My Bedroom Makeover

My Bedroom Makeover

Last year, after living in our apartment for almost two full years, I felt it...

Last year, after living in our apartment for almost two full years, I felt it was time to make it our own (Lu and I, that is). As a couple, we’ve developed our own personal style together – a vibe we like, colors we like, ambiance we like.

When we first moved in together, it was all his furniture from his old apartment, since I didn’t have any of my own that was worth keeping. His furniture and decor was dark and just too masculine.

Today, I’m sharing with you another area of our home I redecorated: our bedroom, our most private, cozy space! If you want to see the full before and after, you can see that today on inspiralizedali.

I’m also giving away gift cards to Minted, for those of you looking to spruce up your place with some artwork – or heck, need some stationary (they’re the best!)

What I Ate Today, March 28, 2017


I’ve really been into these oatmeal bowls with Wild Friends sunflower butter, sliced bananas, raspberries, and blueberries. I think I’ve had one everyday for a week!


I had more of my raw nut mix. Raw cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, and raisins.


The usuuuuuual. I’ve been swamped this week, haven’t had much time to sit down and make myself a proper lunch, so veggie sandwiches it has been! If you haven’t seen this before, it’s just hummus, spinach, onion, cucumber, avocado, carrots, mustard, wedged between Ezekial bread.


A few clusters of this delicious granola from Purely Elizabeth. It satisfies my afternoon sweet tooth. I also had a pear, but forgot to take a photo!

Before my 5pm Spanish lesson, I had a half serving of my split pea curry with cauliflower. An infusion of protein to get me through the lesson and then to the gym!


I set out to make the Bell Pepper Taco Skillet from Inspiralize Everything, but as I started it, I realized I didn’t have half the ingredients, so it turned into a bell pepper fajita skillet with quinoa, chickpeas, and avocado. Totally absolutely delicious. Enjoyed it with a side of tortilla chips!


Nothing! We ate dinner pretty late (a bit before 9pm.)

My Bedroom Makeover

As I was saying in the beginning of the post, after deciding that Lu’s old bachelor-pad-style furniture was no longer acceptable for a married couple, I started aggressively redecorating our living room, kitchen, and bedroom. You can see the living room before and after here. And then, more recently, I moved my desk out of my living room and replaced it with this console table.

I just wanted a space to come home to everyday that inspired me, that made me happy, and that I’d enjoy having friends over with.

After the living room was done, I had to tackle my next space: my bedroom. Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom needs to be the most relaxing, comforting, and inviting. I prefer my bedroom minimalistic, cozy, and not over-crowded.

I actually finished re-decorating the bedroom last year, but I couldn’t find great artwork to put above our bed that wouldn’t clash with our crazy carpet (which I LOVE), so I put the rest of the project on hold.

Recently, I happily partnered up with Minted for their 9 year anniversary to put the finishing touches on my bedroom makeover and perfect the most personal space in my home. They’re currently having incredible sales on their artwork to celebrate their anniversary, so check those out before you make any purchases for your home!

So, the prints I chose for above my bed are the Cactus and the Succulent, both in 30″ x 40″ size:

My Bedroom Makeover + Giveaway

I am in LOVE with these prints and the whole coloring and vibe above my bed. I couldn’t be happier – and it’s all thanks to Minted. I have done so many projects with Minted, I love everything they do and all their artists. They did my Save the Dates, my holiday cards, my Thank You cards, etc etc. They’re the best!

To see the “before” pictures (warning: they’re hideous! I can’t believe I actually lived with that decor fro almost three years) and see more pictures of my bedroom makeover, head on over to my lifestyle blog, inspiralizedali.


