Favorite Feeding Products for Baby

Favorite Feeding Products for Baby

I’m excited to share a video with a special guest star today: Luca! It was so fun to have him on set, he was adorable and loved the attention! I think if he had been scared of the cameras or all the lights and people, I would have never filmed this video, but he totally loved it.

In this video, we’re going through all of my favorite products for feeding the baby at home (and you’ll see Luca using them, too!)

For all of my baby favorites, click here.

And for all of the products featured in this video:

In this new video, watch me go through all of the above items and talk about them more in detail – and most importantly, watch Luca use them!

Favorite Feeding Products For Baby


  1. So helpful, thank you! I’m introducing foods to my little girl next month and was thinking how I have nothing I need to do so. This overview is great. Thank you!

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