before and after: our bedroom


if you missed my living room before and after post, read that first so you’ll understand why I started redecorating in the first place.

long story short, when Lu and I moved in together, I didn’t have any of my own furniture, so we used all of his dark, moody bachelor-pad-esque stuff. I hated it, but alas, I had just started my own business and was putting every cent I had left and made into growing Inspiralized.

so, last year, to treat myself and to make a better space for myself while I worked from home, I decided to redecorate.

first came my desk area. then the kitchen. then came the living room. then came the bedroom.

so here we are, and I’m sharing with you my minimalist, clean, gender-neutral bedroom (because after all, I live with a man.)

and what room makeover would be complete without the atrocious before pictures? I’ve got those, too! here we go. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

and I apologize for the low quality photos, these were taken over a year ago, and I never thought I’d really be showing them!



there was just clutter, everywhere. and the furniture was so dark, that it looked so gloomy and uninviting. who would want to spend more than the necessary time in this place?! not me! I never hung out in my bedroom when it looked like this.

the nightstand end tables alone make this room 10 times lighter!

aside from that, let’s look at our dresser situation, before:


biiiiig improvement. even lighter lamps add a feminine but modern touch to a room, to keep it inspiring and inviting.

now for the random area by the windows. this used to be where my desk was for Inspiralized (can you believe it?!) and right before we started redecorating, I removed it, so you can’t see it in these photos, but just imagine a big black desk up against the windows. not cute. and we always had this random shelving for “stuff.”

afterwards, I knew I wanted my own personal space to get ready – to do my makeup, select my jewelry, etc. so, I built a perfect little space for me:

also in this corner by the window were… let’s not forget… the black end tables.

remember those? they got replaced.

‘s also ordered new bedding, so I don’t have those before photos, but just imagine something dark navy with white stitching. it was terribly masculine and not very inviting. once I got the prints above my bed figured out, I went with complimentary pillows.

overall, my bedroom has now become a space that I want to be in. I love reading a book in the middle of the afternoon on my bed. I love getting ready in the mornings. I love lighting the candles around the room, dimming the lights, and just relaxing.

there’s even the cutest little space for my yoga mat now.

shop the post

  • the rug is the ‘panja rug’ from cb2, but is no longer available
  • the comforter is my restoration hardware and no longer available
  • the vanity is a mini parsons table from west elm and no longer available
  • the throw pillows are from target, but not available online (in-store only)



so tell me – what do you think of our bedroom? big improvement, right?

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Sam says:
what size are the frames above your bed? love them! and what size is your bed?

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