How to Clean the Inspiralizer

How to Safely Clean and Store the Inspiralizer

We no longer sell the Inspiralizer. You can read more about that here. Thank you for...

We no longer sell the Inspiralizer. You can read more about that here. Thank you for your interest! 

How to Clean the Inspiralizer


Since I’m still working out those kinks with my recipe plugin and the blog format, I decided to share a video today, instead of Thursday.

Everything should be resolved by tonight, so I’m looking forward to the blog being back up tomorrow, working flawlessly.

Today, we talk about cleaning the Inspiralizer. It’s important to keep your spiralizer clean to avoid discoloration, dullness of blades and to be sanitary (you don’t want to find moldy zucchini in your bowl of bolognese, do you?)

As you’ll see in the video below, I use a round palm brush. It’s essential that you buy a round brush and designate it to your spiralizer.

I’ve always recommended this brush: OXO Soap-Squirting Round Palm Brush. The OXO brush is fantastic – it fills up with soap and offers great leverage to clean.

Not only will the brush scrub the hard-to-reach parts of your spiralizer (like the teeth on the handle and the metal blades), it will prevent any nicks or cuts from the sharp blades and teeth.

Also, the spiralizer will discolor if you don’t rinse and clean immediately after using (especially with beets!) So, take twenty seconds to rinse and scrub the spiralizer and yours will last properly.

What’s great about the Inspiralizer is that the blades are small, so the flesh of the spiralized vegetable doesn’t get jammed – it rinses right out, with minimal effort.

Storing The Inspiralizer in Safety Mode

The Inspiralizer was intelligently designed to be easily and safely stored as well. Of course, it’s important to treat any sharp kitchen product with caution.

There’s a “safety mode.” First, you switch the blade (using The Noodle Twister) to Blade A. This will ensure that no pointy blades are facing outwards, so that when you remove it from the cupboard or shelf, you’ll be protected.

That’s not all. Every Inspiralizer comes with a safety cover that easily clicks into the back to cover the pointy blades. By securing the cover over the blades, this increases coverage for safe storage.

We know children love to spiralize, so the safety cover has an opening at the top. This opening was included so that if you are spiralizing with kids, most of the blades are concealed with the safety cover, to avoid tiny wandering fingers discovering the blades and getting nicked. You can still spiralize fully with the safety cover on!

Storing with the Back Stopper

On the back of the body of the Inspiralizer, there’s a small switch that can be turned up to prevent the sliding handle from falling out. When in use, it should be switched down to allow the handle to slide out fully to accommodate larger vegetables.

We’ve all been there. You go to take your spiralizer out of the cupboard and the handle falls out and hits the ground and like with a smart phone, you close your eyes and quickly pray the screen didn’t crack (or in this case, the handle didn’t break.)

No more! The back stopper prevents this and allows for easy, compact storage.

The Video

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Thanks again for all of your patience as we transition to this new website. As of now, all of the comments are disabled, but I hope to be back up tomorrow!

with love, Ali

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  • You spiralizer looks amazing Ali; you've thought of everything! A blade protector, guard stop, blade choice 'wheel' - it's perfect! Congratulations on its launch!! And thank you for your helpful video xx
  • Thanks for demonstrating the cleaning. I figured it would be easy, and that's exactly what it is. I really like all the thoughtful detail you've put into the Inspiralizer, and am really looking forward to receiving mine.
  • The spiralizer is awesome! Thanks for sharing! The video is really helpful! Greets, Storage Hoxton Ltd.
  • Is the Inspiralizer in the video a newer version? Mine does not have the safety mode, the safety cover or the back stopper mentioned.
    • It's Ali's own creation! So yup a new and improved version!
  • So glad I found this....I have another older spiralizer model, but it never fails I cut myself changing the blades. I was so happy to find this new one, no blades to remove !!!!! I can't wait to get Ali's cookbook for even more veggie ideas ~ great for healthy eating! Living a healthier life! Thank you so much!
  • I got mine last week and am having so much fun playing with it! All if the the recipes from this site and your cookbook have been wonderful!
  • I had to laugh. Sorry. How many of you are running out to buy a palm brush to clean your Inspiralizer? Will a long handle brush work as well?
    • It's just a suggestion to make the cleaning process a little safer and smoother. You can use whatever cleaning brush you have on hand. Thank you for asking. We just like to give helpful suggestions to anyone who may be in the market or would like to use what we use to clear ours!!
  • Nice, but. . .who uses theirs infrequently enough that it gets "stored" - - not me! :)
    • Right?! Preach, sister! Haha! You're the best, Karen!
  • where do you put the drop of oil in the spiralizer? the picture in the instruction booklet is not really clear
    • Email me: - I'll help you out!