetic. Actually, she had gestational diabetes, so she became diabetic while pregnant. Perhaps, subconsciously, this is a reason why I eat clean, healthy, whole foods and resist sweets as much as I can (although, I’m not perfect- I’ll admit!)

While trying to regulate her blood sugar levels in 2012, she started seeing a health coach once a week, in Hoboken, NJ. Actually, this coach was Lu’s old roommate! He suggested she try raw veganism to help. While my mother’s diabetes is Type 1 and not “curable,” a vegan diet lowers cholesterol and reduces your consumption of saturated fats, which ultimately helps control blood glucose levels.

She was about to go to Florida for the winter and he suggested a restaurant near their place in Singer Island. The restaurant was Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens.

So, she went. Not knowing about zucchini noodles or the spiralizer, she ordered the “Dragon Bowl.”

Christopher's Kitchen

She was instantly obsessed (like we all are once we have zucchini noodles for the first time). She was so excited about the zucchini noodles and she told me about the dish right away. My first reaction? “Yea, yea that sounds cool, mom.” She wanted to recreate the zucchini noodles at home, but didn’t know how to. All she knew was that zucchini noodles were something special.

The story doesn’t stop there.

A few months later when she was back in NJ in 2013, we went to Pure Food and Wine in New York City, a raw organic restaurant. We had an incredible meal (I really suggest that restaurant if you live in NY – you’d never guess the food was raw!) and she was committed to eating more vegan and plant-based, so she bought their cookbook.

That’s when she discovered the spiralizer. One of the recipes in the book was for zucchini noodles and mentioned the spiralizer. Immediately, she ordered the spiralizer on Amazon. Once it came, she tried to recreate that Dragon Bowl at home. Like the first time she had spiralized veggies, she was hooked – they were delicious!

A couple more months went by and despite her insistence that I should try them (even my sister tried them and had the same reaction), I hadn’t given them a chance.

One Sunday night a few weeks later, I was visiting them at the house in NJ and she made me zucchini noodles. I was floored, incredulous, and fascinated. Most importantly, I regretted not trying it sooner! The consistency was unbelievably similar to the real deal. Always looking for new ways to eat healthy, I was totally impressed.

Literally, that night, I took the spiralizer from her and brought it back to my apartment. That Monday (the next evening), I made  Lu and I a simple tomato zucchini noodle pasta with artichokes, cannellini beans and shrimp for dinner.

His reaction was exactly the same as my mother’s, mine and my sister’s: absolutely stunned. He loved it!

How I began Inspiralized is another story for another blog post, so stay tuned.

When I was in Florida this past week, I visited Christopher’s Kitchen. Instead of ordering that Dragon Bowl, I tried the Asian Noodles. I also snagged a “Youthful” green juice, freshly pressed in their to-go store, two doors down.

Christopher's Kitchen Zucchini Noodles

While the noodles weren’t made with a spiralizer (they seemed to have been made with a mandolin), they were still great. The dish was packed with avocado, sesame seeds, fruit and cabbage. Totally healthy, totally delicious.

Christopher's Kitchen Zucchini Noodles

If you live in the area, I highly suggest you visit Christopher’s Kitchen! If not for a sit-down meal, then go to their carry-out store and grab a green juice or a Dragon Bowl to go!

Hope you enjoyed the story. Now go watch the Superbowl!


with love, Ali

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  • I love my Spiralizer- You turned me on to it and now I've turned my brother and my dearest friend onto it...Love your site and all your recipe ideas- It is endless! Found this article that I found very interesting. Thought you might like to read it since it talks of blood sugar and diabetes. It has changed the way I eat and how I feed my family. Your spiralized pasta is so much more that "pasta with fewer calories".! I have ditched those grains for good!
  • This loos amazing. I went to their website. Can you tell me the name of this dish. I couldn't find it.
    • This loo's amazing too!
  • I found it...dragon bowl!
  • Great story! Congrats on the Williams Sonoma connection! You deserve it! So, will we see a spiralized version of the Dragon Bowl? Looks delicious. You go, girl!
    • Connie - unfortunately, there won't be a recipe for the Dragon Bowl, as it's at the restaurant only. I do plan on creating something similar, however :) Thanks!
  • Aww I love that your mom was part of the inspiration behind your love of spiralizing!! Such a sweet story!
  • Living in West Palm Beach, Christopher's Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Thanks for giving it a mention! :)
  • Looking forward to seeing your version of the Dragon and Asian Bowls! Love your website!
  • I got my spiral machine by Padermo today except that it's white, black and green in colour. It looks exactly like the one on Amazon. What a great blog idea! Congratulations on your first "Blogiversary". I found the pre-spiralized veggie storage information particulary helpful as I like to prepare in advance.
  • Love my Paderno! So happy I found your website. Now, I am going on vacation for 2 weeks and we always get place with a kitchen. Since we are flying I won't be taking the Paderno with me so I am wondering how some of the small hand held spiralizers work for travel? Have you tried them at all? Thank you, and congrats on one year!
    • Debra, you can use a small handhold for travel, but it's very limiting - it can only really spiralize carrots, cucumbers and zucchinis and they aren't the best. If you can't live without zucchini noodles while traveling (I don't blame you!), then they're definitely a possibility.
  • I am interested in being the Padermo and your book. Would you suggest the 3 blade or 4? In your cookbook do you use the 4 or 3? Thanks so much!
  • I love the story of your journey and your transformation! Do you have the 3-blade or 4-blade Paderno Spiralizer? Do most of the foods that get spiralized, other than potatoes, have to be done just right before cooking? Would love to see what can be spiralized ahead!
  • My dear friend told me about the hand held spiralizer and I love it for zucchini. Now she bought me your new book and I am spiralized and ordered the 4 blade. Tonight I will make your zucchini with the bacon and 2 cheeses. Thanks so much for your inspiration.