Video: How to Pick the Best Sweet Potatoes for Spiralizing

Video -, How to Pick the Best Sweet Potato for Spiralizing

Video -, How to Pick the Best Sweet Potato for Spiralizing

Watch as I explain to you why bigger isn’t always better. No, but really – today, we have a new video from my YouTube channel (follow here if you’re not already!) on How to Pick the Best Sweet Potatoes for Spiralizing.

We’ve got two more videos left in the series – kohlrabi and then, of course, zucchini.

First, here’s the video:

Stay tuned tomorrow – I’m jumping on the holiday gift-guide bandwagon! 

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kelbooow says:
I had the hardest time picking a flavor, but I had to go with the Coconuts For You. I'm a huge coconut fan and you can never go wrong with it! I asked for your book on preorder for Christmas! I got a spiralizer over the summer and can't wait to try out your recipes!!
Erin says:
Oh my goodness it's hard to choose! I think Almonds to Cherries!
Susank says:
Yummy goodness would be Almonds to cherries!
Steven says:
Im really loco about cocoa loco!!
Catalina says:
I love granny's apple pie! The best part is there is no added sugar!!
Christine says:
Yum! I need to find some of these
The Posh-stashios sound intriguing! But they all sound good.
Stefanie says:
Granny's Apple pie sounds delicious
Robin says:
Will definitely try them, so hard to find good healthy snacks.
Katie says:
The Coconuts for You flavor sounds especially delicious!
Kaitlyn says:
These sound tasty!
Anne says:
Cashew Colada sounds delicious!
cori says:
Nutty nanas sounds amazing
Nicole says:
These all sound amazing, now I'll be on the lookout for some :)
Rhonda McNally says:
I would love the Cocoa Loco Nourish Snacks! I also love my spiralizer and look forward to your cookbook!
Ari D says:
I'm always looking for healthy snacks on the go- can't wait to try this!
Amelia says:
Granny’s Apple pie sounds amazing. Can't wait to try!
Erin R. says:
Oh, gosh, they all look wonderful, but probably the peanuts and dried strawberries. Also, you look beautiful in your video! That color is wonderful on you.
Erika says:
These sound yummy!
Salina says:
Wow so many options but I'd have to say PB&Jammin would be my favorite. Classic flavor. Who doesn't love PB&J?
Chris says:
I always need to keep snacks in my bag so this is a good idea.
Jillian says:
The Holy Habenero snack looks amazing! Would love to try.
christina says:
Holy Habenero sounds great!
jesusan says:
The one that sounds best to me is Cocoa Loco.
Chatelaine says:
Cocoa loco! how could I not!!???!
Ali says:
Coconuts for you sounds yummy!
Masha says:
Cocoa loco sounds yummy!
Rachel La Costa says:
Almonds to Cherries looks amazing! Would love to try!
Hillary Gras says:
I wanna try the cocoa loco!!
jessica z says:
I would like to try the Cocoa Loco!!
melissa says:
granny's apple pie sounds amazing!
Deb S. says:
Live apple pie so granny apple pie hits the spot, close your eyes and it's pie in your mouth!
Michelle says:
Love me those Almonds to Cherries!
Victoria Mintz says:
Any with chocolate!
Alison says:
Coconuts for you!
Katie Ann says:
I saw the granola looking thing and was like, "meh, probably too indulgent," but them I perked right up at "all under 200 calories." Yay for reasonable snacks!!
Terri says:
"Granny's Apple Pie" is calling to me. These are a must try, esp. at under 299 calories.
Anonymous says:
these look yummy.
lizamac says:
I would like to try to coco loco. Chocolate yummmmmm!
Sandra says:
They all sound great!
How can I pick just one??? I'll go with...cashew-colada
Maria says:
Coconuts For You.
Deann says:
Coconut is both sweet and nutty in flavor. #1 choice for me!
Vivi Nguyen says:
The habanero corn sounds amazing!
Adrianna says:
Coco Loco looks really tasty!
pequena427 says:
Coco loco or Nutty Nanas both sound pretty good to me!
Mickey says:
Almond to Cherries works for me!
Sarah says:
Almond to Cherry sounds amazing. And I would assume that Coco Loco is great as well! Thank you so much for creating this blog! LOVING the recipes! The Harissa Kale Skillet is a staple at our house!
alex561 says:
What a great idea! this is perfect for students like me who constantly need that afternoon snack as a pick me up during lectures.
Elle P. says:
Almond to Cherries looks like the snack for me!
1peculiarmom says:
Almonds to Cherries looks like it would taste really good!
Yelena says:
Great tip!
sylvia says:
I am busy girl so sometime I do not have time to take lunch. These snacks help me to much while hunger time. In my office everyone love it.So I have shared this to them also. And thanks for sharing guideline to pick sweet potatoes.

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