what I’m into right now – 3.13.17

this weekend….

Friday, we met up with my sister Felicia and her fiancé Ben. We had dinner at a local spot (I got the veggie burger and split the fried green tomatoes with Lu), and then went to see Get Out, the new movie created by Jordan Peele (a comedian/actor/writer we love.) I REALLY recommend it, it was a thriller with funny jokes nestled in between the movie’s scariest parts. we hadn’t seen a movie in a really long time, so it was a great Friday night. we got back around 11pm and passed out.

Saturday, my sister, Lu and I went to our weekly vinyasa yoga class in Jersey City. I’m so impressed by how into yoga Lu has gotten. he loves how much more flexible he feels, he’s really noticing the after benefits. after that, we met up with Ben (Felicia’s fiancé) for our weekly standing date at Beechwood Cafe for breakfast. after that, I cleaned up the apartment a bit, I organized the pantry (something I’ve been putting off for FOREVER), and then we went to see an apartment at an open house. we’re currently looking for more space (we’ve been in a 1BR for so long and have accumulated a LOT.) then, we drove to Chatham, NJ to spend time with our friends and their daughter who turned two! lots of cake, lots of adorable kids, and then we headed back home around 8:30pm, rented Passengers, and passed out. Passengers was eh… I’d give it a 5/10.

Sunday, we woke up, worked out (I did a 45-minute spin ride), I waved my hair with this hair waver (I’M OBSESSED, it works so well and gives you perfect, easy, flawless beach-y like waves), made breakfast, and then we headed to a coffee shop to do some work. then, we saw another apartment (literally my dream home, but way too expensive), and then we came back home, did some work, and then made dinner and watched our favorite Sunday shows (Big Little Lies, GIRLS, and Crashing.) I also packed, because I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow to got SXSW.

what I’m into RN…

this hair waver… seriously, I used to use the flat-iron on my hair for waves, and this is just so effortless and makes perfect crimped waves. can’t wait to keep experimenting!

this foundation by beauty counter.. it gives the perfect amount of coverage, but doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup. it covers up all my blemishes!

just bought these cole haan sandals in the sandshell color… they are the world’s comfiest shoes, and I can’t wait to wear them with cropped jeans in the spring!

I want to go here with my girlfriends soon.. it’s a place where you can build your own lipstick shade. I never wear lipstick, because I’m so bad at picking the right shade, why not build a custom color for my skin tone?! DONE.

see you next week!

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