monthly challenges: may

for each month, starting in march, I’m going to be doing a monthly challenge, where...

for each month, starting in march, I’m going to be doing a monthly challenge, where I practice something NEW or the entire month (about 30 days). I didn’t want to preselect all the challenges for the entire year, because I’m always changing and there are always areas of my life that change and some need more help than others at certain times.

let’s start with a recap of the last month and then get into this month’s challenge!

april’s challenge: recap

april’s challenge was all about my recovery from Bell’s Palsy – to drink an anti-inflammatory beverage once a day, everyday. I did it! I will say, towards the end, especially when the weather picked up, I was finding myself only having the beverage because I wanted to stick to the challenge, which is a key sign that this is something that won’t make a place in my daily lifestyle.

however, I really started to love golden milk, so I’ll definitely be building that into my weekly diet more. and my Bell’s Palsy completely resolved itself, so either the anti-inflammatory beverages really helped or it’s coincidence! all I know is that it can’t hurt, and I’ll be ordering more of these kinds of beverages when I’m out.

may challenge

a new month, a new challenge! I’ve been waiting to set this one, because it’s weather dependent: take a walk with Luca ONCE a day. when it starts to get really warm out, I can’t wait to take him out for a morning walk before the nanny arrives for the day. but for now, when she leaves (5:30pm on M/W/F and 5pm on Tues/Thurs), it’ll be nice to put him in the stroller and take him for a walk, maybe setup our blanket and play outside.

also, there are definitely days when I don’t leave the house, so this’ll always ensure some fresh air for mama and good QT time with the baby!

what will your may challenge be?

with love, Ali

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