what I’m into right now – 3.27.17

this weekend….

Friday, we headed to the airport around 3:30pm for a weekend trip to Winston-Salem, NC to visit Wake Forest while I participated in a women’s only alumni event. we rented a car (now Lu’s in love with the Jeep Grand Cherokee) and drove to a taco spot that wasn’t there when I went to school but was delicious (The Art of the Taco.) highly recommend. checked into our hotel and passed out.

Saturday, we woke up and walked around campus for a bit. then, I went to my first event, a panel with two other entrepreneurs. we chatted about entrepreneurship, which I always love to talk about. then, Lu and I went to lunch at the campus’s dining hall. I think what I’ve realized is that my culinary tastebuds have matured as well as myself, so it wasn’t as “delicious” as I remembered it, haha. after that, I ran a spiralizing demo on campus, which was really fun! then, we walked around campus a bit more and then drove to grab a smoothie at Village Juice (amazing smoothies!) after, we decided to see LIFE, the new movies with jake gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds about alien life on mars. it was oooooookay. I’d give it a 7, I guess? after that, we drove downtown to go to one of my old favorite restaurants, 6th and vine. we sat outside, sipped some cocktails, and had dinner. we went back home, and watched TV in bed (I was pooped).

Sunday, we went for breakfast at my favorite brunch spot during college, mary’s diner. SO GOOD. then, we drove to chapel hill, nc so I could show Lu around – I LOVE that town and the campus is gorgeous. we just walked around all day, had lunch, and then drove back to the Greensboro airport and headed home! we got back around 10:30pm!

what I’m into RN…

john mayer. weird, but I was such a huge fan in high school and somehow lost touch.. but I’m totally back on the bandwagon. his song “love on the weekend” has be vibin.

this quote. and perfectionism in general. I think it’s such a waste of time! progress is the new perfect, my friends. and perfectionism causes anxiety and other unfriendly issues.

the perfect weekend 22″ carry-on that charges your phone, has GPS and even more features I don’t use but am happy to have. I bought this suitcase as a treat to myself and I’m loving traveling with it!

if I was a liiiiittle more peppy and a little less busty, this would be the cutest two-piece set ever.

I started using sunflower butter in the mornings, because I was finding that I was eating SO many nuts and nut butters, that I needed a variety in my diet and change up of fats. I’m LOVING this sunflower butter, drizzled on my oatmeal bowls and bananas.

can’t wait for Lu to get home today so we can watch the Love Actually sequel. I mean, Hugh Grant dancing to Hotling Bling…. I’m DYING.

see you next week!

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