Spiralizer Hack: Ice Cubes with Spiralized Cucumbers

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Spiralizer Hack: Ice Cubes with Spiralized Cucumbers

Spiralizer Hack: Ice Cubes with Spiralized Cucumbers

When you think of spiralizing, you probably think, “Great, I can make spiralized noodles!”

While, yes, you can spiralize a vegetable (like zucchini) and turn it into a healthy pasta dish, you can also use the spiralizer as a hack!

I have a few favorite spiralizer hacks, and today, I’m sharing with you one of my favorites: spiralized cucumber ice cubes!

Now, I consider a hack basically anything other than what you’d normally use the spiralizer for (ie making a pasta.) For example, did you know that you can spiralize a citrus to use as a garnish? That’s a hack!

Well, have you ever infused a pitcher or bottle of water with fruit or veggies? I love spa water, so I tend to make a big jug of it in the morning and sip on it all day.

Spiralizer Hack: Ice Cubes with Spiralized Cucumbers

However, it can be a drag to get those seeds in your water or deal with the more concentrated flavors in the fruits and veggies from having them floating freely in your “infused” water.

The solution? Add spiralized cucumbers to your ice cubes and let the cucumber flavor slowly infuse the drink, as the ice cube melts and the cucumber water melts out.

I used large ice cube trays, because I think they’re fun for cocktails and also, you can fit in more cucumber. Here is the link to the ice cube trays I used.

There are so many fun ways to use these spiralized cucumber ice cubes. Here are a few:

  • Add them to a glass of water and enjoy your pretty cucumber infused water
  • Rub them on your under-eye skin to reduce puffiness
  • Add them to your favorite cucumber-flavored cocktail, like a Cucumber Gin Cooler or Spritzer

Spiralized Cucumber Ice Cubes

Now, tell me, what are your favorite spiralizer hacks? And stay tuned tomorrow for a fun video incorporating that hack!

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The Recipe

Spiralizer Hack: Ice Cubes with Spiralized Cucumbers

Yields 24

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • 1 large English seedless cucumber, Blade A


  1. Pack a large ice cube tray with a pinch of spiralized cucumber. Pour over with water. Fill all the cavities of the ice cube tray and freeze for at least 12 hours. One large cucumber will yield about 24 large ice cubes.

Spiralized Cucumber Ice Cubes

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Janet says:
Great idea! I am going to spiralized lemons and do the same thing for a punch. The ice cubes will look good in the punch bowl and in the glasses. Brilliant!
Ali Maffucci says:
Yes, what a fun way to use these 'cubes!
Hillary says:
Love this so simple! I downloaded the pre=pack last night! So excited to try out those pizzas - I've done the mini spiralized bun before and loved it. And I'm sure you got MANY requests, but I asked you for a pizza hack a while back and you said you had the bun... all good of course.. and now you have these!! So excited to give it a whirl ;) I've made my own cauliflower crusts before and while they are delicious, never a "hold with your hands" pizza. These look more promising! Thanks Ali
Ali Maffucci says:
Yay! There's a really great cauliflower crust recipe in the book, too - in case you want to take another stab at it! Have fun :)
Hillary says:
Also, my parents are now eating zucchini noodles every Friday as an easy dinner to bring to the lake house. My mom now spiralizes the zucchini, stores them in a big ziplock and they experiment with different toppings. I'm pushing her to try other things, but the fact that my dad is now so excited about these... AMAZING. I got the cutest text last Friday with a picture of the noodles and "Thank you for our Friday night staple!" I replied, you're welcome.. now thank inspiralized!
Meaghan says:
Hi Hillary, this is all so awesome to hear. Thank you so much for spreading the Inspiralized love to your parents. That's the best! And we're so glad that you're enjoying the bonus pack. Ali put a lot of hard work into it and it's awesome to hear that you're loving it!
Patty says:
What a creative idea! How did you ever think of this? I entertain a lot and can't wait to try this
Ali Maffucci says:
Thanks! Sometimes I get into the kitchen and say to myself "How can I think outside the Inspiralized box?" And this came up!
jagrati says:
I checked the link for the spiralized citrus -this would be really great for making your own flavored water or tea - and the spiralized pineapple looks wonderful!
Angela says:
Hi, Congratulations on your new book! Thank you for an enjoyable site. Will you please share the details about the plates you use with a vertical rim? Angela
Ali Maffucci says:
Thank you so much for the kindness! Which plates are you talking about? The gray ones? They're by Crate & Barrel!
Lorna says:
Hi Ali, I'm really enjoying your first book and looking forward to the second. I've had my spiralizer for quite a while .....not yours ....a $24. grocery store purchase and I've done a ton o spiralizing. I have planned to upgrade to your machine but I'm thinking now maybe the time. Do the blades actually wear out. The fine spiralizing blade (C?) is by far m favorite but all of a sudden it doesn't seem to be cutting through the vegetables.....started when I was working with kolrabi a harder than zucchini vegetable and it just basically scored the slices of vegetable and now it's doing the same thing to Zucchini. At first I was able to pull strands apart but now I can't do that.....so I guess that stops my procasting...it's time to order. Any chance there's a special coming upp on the Inspiralizer and the new book. By the time I add the Canadian exchange it's going to take a big chunk of my little pension.
Ali Maffucci says:
Lorna - so glad you've decided to upgrade! Please email [email protected] and she'll give you the exact low-down!
Brenda Mcknight says:
Hello Ali, I ordered the meal plan but i cannot open the download link. I asked if you can send it another way. I've gotten no response.
Cindy Dore says:
very useful article. http://www.allminime.com/

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