how to approach those annual online sales


whenever I see the “site wide sales”, I’m immediately overwhelmed. there are hundreds of pages to scroll through and I want to make sure I look at ALL of it. in the end, I’m left with nothing in my shopping cart, because I’m all over the place.

now, I’ve learned the secret: to get the most out of these sales (like Nordstrom’s 40% off sale right now), you need to do this: decide what you need in your wardrobe and go looking for exactly that.

yea, sure, you’d love to get a pretty dress for $100 instead of $250, because it’s just SUCH a great deal, but if you already have great dresses right now, then you’re not really gaining anything. however, if you really need summer sandals, then focus on that and filter the website to show you JUST shoes. it’s like blinders, which, let’s be honest – we really need sometimes!

so what do I need? handbags! I have all black purses and I need to diversify. if you’re like me and don’t have the time to go searching through Nordstrom’s website but want to take advantage of the sale, here are my top picks:



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