with love, Ali

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  • Minted has some great artwork! I would pick something inspiring for our living room. I love the pieces you chose!
  • I'm thinking artwork! Your bedroom looks lovely and peaceful!
  • I would love to buy some new artwork for my home!
  • Luv it!
  • I'm always looking for new, inspiring or just plain cute artwork that will make me smile.
  • I would love to get a beach-themed piece of art as a gift for my parents' new house.
  • We are currently re-decorating our bedroom as well. Love the artwork you chose! It's lighted hearted and clean!
  • I'd like to buy some art for my son's apartment.
  • Love the new decor!
  • I would pick out some new prints for my home!
  • Would love some new prints.
  • I have been thinking about using minted styling service for a huge wall I need to decorate in my living room. I would use it toward that larger purchase!
  • I'd buy some art for my gallery wall!
  • Love the makeover!!
  • Love the makeover Ali!
  • Cute! We're moving into a new, giant house this spring and decorating it is going to be quite the undertaking!
  • 100% I'd get some artwork of California poppies. A little hometown reminder in Buffalo, NY? Yes, please!
  • I live in the SW, so I love the artwork and the entire bedroom is along the lines of what I like. Thanks for sharing with us!
  • I love minted!
  • I'd get some new artwork for my bedroom, it's ready for a refresh!
  • I just moved into a new apartment and would love to decorate with minted home decor, like the lampshades and pillows! Their napkin sets are amazing too!
  • I would use the gift card towards redecorating my 5 year old's bedroom!
  • I love Minted's beautiful artwork. Your bedroom looks amazing!
  • I love your bedroom makeover! I would love to get some pieces to create a gallery wall in my living room!
  • Looks great! I'd love a large print from Minted for my dining room.
  • I would buy a nice piece of artwork
  • I would love to get some artwork for my bedroom!
  • Love it!
  • I'm in the same boat, newlywed, turning 30 and still using furniture from college. I would definitely use the gift card for some artwork to freshen up our apartment and give it a more updated sense of style
  • I am kind of obsessed with that bed frame. We're on the hunt for a new one, so this is going on my list to show the hubs!
  • Those Succulent Pieces are too cute and are going to be the perfect addition to the bridal shower gift for my sister who is succulent obsessed. Too cute, now can you come help redecorate my bedroom?
  • Artwork for our bedroom or some extra touches for our wedding that just aren't in the budget.
  • I would definitely use this for wall art - I have a few bare walls that need some love!
  • I'd get the P51 Mustang art print for my son's room.
  • I've been looking for some new artwork so thanks for telling us about Minted. Can't wait to check them out!
  • Love the cactus art!
    • I need some new art for my apartment :).
  • I would definitely use this for some home art. Thanks for all you do!
  • Great picks! I love how they infuse a little subtle whimsy into a grown-up room. Minted has tons of great artwork, but I probably would find myself spending it all on throw pillows...
  • I would use the gift card to furnish my brand new apartment! I'm moving this Saturday :)
  • I've also been looking for some new artwork to hang above our bed. We have two photos up now, but they are dark and in black frames. They are also different sizes, which doesn't look great. I LOVE the look you have here with the white matting and white frames. I mean technically, I could use the gift card on our wedding invitations that I'm about to order.... but that comes out of the wedding budget right? And wouldn't new art be so much more fun in addition to invitations I'm already going to buy??! :)
  • It looks very relaxing!
  • I love the cactus theme! I am personally obsessed with pineapples and cactuses. I live in a rural town and this winter wanted to give my bedroom a caribbean flair. We painted the walls ocean blue and got new bedding. Only thing missing is the artwork! Would love to find something on minted that could remind me of vacations and summertime
  • We just finished training to become foster parents, so I'd love to get some fun, kid-friendly artwork as we work to repurpose our guest rooms into a nursery and kid space!
  • Love it!
  • I love you new room! I would love to order some new prints from Minted myself!
  • I would use it to buy wedding invitations!
  • It looks great!
  • On the hunt for new prints for the baby's room!
  • The prints are so lovely! Minimal but cute and fresh, just a perfect pop of art. :-)
  • i love the foil pressed maps! i would love one for my room. NJ (where i'm from) or NYC (where i live!)
  • Love the makeovers!! If I had some minted moneyz I would definitely get more prints for our house. After being married 5 years, I am ready for some fresh new items in our house.
