Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

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Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

Lookie what we have here today: parsnaffles!

Truth: I probably spent a solid 25 seconds laughing aloud to myself in my apartment over the word “parsnaffles.”

But, my excitement is real! These parsnaffles are a savory version of my sweet potato noodle waffles. You know, the sweet potaffle.

Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

Uh oh, I see a battle: the sweet potaffle vs. the parsnaffle.

Guys, should I just stop typing now?

Honestly, I’m acting giddy because a) we booked our honeymoon (!!!) and b) these waffles  – ehem – parsnaffles are SO good.

Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

Savory waffles are a delicious way to enjoy “breakfast for dinner,” spice up your lunches or to simply switch up your morning routine. If you have them for actual breakfast, drizzle them with some maple syrup and serve alongside scramby eggs or bacon.

If you’re having them for dinner, top them with some veggie chili and guac! Or, you can go crazy and make chicken and waffles.

Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

If you’re having them for lunch, you could make a croque-monsieur (a French ham and cheese sammy.) Just layer with a slice or two of ham, grate gruyere or some fancy schmancy cheese on top and broil in the oven.

In this recipe, I gave a quick idea for a topping: make your own sour cream by just adding some lemon juice to Greek yogurt and seasoning with pepper.

Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)

The texture of these waffles are fluffy and warm, the taste is nutty and savory and the ingredient list is to-die-for. These waffles are gluten-free, Paleo and vegetarian-friendly. What more can you ask for?

UPDATE: I used this waffle iron to make this recipe.

How would you transform these waffles? 

Nutritional Information & Recipe


Savory Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Servings: 2 waffles


  • ½ tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 large parsnips peeled, Blade C, noodles roughly trimmed
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 large egg beaten
  • 3 tablespoons chopped chives
  • optional to top: ¼ cup greek yogurt, 2 teaspoons lemon juice


  • Preheat a Belgian waffle iron.
  • Meanwhile, place a large skillet over medium heat and add in the olive oil. Once oil heats, add in the parsnip noodles and season with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or until noodles are wilted and cooked through.
  • Once cooked, add to a bowl with the egg and chives and toss to combine. Spray the waffle iron with cooking spray and then pack in the parsnip mixture. Cook to the waffle iron’s settings and then remove carefully.
  • Optional: while waffles are cooking, mix together Greek Yogurt and lemon juice and season with pepper.
  • When waffles are done, top with optional Greek yogurt or serve as is, ideally with salty bacon or maple syrup.

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Debbie says:
I don't suppose there is any other way to cook these? Maybe as pancake style? I don't have a waffle iron :-(
Jane says:
Love your lingo! Oh ya - and your recipes. Hurrah also for honeymoon plans!!!!
Barbara Turner says:
Debbie, I'm sure they'd be great as pancakes too.
Judy says:
I have been thinking about doing this with a regular potato...parsnips sound even better!
JanetB says:
Yum, this sounds great! I will try these soon!
These look so great. I am seeing waffles pop up all over and this is the first spiralized recipe I have seen. Can't wait to try it. And congrats on your honeymoon!
B Ansel says:
Love your humor! And love this recipe! I have one of those fancy flipover Belgium waffle makers but rarely use it because regular waffles are not the healthiest fare. Now I can get it out again and make parsnaffles!! :-)
roypaulomi says:
Is there a way to make it in pancake style. Have a very small kitchen and don't want to get a waffle maker.
realfoodbydad says:
These are so right up my alley, love everything about these, especially the name!
ciaraattwell says:
These look fantastic. I need to put a waffle iron on my christmas list!
Hannah says:
I must admit that i thought you went a tad crazy when i saw the title. Nope. I should know to just trust you by now... will be trying this this week ... in pancake form cuz i am sans waffle maker for now...
Lesley says:
You are truly amazing. Can't wait to try it! I have a Belgium waffle maker and no instruction booklet so I'm not sure how long to cook it for. Guess I'll just have to keep checking to see if they're brown. Wish me luck.
Elaine Thie says:
Usually you cook a waffle until it stops steaming.
Joanne says:
I'm a BIG fan of savory waffles, but the.boy is always a little confused by them. In this case - who cares because MORE FOR ME.
Kathy says:
So inventive. Love it!
Whoa I'm sold. I'm gonna have to go buy an waffle iron for these babies. Can't wait to try. Thanks for these creative recipes.
Doina says:
dear Ali ,you are fantastic! I am enjoying every recipe i did, as much as looking at the pictures. I found my self excited like a little kid when i receive an email from you,ok let see what's new !From Montreal a BIG thanks !
Marcia says:
I made these for dinner last night, oh my! Decided to double the recipe in case we wanted more than one each or for breakfast or lunch! After I spiralized 4 large parsnips, I had a mountain of noodles in the biggest bowl we have! That made me a wee bit nervous. No matter, that mountain shrank by half after they were cooked - whew! With the waffle maker good & hot, I loaded it up, smiling. Even though I sprayed it down with canola oil, the parsnaffle wouldn't budge. We ended up making pancakes in stead and they were DELICIOUS! Just so the parsnaffle wouldn't go to waste, we munched on it while the pancakes were cooking. Served them with a side of sautéed mixed vegetables just to round out the meal. Ali, these are so good we are looking forward to making them again...SOON! We loved the crispy outside and soft inside and, naturally, the flavor. D-lish! Thank you, once again.
Laura Vano says:
Marcia, haven't made these yet, but was planning on doing it. I read your comment about the parsnaffle not you mean it "stuck" to the waffle maker and it was hard to get off? Want to avoid the mess if that's the case...pancakes are just as easy if so. Tx!
Laura says:
I made these for lunch today. So delicious! Great recipe. I
amarie says:
Reminded me of scallion pancakes which I'm not sure I love or hate..and were more sweet than I tried again with vanilla and cinnamon instead of chives and garlic.....really liked them that way....served with maple syrup....
Becky says:
A parsnaffle sounds like something Dr. Suess would eat.
Brandy says:
What does Blade C mean?
Stephanie says:
These sound Amazing. Definitely want to try soon :)
Chris Runkel says:
I am thinking of substituting the parsnip with zucchini noodles. I also thought of trying with Granny Smith apples, cinnamon and stevia, beaten egg and nuts (optional).
Nicola says:
For those who have tried this recipe, do you find the flavour us at all ‘eggy’? Wondering if I should try subbing chia eggs. Hmm.
Anonymous says:
what is a "blade C"
Meaghan says:
When using the Inspiralizer, you will see on the knob that our blades are labeled A, B, C, & D. If you do not have the Inspiralizer, we suggest just using whatever noodle shape your spiralizer makes that you like the most or the second to skinniest noodle!

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