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Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 8 (Vegan!)

I’m on vegan day 2 and feeling great! And to really launch this vegan month,...

Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 8 (Vegan!)

I’m on vegan day 2 and feeling great! And to really launch this vegan month, I have a fully vegan What I Ate Today video.

As you’ll quickly see, I double dipped between lunch and dinner, because I got my nails done and didn’t want to ruin them making dinner.

True story.

You’ll see me eat the following:

  • Breakfast: 1 banana with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • Snack 1: Recipe testing – brussels sprouts and beet noodles
  • Lunch: Quinoa bowl with roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli and avocado
  • Snack 2: 1 Gingerade kombucha
  • Snack 3: 1 blueberry Chia pod
  • Dinner: Quinoa bowl with roasted brussels sprouts, chipotle roasted chickpeas, bell pepper stir fry, broccoli and avocado

Quite the day! I always feel like I end up eating more as a vegan. In my head, I’m kind of like, “All I’m eating is veggies! Nothing’s bad!”It’s kind of a liberating feeling, actually. When you eat clean, you can eat until your full and you’ll be eating all fiberful veggies and legumes that won’t leave you weighed down. Within reason, of course.

I’m rushing off to Hoboken now to do some work out of a coffee shop today with Meaghan, so we’re making today’s post short and sweet. Here’s the video – let me know what you think and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!


with love, Ali

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  • I love this video! I'm in a bit of a food rut, so a March cleanse is right up my alley. Also- you answered so many questions I have about you- does she have a gorgeous marble table for photography? Does she actually have a supermarket at the bottom of her building?? Thanks for the continued inspiration!!
  • Nice What - I - Ate video, Ali, as always. Please don't apologize for mixing leftovers to create your dinner, though — many of us do that, but some might feel a bit guilty (as if it's somehow cheating) while others might not try it at all without your "permission." To me, it's all part of your practical, creative approach to healthy cooking and eating. I'll bet that dinner was delicious. Thanks again for making life in the kitchen simple, pleasurable, and good for us.
  • Love the Blat salad and making it again tonight. Hubby loved it too which is a definite plus. We are Dieting which is the pits but you offer interesting healthy meals that are easy to prepare and good.
  • Loved the vid, as always! And I agree with the above comments - your leftover bowls always give me ideas for tossing together end of week dinners. Beautiful living room redecoration too! :) happy Wednesday!
  • Love these videos! You solved my "what's for dinner dilemma" - quinoa bowl it is! I am going to be in Palm Springs this weekend as well for a girlfriend's 30th birthday. See you there! ;) xo Annie www.laircake.com
  • I was a vegetarian years ago and never went back to it. Your meals and posts make me want to try again!
  • Loved this video. It really shows you can still eat healthy on busy days. Perfect!
  • I love these videos. Great ideas, easy and fun, healthy, too. You are too cute. Thanks for sharing! I used to live in a place like yours. Relocated and I miss it so much.
  • Enjoying these videos Ali - wish I was as efficient at whipping up such healthy meals! We have those Chia Pods in Aus too (I think they are an Australian company actually) and I even had a blueberry one for breakfast today! I don't much like them on their own either but I find they make quite a nice breaky if you mix with yoghurt then top with fruit and nuts/seeds/coconut etc! :)
  • I love that you incorporated leftovers into this WIA! Let's be real - we're not all cooking nice meals each evening :) It's great to see what types of prepared veggies you keep on hand. It would be great if you could create some "side dishes" or "prepped snacks" recipes on the blog. Just a few batches of differently spiced veggies - for quick snack or easy meals. I never know exactly how to season/flavor my veg. Keep these up!
  • You are so adorable!! I could watch these videos all day. Yum...the things you come up with for your meals look so delicious. I really like how simple they are too. Love your apartment and the building...thanks for the tour to the grocery store. That was awesome. You could really have your own show on the Food Network. Your so cute and talented...and healthy!!! Please keep making these videos for us!!
  • Just wondering, because you are going vegan for the month is your hubs as well?
  • Ali, I love all of your recipes and videos and you are so darn cute too! Keep up the good work!
  • Hi Ali! I love your blog and of course the Inspiralizer! Do you know what brand the locking Tupperware in your video is or where it's from? I'm registering for my wedding and those are exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks! :)
  • That's not nearly enough food for the day. that's maybe one or two meals worth of calories. I'm mostly vegan (with the exception of restaurants and travel.) and I eat half of those calories for lunch. Grated I weight about 10lbs more than you but I'm never hungry and I can't imagine how your not hungry after eating such small portions. Plus most of your meals are fruits and vegetables which have a very low calorie density.