  • LOVE the makeover - you always make everything look so easy!!
  • Love the prints! I'd definitely use some Minted money towards our holiday cards next year!
  • Artwork for our bedroom. Its the only room in our house that looks dull
  • I would definitely get fine art prints, my walls are bare :(
  • I would love a minted gift card to get some art - your cactus prints are 1000% adorable!
  • If i was awarded as the lucky winner, i would buy Minted artwork for our walls. I feel like most of the artwork that's available in stores has an older, rustic feel. I love Minted and the cleanness of their art and I love the idea of supporting local artists everywhere! :)
  • Love the print. Those split peas look yummy!
  • how cute are those prints! i'd love them on stationery
  • I was so excited to see your email today with the make over because I'm moving clear across the country and we're leaving most all of our furniture behind. It's too expensive to take it. So, I'll be making lots of new choices for our "new" home in Florida! So excited to move and this is a great opportunity to buy "new" things :-)
  • I would purchase prints for my lake home!
  • Love your room- to light and airy! I recently bought a house with my husband and we're in desperate need of some artwork in our living room!
  • Love your room- so light and airy! I recently bought a house with my husband and we're in desperate need of some artwork in our living room!
  • Beautiful. What a great way to go to bed and wake up!
  • Some cool and unique art from Minted!
  • Have never shopped at Minted, would love to win to explore what they have for a nice home decor update!
  • I'd love to get two of those cake plates!
  • My sister is getting married this summer and I'd love to use Minted for some of her invitations!!
  • Love this! What a cozy, stylish nook. We're moving in a couple weeks and will have much more wall space to fill so I'm hoping we win some art!
  • Love the new artwork!
  • I absolutely love your bedroom makeover! Very similar to our living room makeover recently and I am just itching to update everything at once... Absolutely beautiful!
  • Absolutely love the succulent pictures above your bed!! Simple but beautiful and really pull together the room! I've been looking to add more artwork to my apartment - and I am moving soon so I know that I will want to do a makeover as well!! That's what I would do with a minted gift card!
  • There are so many amazing prints at Minted! I would spend the gift card on some new ones for my new apartment!
  • My walls need something cute like yours! Love it!
  • I was to win, I would make over our current wall art situation. I have wanted to do a multi size and subject collage wall and Minted could totally help me do that!!
  • Artwork for my bare bedroom walls!
  • I don't want to tell you how long I've lived with our un-remodeled bedroom! Yours looks absolutely fabulous!
  • Cute makeover! If I won the giveaway would splurge on the citrus fabric.
  • Love the bedding, it matches your cute prints! I would get some new plants and lighting to spruce up my apartment for spring.
  • I'm in the same boat! We are about to paint and spruce up our bedroom as well! Love the simple design!
  • Love the cacti!
  • I would love use the gift card to do a save the date for my wedding! I just got engaged :)
  • I like the collection of art shelves.
  • Limited Edition Art Print
  • I've been checking out Minted for a while. Happy to hear you had a great experience!
  • We are finally decluttering and painting. Minted's beautiful art would put on the finishing touch.
  • Love it!!
  • Love all the neutrals!! Favorite part is the getting ready corner you made for yourself and those bed side tables are SOO fab!!
  • I would get the watercolor ombré table runner.
  • I'd spend it on art/decor for my daughter's room -- I've already bought a print from Mintd that looks great.
  • We are remodeling/redecorating our bedroom right now too so some colorful Minted prints on the fresh white walls would be perfect!
  • How do you eat that sandwich?! It looks so thick. Also how do you get the veggies in it cut like that?
  • I would find a few pictures that would make me smile whenever I glanced at them!
  • Those pictures above your bed fit the space perfectly! I could definitely use some Minted prints for our home. We've been in it for a about 9 months and still have so many bare walls!
  • Hi Ali! Great work on the makeover. Such a pretty a serene room! Fun fact, we got married the same day - June 20, 2015 - woot, woot! My husband and I plan to upgrade from our tiny Boston condo to a full-fledged house soon. I would surely use the Minted credit for decorating!
  • I would like to add some new prints to our master bedroom.
  • We are finishing our basement and I am in need of some artwork to liven the space up. Thank you for the giveaway
