Spiralizer Hack: Spiralized Cocktail Garnishes

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It’s the week of the hack!

Yesterday, I showed you a neat way to use your spiralizer to create ice cubes and today, I’m showing you how to spiralize a lemon to garnish your favorite cocktails!

Margs, anyone?

Yes! You can spiralize a lemon or lime using Blade A to create fruit ribbons that are perfect for garnishing cocktails (or mocktails, if that’s your thing!)

You can also simply use these ribbons to garnish a dish, to bake alongside fish (it looks prettier than a thick slice of lemon), or of course, to toss into spa water.

However you use your spiralized limes and lemons, I hope you have fun!

I’ve created a short teaser video for you to show exactly what I mean, so watch the video below and subscribe so you never miss a video:



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