A letter to my daughter on her first birthday

A letter to my daughter on her first birthday

Dear Roma, We wrote your brother a letter on his first birthday, and we wanted...

Dear Roma,

We wrote your brother a letter on his first birthday, and we wanted to write you one too! You are both the most special, important, happy parts of our lives and we can’t wait to read these to you when you are older.

Sweetness. We gave you this nickname when you were just a newborn, because you were exactly that – the sweetest thing we had ever laid eyes on. You made the sweetest faces, were just such an easy newborn, and had such a sweet presence that is hard to put into words. You were our summer baby and you looked so precious with your little legs and arms poking through your rompers.

You really love your mama, you had the worst stranger danger in the beginning and would scream when anyone else tried to hold you. I secretly loved it, because you felt like you were back in my tummy again and all mine.

A letter to my daughter on her first birthday

When you were just 9 months old, we took you to Florida to be safe from this scary virus that was in the air and we got to spend 3 wonderful months with you, a time we would’ve never had if this scary virus hadn’t happened, because we both would have been working and not been able to spend that time with you.

You have these long dark eyelashes and thick brows and big brown eyes that makes everyone around you melt with your beauty. You love to giggle and play games and you smile so big when your big brother comes to your crib when you wake up from your naps. He can be a little rough with you, but you’re proving to be fierce yourself – you know how to get what you want and you don’t like to be pushed around!

I’ve never seen any baby eat as much as you do, as quickly as you do, and as adventurously as you do! You love everything except for shrimp, avocado (like your brother!), and you don’t love tart fruits, but that’s about it. Watching you eat is such a joy and you make Mama so proud.

You love the water (you especially loved the pool in Florida, but baths and faucets are special too), you love to roll a ball back and forth with anyone, you love playing tag, you love it when we run with you in our arms, you love when Dada pushes you on the swing, and you just love to look around and take in the world in the stroller or carrier. You’re so inquisitive and you’ve already said a few words: Mama, Dada, and Boo for balloon!


Your aunt Felicia got you hooked on this YouTube music class and she even made you her own version with her and your uncle Ben singing to you with the guitar. Anything to make you smile, sweetness!

You’re just about to start walking and we can’t wait for you to finally chase your brother around. You’re going to be the most fun and we can’t wait for that stage!


We love you so much, Roma Lea, and we are so thankful for you everyday! Happy birthday, sweetness.

Love, Mama and Dada


All photos by Karla Korn Photography.

with love, Ali

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  • This is so sweet. Roma makes the world a happier place.
    • Awe, Natalie! That's so kind. Thank you!