  • I would use the Minted giveaway for artwork, artwork and more artwork. My walls are bare!
  • We will be redoing our family room soon and I would love to find some artwork to display on the walls.
  • I am moving in with my partner in a week and we are trying to find "our style" as well. Minted looks like they have so many cute things to help!
  • I would love to put more art work up in the house! We built a house 4 years ago but didn't have enough furniture and decor so have been slowly adding stuff as the budget allows. :)
  • buy a texas print i think
  • I am in need of some pillows - theirs are beautiful....but prints are also up there....
  • I would love to buy some artwork for above my bed, too!
  • I'd like some stationary from them.
  • love your style! so bright and vibrant. we need some more prints for our boyfriend and i just bought our first home together!
  • I love the prints from Minted. I would use them for a new nursery! :) Thanks for the great giveaway!
  • FABRIC!!!!!!
  • I love those prints! I definitely feel the same way about needing to make my apartment more my own vibe so this post is great inspiration!
  • I LOVE that bedspread!! Your style is so cute. I'm in the process of building my first gallery wall, so that Minted gift card would help me put some finishing touches on the project.
  • Love the prints!
  • I'd get some sort of decor for my living room above my couches!
  • Love the prints- I also have a gray and green bedding theme, might have to get them for my room!
  • I would buy some curtains for the new house we just moved into
  • I would use the gift certificate for some bedding and curtains (if any is left). I have been wanting to redo my bedroom but just haven't taken the plunge. This certainly would help as I am recovering from a concussion which means I have not been working more than 4 hours a week (= no extra $). I am loving the greys that are on trend of late.
  • I want to make your breakfast, it looks so good. Hoping to win, buying our first home (been married 10.25 years) and could use something new for the new walls :)
  • Moving into my first apartment this summer and I am so excited to decorate for the first time!
  • I would like some art for our new home.
  • There are so many cute prints on minted! I would love one for our new (!) nursery.
  • For some new artwork for our new house! We have many walls to fill.
  • My room has been so boring with nothing on the walls! Would love to get some inspirational quotes on the wall with the giftcard! It will make my room a more live-lier place for me to be able to study and be productive!
  • I would commission a piece of artwork for our bedroom!
  • I have a giant blank wall wall in my living room that could use a big colorful qrtwork!!
  • I can't believe you used to have your desk in there too! The after looks great, the artwork definitely compliments the rooms well.
  • I would buy some art for my bedroom.
  • Oh I would SO redecorate the living room with a gift card like this! We have a neat sunken den with wood paneling and interior windows (weird, right?!) It's got a very 60s vibe to it. :)
  • I don't need anything, but would love to get some Paris themed art for my niece's room!
  • I've lived with my boyfriend for almost a year and we still have almost no artwork! It's not in our budget to get rid of his big dark couch (I'm sure you can relate, Ali!) but someday it'll go. I love the Madewell prints! So clean and bright, exactly what a bedroom should be!
  • I love Minted, too! I've used them for my wedding invitations, holiday cards, personalized gifts, and artwork for my home! I've been eyeing the All Is Quiet print by Jenni Kupelian for months so I'd definitely put that gift card to good use :)
  • I would for sure buy some prints for my dining room!
  • Some prints for my dining room!
  • Love Minted! I'm moving this summer and could use something new the hang on the walls.
  • I would love to get some new stationary from MINTED because I am old fashioned in the sense that I still love to hand-write personal letters & notes to family & friends in this modern age of technology!
  • Kitchen gadgets!
  • I'm finally "letting go" of my clutter and all of my furniture. I love what you've done to the bedroom; it is warm and inviting. It reflects who you and Lu are now!
  • Color combo is great! The prints match your pillows! Very lovely job.
  • artwork for my son's bedroom - he moved into an apartment months ago and the walls are bare!
  • I would get new comforters and sheets!
  • I love the photo gifts on Minted's website and would love to place another order!
  • Love the cactus prints! I would invest in artwork for my living room. White walls are blah without color!
  • We have been living together for 20 years and haven't settled on a "style" so good on you!
  • I would surely buy some new art prints for the bedroom and freshen it up for spring.
  • I have just moved, and basically starting over, so I sure could use new bedding
