Holiday Gift Ideas for Him 2020

Holiday gift shopping can be tough, especially in 2020, when you can’t opt for experiential...

Holiday gift shopping can be tough, especially in 2020, when you can’t opt for experiential gifts or gifts that encourage gatherings. We’ve come up with a specially curated gift list for the special guy (or yourself!) in your life. We hope this makes the gift giving and shopping season easier for you this year!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him 2020

  1. A quality beanie: A quality beanie to elevate his winter look.
  2. Wine Simple: I don’t know about you, but I’d love a husband who knew his away around a wine list. Also a great gift for a woman, too – but I secretly want it for Lu, so it’s on the “for him” list!
  3. Clean white sneakers: I love this sustainable brand and Lu owns sneakers from them and they’re so comfortable.
  4. Coravin Wine Preservation System: For him or her, my sister has this and swears by it – if you just want a glass of wine, you don’t need to be worried about “wasting” a bottle. Coravin allows you to have a glass and not let any air get in the bottle, so you can enjoy it in the future.
  5. Golf ball ice molds: For the golf and cocktail enthusiast!
  6. Cozy sweats: Lu’s favorite sweatpants – he owns 3 pairs!
  7. Bombas Calf Socks: Lu exclusively wears Bombas and he loves the calf socks, especially in the winter time.
  8. SONOS Move Speaker: Lu’s favorite thing in our apartment – our Sonos Move. It comes with an easy to grab handle to move it around your home.
  9. Gold and black bracelet: For the men who like a little jewelry swag.
  10. Coffee table book: This will end up in our future home, but putting it on this list for now.
  11. LARQ water bottle: For the guy who works from home and needs to hydrate better, a self cleaning purifying water bottle.
  12. Clase Azul Tequila: This is our favorite tequila and a special treat. Pair it with the golf ice molds for a hole in one gift 😉

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with love, Ali

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