Why I talk to myself aloud and how it helps with body love and confidence

Why I talk to myself aloud and how it helps with body love and confidence

I changed the title of this post about 11 times. Eleven.

I didn’t know what to call it at first, and then when I started writing, it evolved into so much that I had to keep changing it as I typed.

We haven’t had a true #livinginspiralized post in a while, so I’m excited to get back into it! And today, I’m talking about how talking to yourself (aloud) can have a real impact on your body image, self-confidence and overall control and dedication to committing to a healthy and happy you!

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Why I talk to myself aloud and how it helps with body love and confidence

Yup, I talk to myself every day… aloud. It’s in private, and at first, it did seem a little odd and corny, but after a couple of weeks, it had such transformational effects, it was no longer weird – it was effective and powerful!

When I was first trying to lose weight back at the beginning of my health journey, I woke up on a Sunday morning after a weekend full of drinks and unhealthy eats and said aloud, “Okay, time to get back on track.” And then, I continued to lay out a plan (aloud.) I said, “You are going to eat clean and healthy this week and workout at least 5 days. You’re going to commit to this, no ifs ands or buts, because you want to feel good. Slow and steady.”

For whatever reason, saying this aloud made all the difference. It’s almost like saying aloud (instead of in your head) makes it more real. And throughout that week, whenever I would feel tempted to indulge in something not healthy or miss a workout I would, again, aloud, say, “Is this really worth it? You’re so close! And you’re going to feel amazing at the end of this week if you stay focused.” 9 times out of 10, I put down the cookie or whatever it was that was tempting me.

Sure enough, all of these aloud affirmations helped and I reached my health goals in a steady, focused, healthy way.

Still to this day, I speak to myself to stay committed to my health journey. Here are a couple of the affirmations I use:

  • When I don’t feel like going to the gym, I say, “Alright, let’s just walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes – it’s better than nothing!” or “You’re going to feel so much better afterwards, it’s worth it.”
  • When I’m looking into a tub of almond butter, I say, “How would you rather feel in the morning? Bloated or fit? What’s more important?”
  • For those late night munchies, I say, “You only have a couple more hours until bed, what’s the point? You are stronger than that!”

Now, I don’t only speak to myself aloud about my diet and exercise. I also like to talk to myself about my body in general. This has really helped with body confidence, especially as a pregnant woman. I’ve probably gained 5-10 more pounds than I need to in this pregnancy so far, which has led to a bit pudgier of thighs and arms than I’ve been used to. Instead of feeling disappointed, I feel happy, healthy, and alive!

In my second trimester, when I was gaining weight quickly (because I was craving carbs 24/7!), I told myself things like, “It’s okay to let your body dictate what it wants. It may not be what you need, but it wants this – and if there’s ever a time to give in, it’s now. It’s okay to give in.”

Of course, there’s a fine line – if you’re eating a package of Oreos every night and saying, “I deserve this!” that’s much different than having an extra serving of a clean-eating friendly treat, like my Triple Chocolate Zucchini Noodle Muffins. You have to make sure you’re nourishing your body as much as possible (especially when pregnant), so that when you DO need to eat a Dairy Queen Oreo milkshake, it all evens out in the end.

I also often say things like, “Are you doing this for you or because society and Instagram tells you this is how you should look?” It’s easy to fall into the trend of wanting to be “all belly” as a pregnant person because of celebrities and social media. If I’m sitting down at dinner and I order a veggie burger and start to take off the top bun, I think about that question – and usually, I put the bun right back on there!

When I look at my body in the mirror every morning (while Lu is in the shower), I say things like, “Look what you’re capable of! Your body is literally creating another human inside of it! Be kind to yourself today.” This has helped me accept and appreciate the extra 5-10 pounds that’s sitting on my hips and thighs. It’s there because I’m relaxed, happy, and letting my body work on creating a baby. Now when I look at myself naked (or clothed) and I see those extra pounds, I’m proud of them – my body’s doing something magical and I love the way I look. I’ve never been prouder of my body and I have never felt more confident wearing tight-fitting clothing (hips and all!) – even when I was 127 pounds in college (at my thinnest ever), I never felt this sexy. I attribute this to speaking aloud and saying loving things like, “You look beautiful in this dress! Look at your bump!” or “You look like a woman!” My body idols are Sophia Loren types, not the Kate Moss types.

I could ramble on all day about why it’s OKAY to have 5-10 pounds on your body, because I think that not enough women understand that. Those pounds equal happiness and freedom. If you have 5-10 pounds on your body, it means that you work really hard but you also know how to play – you’re balanced! What I always say is this: what do you remember more on your best nights/days: the way you looked in a pair of jeans or the time spent laughing with your friends? Prioritize your mental happiness and the rest will fall into place. There is SO much more to life than the distance between your thighs. I’ve never looked back on a fun vacation or experience and said, “Wow, that was amazing – I looked so thin!” The memories I have are of the travel, the exploration and of course, the chocolate mousse cake.

A while ago (before I understood what a healthy, balanced lifestyle was and I was a chronic yo-yo dieter), I was out with a girlfriend of mine who has always had an average body weight – never super thin, never overweight, always smack in the middle. She always radiated beauty and confidence, and I LOVED spending time with her. She was funny, always knew how to have fun, and I wanted to spend all of my time with her – her energy was amazing. Then I thought, “I’m giving myself all this grief about losing 10 pounds, when this girl is so happy with those extra 10 pounds! Why do I care so much? I’d rather be like her, she’s amazing!” What I realized is that my priorities were in the wrong place.

