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Meet the inspiralizer

The Inspiralizer® is the official spiralizer of Inspiralized. The Inspiralizer® was created by Inspiralized to be the best spiralizer on the marketplace! With proprietary features, sleek design, and built-in community, the Inspiralizer® will change the way you eat vegetables, forever!



Highlights & Benefits

The Inspiralizer is in a league of its own

easy to clean

The blades on the Inspiralizer are designed to effectively slice vegetables, while remaining small enough to easily clean with a palm brush or toothbrush. The entire Inspiralizer can be cleaned with soap and water.

safe to use

This product has a “safety mode” which ensures safe handling - by switching the Noodle Twister to Blade A and attaching the provided Safety Cover, no pointy blades are exposed. Always handle with care, but the Inspiralizer is designed to offer extra safety features.

sleek, thoughtful design

This product is designed with limited kitchen space in mind - it’s compact and sleek enough to be displayed on a countertop or to fit in narrow cabinets.

no assembly required

The Inspiralizer comes ready to use!

comes with a step-by-step manual

When you first open the Inspiralizer box, you will find a thorough instructional manual with recipes, along with as a full support resource.

high-quality, durable plastic

This product is made of a newly developed plastic which provides quality, rigidity, toughness and elasticity, ideal for holding up against tough veggies.

Inspiralizer by Inspiralized


Unique Features

The Inspiralizer was designed to be the best

Four shapes with the noodle twister

The Noodle Twister allows users to easily, safely and compactly choose their desired noodle shape (there are FOUR shapes, proprietary to the Inspiralizer only - ribbon, fettuccine, linguine, spaghetti.)

Counter Clamps

The Counter Clamps secure the Inspiralizer to your countertop, offering increased leverage and ease of spiralizing. The dual vacuum base suction feature facilitates the spiralizing of even the toughest of veggies (hello, celeriac!)

Ideal central coring blade

The center coring blade is minimized to allow users to spiralize vegetables that are smaller in diameter (such as carrots), while is still wide enough to accommodate heavier, tougher, larger vegetables (ie rutabaga.)

Back stopper

The Back Stop keeps the sliding handle from falling out when storing and removing from storage for safe handling.


The Noodle Shapes

A noodle for every occasion.

Thanks to the unique blade system, the Inspiralizer enables you to create four different types of noodles. The blades are clearly labeled on the green knob of the Noodle Twister on the Inspiralizer, for clear use. All Inspiralized recipes on the blog and the cookbook are referenced to as A, B, C, and D as well.


Make thick, wide ribbons


Make fettuccine noodles


Make linguine noodles


Make spaghetti noodles

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