Makeup and Skincare Routine

My Current Skincare and Makeup Routines

As I’m sitting here to write this post, I’m laughing at myself, because my hair...

As I’m sitting here to write this post, I’m laughing at myself, because my hair is disheveled, I have a scab around my lip from where I picked a non-existent blemish (I hate when I do that!) and I just look anything but glowy and put together. But that’s reality and I want to share it, because I feel like often when bloggers put together these sorts of posts, you’re left feeling overwhelmed and like you’re not “on top of it.” Well, I’m here to tell you that I have a very minimal skincare and makeup routine and hopefully you won’t feel overwhelmed, especially because you can hop on IG stories at anytime and see my real, every day face – scabs and all!

Also, I’m not an expert in skincare and it’s honestly nothing I’ve ever really dived into. I just experiment with products, switch them up a couple times of year (I believe that our skin, like our bodies, gets used to the same products/routines, so it’s good to change it up.) I may be putting things on the wrong way, but it’s what works for me and since so many of you ask about my “glow” (which again, makes me laugh), I wanted to put it all in a post! So here we go.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do my makeup as much as possible, because it makes me more productive, makes me feel more polished, and gives me a routine to stick to that overall helps give structure to these endless pandemic days.

Skincare Routine


  • If I make my 6am workout: of course I shower afterwards, so I use an exfoliating face wash (only in the shower), and then get out of the shower, use toner with a cotton round and then apply my daily face moisturizer and my undereye cream.
  • If I don’t workout first thing: I splash water on my face and pat dry with a towel that I use only for that purpose. I won’t wash my face or apply a moisturizer until after I workout later that day (and I’ll use the aforementioned products.)


  • I wash my face with a gentle cleanser to get off all of the makeup and dirt and apply my night cream. During the colder months (like now!) I start using this oil, which I put on before that night cream.

Total product list:

Makeup Routine

When I start putting makeup on, I always have a clean, moisturized face. If I haven’t washed my face yet that day, then I’ll splash water and use moisturizer or use some toner and then moisturizer.

  • Brows first: Pencil in my brows with this Brown Pencil (in Dark Brown) and then brush my brows upwards with this Brow Gel (in Black)
  • Concealer next: I use this concealer stick (in Medium with warm undertones), for under my eyes and to dab on any redness or blemishes around my face and then I blend it in with a Beauty Blender
  • Bronzer next: in the summertime, I don’t use bronzer, but when my tan fades and I need a little help, I use this Bronzer (in Surf) around my forehead, cheekbones and chin.
  • Top with blush: Around my cheeks and cheekbones, I use this blush stick (in Bare), which I find stays on longer than powder blushes.
  • Eyelashes: I curl my eyelashes with this archaic eyelash curler that I can’t find a link to (I don’t even know the brand) and then I use my Ilia mascara, which is the best mascara on the planet.

Total product list:

And that’s it! That’s my every day skincare and makeup routine! I’ll keep this updated as I switch out products.

with love, Ali

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