  • My husband and I have been in the same condo for over 10 years. Our daughter is now 14 and recently redid her room. We are now noticing how old and tired the rest of the place looks. We want to transition from the young adult hodge podge decor to grownup style. Artwork would be the proverbial icing on the cake!
  • I live by myself and have been trying to tidy up / feng shui my apartment for a while now. With a Minted gift card, I would buy one of the beautiful limited edition art pieces to add the finishing touch to my small space.
  • Loving your soft fresh colors that you used for your makeover Ali. I am closing on a new home April 14th & would love to get some specialty accent pieces for decorating when browsing Minted's website. Thanks for sharing with us.
  • Hello Ali it's nice that you decided to do a home make over. You place looks stunning. I've had the same old House lay up for almost 4 years. This gift card would help me actually take the first step to redecorating my home. My room needs a serious make over as well. My walls are pretty dull to. Some pictures would brighten my room. Thanks for the rekickstart!
  • I would love to get some new stationary!
  • Love the quinoa fajita skillet. I'm going to have to steal that one. I would love some of their art prints.
  • This looks so cute! So inspirational!
    • I would love to up grade my Bedroom, your bedspreads look so delightful.
  • I like the southwestern prints, the colors are peaceful
  • Love the calm beautiful colors in your bedroom. Also, how did I miss that Split Pea Curry recipe? Must add it to my list to try.
  • I think an added pop of color to match the orange in the painting would finish off your master piece by tying it all in! I like the southwestern prints, the colors are peaceful
  • Art for me!
  • I absolutely love the pin boards. Would be great for my daughter's dorm room - she loves pinning pics up all over the place and changing them up all the time. Also love the pillows!
  • I would buy some art for my guest bathroom! I've needed to update it for a year.
  • I would buy a couple canvas prints to hang in my living room if I won this gift card.
  • Stuff to make my wife happy.
  • Def. some new art!
  • you've created a beautiful space Ali 1
  • Artwork! I need some art to hang on my walls :)
  • Ooh, I don't know. Maybe some pillows...
  • Definitely need to check out Minted website! Love the design!
  • Your dinner last night looked delicious! If I won the $150 gift card from Minted, I would use it to purchase baby shower invites for an upcoming shower!
  • I've actually been eyeing some prints for my bathroom and would love to finally be able to get them!
  • Does my Twitter account needs to be "public" to get points for the giveaway?
  • Beautiful! I LOVE the furniture and the little "you" space. Love your style!
  • So Homey, cozy comfy, but I agree it needs one little pop of color like a coral or coral Southwest feel of same colors throw draped across edge of bed to tie in the art. Gorgeous
  • I would probably get some artwork, still have a few bare walls in our house, but I am so indecisive!
  • I will buy some new pillows if I won this one.
  • Love the artwork you picked out! Minted is the best!
  • LOVE this! I'm so inspired my your style. I've been in my apartment for almost 3 years now and I'm itching to redesign! I love the minimalist, bright look. Thank you for sharing.
  • I'm sure I could decide on something since they have soooo much wonderful stuff including home decor! Who knew?
  • Definitely need some light framed art in my home. I love yours, actually! I would probably walk away with the same ones. :)
  • A pair of pictures to go over my sofa!
  • I would buy artwork to personalize my office area at home
  • I would buy a print for my living room.
  • I would love some cute prints to brighten up a room. You choose some great ones!
  • I would love a fun print of the ocean to remind my of my favorite place in the world - big sur!
  • I would buy art.
  • I'd probably look for artwork, too. It's always the element that brings a room together, yet it's the hardest thing to find.
  • Need some prints for my house or maybe pillows.
  • New Art for my living room !!
  • I would get the geometry in color table runner and English garden pillows.
  • So cute! I could totally see these in my bedroom but I think I am moving from crazy dog lady to crazy plantlady so I may be cut off from anything green sometime soon!
  • I would buy the big heart table runner. I also liked the Breton Bouquet teepee.
  • I just love the cactus print. ?
  • The artwork is the perfect finishing touch! I also love everything foil pressed Minted does!
  • Prints of scenes from Vermont! My hometown
  • we really need new sheets, bed linens would be my choice
  • I'd buy some prints for my family room!
  • I'd buy art for the office
  • I would buy new curtains for my kitchen.
  • I would buy some personalized stationary.
