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the crib to bed and the nap to quiet time transitions all happened within a month or so of each other for us and today on the blog, I’m sharing all about how we got through them smoothly-ish 🤪 also, as just a general thought, all of these baby and toddler transitions tend to be “easier” than we hype them up to be. I think the anxiety of the unknown makes them scarier than they are! anyway, you can check the post out on the blog today for all the details! it’s a quick but to-the-point post ✌🏼 ⁣

and not to contradict myself 🙈, but I need all the tips for putting toddlers together in the same room, which I’m going to have to do soon, so we can start preparing the twins’ nursery (we’re planning on moving Luca into Roma’s room and using Luca’s room for the twins, because it’s larger.) moms/dads who have done it - what’s the secret?! 🤔⁣

#toddlerbed #toddlerbedroom #toddlermomlife

it's been a minute since I've shared a spiralized recipe on here 😱 and I figured I'd take an "oldie but a goodie" out of the vault, especially for those missing my meat-y recipes. this Sesame Ginger Garlic Pork Stirfry with Carrots 🥕 is a classic weeknight wonder, so if you're building your meal plans for next week this weekend, add it on there! you can of course swap the pork for chicken or even tofu! 👏🏼

abut don't worry... summer's up next, which means all the fresh zoodle recipes coming your way! ☀️

#spiralized #spiralizer #spiralizerrecipes #spiralizedrecipe #stirfryveggies #stirfrynoodles #easymeals