baby favorites: month 6

month 6 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving...

month 6 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving at this stage.  for this series, I’m going to list the things that made month SIX great!

and of course, you can check out newborn favorites, month 4, and month 5.

month 6: baby favorites

1. Wooden blocks: So these are not the exact blocks that I bought, but they are just like them – and Luca LOVES blocks now. I build them up in a tower and he knocks them down. We could do this for HOURS, it’s hilarious. He giggles so much!

2. Inglesina table high chair: If you’re doing baby led weaning, especially, this is a great chair! It’s so easy to clean and reassemble (and I’m bad at stuff like that) and it adheres well to tables at restaurants. He loves sitting in this chair, because you’re at the same level as the adults (whereas high chair you’re always looking up.) AND it has a bag that’s built into it for easy carrying.

3. Maracas: Luca never loved rattles too much, but he loves this maraca and it’s easy to bring in the car, to the restaurant, etc.

4. Ring stack: Like the blocks, he could play with this ring stack forever. I think this is helpful for the stage of development he’s in (or so I read) and he loves seeing the rings build up and then being broken down!

5. Dear Zoo: Luca loves flap books – this and Where’s Spot? are his favorite – he reaches for the flaps and gets excited when I open the flaps up!

6. Grippy ball: Luca started loving balls and this grippy one is great because he can hold on to it thanks to the little rubber grips that are on the outside. It bounces too, which is great!

7. Pop-up friends: Luca loves this toy! I switch the buttons so the little animals pop up and he pushes them back down! One day, he’ll be able to open the animals up too, but for now, he loves when they pop up and he pushes them back down.

8. Nuby popsicle mold: I make breasticles for Luca using these popsicle molds! He LOVES them and the grip is perfect for his little hands.

hope you picked up a few ideas for your little ones!

with love, Ali

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