Twins Nursery Reveal – Sage Safari

Today I'm sharing our twins' nursery, with a sage safari theme, incorporating lots of neutrals and sage colors with a hint of safari animals for whimsical baby fun.

Twins Nursery Reveal – Sage Safari

Since this will be my last and final nursery, I wanted to create a space that I really loved. With Luca, our first, I went with a “zen palm” theme, meaning, something relaxing with a bit of palm inspiration with neutrals and palm leave wallpaper. With Roma, we had to put her in our room for a year so she never had a proper nursery, but we did our best to make the space feminine and cozy.

I’ve really been loving neutrals and greens (our new branding will reflect these same colors, ironically!) over the past year, so I wanted to incorporate those colors in the twins’ room. As I started mood boarding, I realized the sage neutral colors I was seeing reminded me of a safari outfit (you know the look – a green utility jacket, khaki cargo shorts, etc.) Then, I started to lean into that with some small accents that brought that theme to light, such as a cheetah lamp, lion wall hanging, and safari animal rug. I also wanted to pull in the navy from the rug, so we went with these wallpaper decals.

This room used to be Luca’s room, but then we had to combine Luca and Roma in the same room to accommodate everything we needed in the twins nursery (changing table, daybed, glider, and two cribs at the very minimum.) From Luca’s original nursery, I included his changing table with topper, which I covered in green wallpaper to change the look and go with the theme. I also included his original nursery rug (the navy trim color is no longer available.)

The daybed

So why a daybed? This daybed was in Luca’s room as well and serves so many purposes, I knew I wanted the twins to have one in their nursery. We use the daybed for:

  • On really tough, sleepless nights. You know those nights when you’re just running back and forth between your bedroom and your baby’s (once they’re sleeping in their own room)? Well, the daybed is the best. And while we’ll have a night nurse this time around for a bit, she’s not 7 days a weeks, so I imagine I’ll be sleeping in here at least once a week.
  • Daytime naps and lounging. Nap when the baby naps, they say. I took so many daytime naps here, but also just hung out with my babies on this daybed, as a cozy spot to play.
  • Nursing. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a couch-like space to nurse (especially if I’m able to tandem feed, it’ll be easier to have the daybed over the glider.)
  • Visitors (my mom, my grandma, and Lu’s mom have all slept in the daybed, since we don’t have an additional guest room!)

The daybed is old from West Elm (literally 4+ years old) and no longer in-stock, but the bedding is new:

The cribs

It’s still surreal to look in the nursery and see two cribs. I don’t know when I’ll get over that! We’ve been using Babyletto cribs since the beginning! I love the quality, look, and feel of their cribs. This time around, not only are we using their Gelato 4-in-1 Mini Crib (in Natural/White), we’re using their Pure Core Mini Crib Mattresses as well. The only change we made aesthetically to the mattress was adding more of that same green wallpaper from the changing dresser to the feet of the crib.

We put the cribs side-by-side along the wall and windows for now, but depending on how that affects their sleep (with one being directly under the window), we may switch them to stick outwards, laying perpendicular. We’ll see! We won’t know until we’re in it, of course.

For crib sheets, I found this cute fern pattern from Spearmint Love.

And above their cribs, you’ll see a wooden “and” sign. At the time that we took these photos, the twins are not born yet, and we haven’t revealed the names to friends or family (or anyone!) yet, so I haven’t put up their names but both of their names will be above and below the “and”, of course. We purchased the signs from this Etsy shop.


This is the same bookshelf that has been in Luca’s room since he was born. It’s such a beautiful bookshelf. I love the bottom drawer for storage, as well (right now I have bibs and quick grab-able nursing items and pacifiers in there.) I placed this bookshelf next to the glider chair, because I figure it’ll be kind of like a giant nightstand to keep everything I need while nursing or rocking the babes.

On the shelves:

Glider/Nursing Nook

I debated over whether or not I should just get a reclining glider just to rock the twins to sleep and nurse elsewhere (I always told myself after Roma that if I ever had another child, I’d get a recliner for comfort) OR to get a glider large enough for nursing. Clearly, I went with a glider large enough for nursing – I hope! This is the Babyletto Tuba Swivel Glider, which is definitely much wider than a traditional glider. I put the twin nursing pillow around me and there’s room for two babies!

Now, between the bookshelf and the window ledge, I have enough room for all that I need when nursing or rocking the twins. On the window ledge, I have enough room to set down my phone, my water bottle, and keep tissues and a notepad for nursing notes, as well as:

  • Night light
  • Little basket with pacifiers, grabable needs
  • Poof – I’ve always found it hard to find the perfect level footrest for nursing, and I’m hoping this one works out! You really never know until you’re in it, but I love the firmness of this one.
  • This garbage can on the floor

Changing table area

This area is pretty self explanatory! This is where we’ll change the babies (it still is surreal to say babies, plural!) We kept our changing table with topper from when Luca was a baby and I just wrapped it in green wallpaper (took a few hours!) The changing pad cover is by Caden Lane and it’s so soft.

  • Diaper pail – found this sage colored pail, in my go-to Ubbi.
  • Clip-on lamp – for middle-of-the-night changes when you don’t want to shock your baby with harsh light, I’ve always found it helpful to have a gentle lamp nearby and this clip-on one is perfect and has adjustable levels.
  • Clothing hamper – we’ve used this hamper with all of our children, it’s the best and holds so much.
  • Mobile – love this custom mobile. I wanted to do safari animals originally, but I couldn’t find any USA artisans on Etsy that made them, so I went with a rainbow theme.

Other Nursery Items

  • Moses basket bassinet – we used one with both of our children and it’s one of my favorite baby items. Not only does it create a safe space to set the baby down, but it makes them portable as they sleep. We’d carry Luca and Roma all over our apartment in the basket, especially when one of us was alone with the baby and needed to take a shower – just place the baby safely sleeping next to you in the shower in the basket!
  • Nest camera – we’ll be using the Nest camera in the twins’ room, along with Babysense monitors as back up, which we didn’t have installed at the time of this shoot. I love having all of our ‘baby’ monitors in one app (Nest), but I also wanted something more detailed per baby, hence the additional camera.
  • Sage green macrame wall hanging
  • Wood letter board

And that’s it! That’s the tour! If you’re designing your own nursery right now, I hope it gave you some inspiration. Thanks for the love and kindness – only a few more weeks until we get to meet the twins! 

with love, Ali

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  • Hi, love the nursery! Could you please tell me where you got the wild cats rug from? Thank you!