  • I would get some canvas prints for living room ot bedroom
  • I'd start with Minted's super cute pillows!
  • Artwork, for which room. That has yet to be determined.
  • I would get a couple of the drawn pictures and lamp shades. Thanks a bunch for the opportunity! Good luck to all!
  • I would spend the gift money on bedroom improvements
  • I could really use this to spruce up my daughters room!
  • I would get some artwork for my Dad's house.
  • Our bedroom is just so plain and boring would love to spice it up!
  • I would work on my wedding thank you cards and artwork for our bedroom :)
  • My roommate just moved out, and a new one moved in--but I'm a female, he's a male, and we definitely have different style. I'm looking to redecorate with a more neutral vibe, just like your place!
  • I'd love to get some artwork and grown up stationary. Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I would freshen up my girls room -
  • Cute bedroom decor, one room we really need to work on.
  • I would get some art work for my walls! They are still bare and I've been living in my apartment for a while now.
  • For starters I'd get the Newport Harbor napkins
  • New décor for our new game room!
  • Artwork!
  • I would use it to add a little class to my creative crafting corner of my dining room. I spend a lot of time there.
  • Photos for our new place!
  • I would love to use it towards a fun holiday and Christmas card or project.
  • I LOVE those prints above your bed! I started a little gallery wall in my living room that still has some space and I'm adding those to my wish list for it. lol
  • Love how your bedroom and living room came out!!
  • I would get new art for our newly redecorated bedroom!!!
  • I'd like to update our guest room with some new items
  • I'm so noncommittal and take forever to pick artwork! Love the prints from minted :)
  • Love the prints.
  • something quirky and fun for our kitchen!
  • I'd get a couple of pictures of kale, pineapple and other of my favorite foods :) Our kitchen is kind of dark with dark brown cabinets so those could cheer it up. P.S. Love your blog Ali! Saw your cooking demo at Columbus Circle Williams Sonoma many moons ago and since then started following your successful journey. Much love!
  • It looks gorgeous! We have been in our house for 3.5 years and still have ZERO artwork on any of the walls. It's so depressing
  • I would get new living room curtains.
  • I'm using minted for all of my wedding paper! Save the date, invitations, escort cards, menus...the list goes on. I love that you can get everything in the same matching theme!
  • I would get new art for my bedroom!
  • I would buy, some decorative pillow to freshen up the look in the Living room.
  • I could use some new throw pillows. I really like the Springtime Floral in Clementine. I've ordered pillows, lamp shades, and table runners from Minted before and I've loved them all! Such pretty designs :)
  • We've been in our home for 20 years. It's time for a makeover! I'd use it for the bedroom first.
  • I'd love to buy a few new pieces for my bedroom!
  • I don't know what I would choose with the gift card yet! Maybe some new art!
  • I'm planning my wedding and would love to use the gift card for my wedding Save the Dates!!
  • I would get some art work for my bedroom and love to add some more color
  • We will be moving into a new home and it would be fun to decorate our new home.
  • i would stock up on some art and house goodies - especially the curtains! they're all perfect!
  • I would love to find a fun print to go in our dining nook! BTW, I love your bed! West Elm?
  • I would buy frame art for the playroom!
  • I would get some more art for my walls!
  • I would buy some art for our hallway and/or guest bedroom.
  • I would spend it on some office furniture or lamps for my bedroom.
  • I would get a teepee....looks awesome ⛺️
  • bedroom for sure. mine looks like a college dorm
  • Decorate my bland walls, for sure! Thank you!
  • I'd probably use this on Custom Map Foil Art
  • I would makeover our bedroom.
  • I would purchase a new lamp shade.
  • Our baby girl is due in 4 weeks! I've already found some art on minted I could love to get for above her crib in the nursery! There's an adorable ice cream cone & caterpillar that would love great.
  • I'm on a new kick of holiday decorations with trees. Therefore, I'd would love to order holiday table tree decorations through Mint. They are so unique and unlike the northwoods trees I find in the midwest. Love it!
  • I could use some beautiful art work.
  • I would save it for Christmas card season :)
  • I'd like to get two of the ikat chevron Drum Lampshade in yellow
  • I love the makeover of this bedroom. Thanks a lot for sharing the great article.
  • Very nice content. Your bedroom looks lovely and peaceful. You nailed it good job.
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about bedroom headboard. Regards