We went to the beach and I remember looking at her body and the way she carried herself and even though she had a softer tummy than what Instagram would dictate as acceptable, she was absolutely gorgeous. And then I thought to myself, “I’m thinner than her, why don’t I look that good?” And then I realized, “wait, I do look that good, I just am way too critical and harsh on what ‘good’ is.” That was one of the turning points for me – your weight doesn’t define you. What defines you is your character. Most importantly, perfection is a wasted pursuit!

There’s more to life than a six-pack or slender arms or a thigh gap. If you’re happy with yourself on the inside, it’ll radiate on the outside. That’s where self-love starts – love the person you are, first, and the rest will follow.

This morning, after missing my morning workout (that Snoogle is just SO comfortable!), I got ready for the day and then on my way out, I said, “It’s okay that you slept in, your body needed the rest. But, you’re going to workout today, not because you have to, but because you want to.”

I know I rambled, but I hope you all were able to find some inspiration in today’s post!



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    Posts like these are exactly why I love inspiralized. I love that it's probably the "real-est" of any of the blogs/instagrams that I follow :).
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  14. I love this post! Like most, I've always been trying to achieve my best body and optimal health. I'm now pregnant and accepted that my body would change---then we discovered it's twins (eek!)!! That totally scares me about how it will alter the changes I was expecting! I keep trying to focus on how lucky I am not to grow only one, but TWO babies. Thank you for sharing this, I'm hoping incorporate something like this into my daily routine!
  15. Debbi Herman :
    I always talk to myself when in the kitchen. My outloud conversation usually goes like this, you have the chef's knife in your hand Deb, so pay attention /lol! Have a good day Ali. Are you and Lu keeping baby names a secret?
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    I love all of the positive posts! Plus healthy, EASY recipes I can cook for my future hubby :) You are so honest and real. It is nice to actually relate to a blogger. Thanks for being so great!
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  19. Thank you so, so much for writing this blog post today. I am just beginning my second trimester and have been having such a hard time with the fact that I've gained weight in the absence of a baby bump. Even though I'm so happy and thankful to be pregnant, I wasn't expecting to feel this hungry or need new clothes so soon! I will certainly try to the positive self-talk to challenge both my body negativity and my eating/(non)exercise temptations. Just reading the post made me cry because it put so much into perspective. I should be appreciating my body for being able to carry a child and create such a precious gift. Your recipes, wise words, and daily experiences have been such an inspiration to me thus far in my pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your life with us!
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  21. At 29 weeks pregnant I struggle with this all the time. I look forward to reading your posts and trying your newest recipes every week. I've turned my family onto eating more veggies and having fun in the kitchen all thanks to spiralized foods. Eating healthy for me is about and enjoying what you're doing in the kitchen and making healthy food pretty and taste good at the same time. The Inspiralizer helps me do both. God bless you and happy anniversary!
  22. I NEEDED this post today! I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant, and I'm also carrying about 5-10 extra pounds. My body is similar to your friend mentioned in your post, not skinny or fat, and I could have lost 10 pounds before I got pregnant. But I got pregnant in February, and I'm always my heaviest coming out of the winter months. I usually focus on losing the extra winter weight around that time of year, but I didn't this year because of my pregnancy. So I entered into this heavier than I wanted, but I'm also trying to embrace my body and what it's doing and not focus on the extra weight right now. This post is so uplifting. It's exactly what I needed. Thank you!! And you look fabulous :-)
  23. Ali I have been following you know for a couple months and have been obsessed with your cook books for years. This post really resonated with me. I am the girl that has the extra 10 but am trying to make healthier choices each day. Your post today really put everything into perspective for me and you are a true inspiration. This is why I love inspiralize!
  24. Very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm going through this myself-- trying to surround myself with healthy role models and expectations, instead of unrealistic ones. I am working on being kinder to myself through this process. I really appreciate everything about your blog because it's so much more than easy for delicious recipes! Keep it coming:)
  25. I love the creativity behind the healthy cooking! Healthy meals can be so much more than grilled chicken with some veggie.
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  30. Rebecca Arias :
    Such a great reminder to treat yourself and your body with kindness. We are so often our harshest critics and can't see the beauty in ourselves that we often find in other people.
  31. I love the variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are easy to make and are consistently high in flavor. I love your blog to give me fresh ideas to try beyond your cookbooks.
  32. Love the Inspiralizer! It's one of my favorite kitchen tools. -- enjoy your pregnancy -- it is a magical time of life.
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  36. Thank you for this post Ali! I'm right on track with you on my own pregnancy journey, and I can't tell you how refreshing it has been to see someone discuss pregnancy weight gain in such an honest manner. I too have those extra 5+ lbs that I see on my hips and thighs, but in the end that extra dessert with my husband was worth it! Thank you for reminding me of this and for being so real!
  37. My favorite thing is how you frame up that the way you eat is because of how it makes YOU feel, not because of some other diet trend or celebrity. I think you emphasize that it's about being healthy and feeling great, not hitting a certain weight on the scale or looking like that other person who has a completely different body type than you.
  38. Everything of course. I love the recipes especially the ones where I've gone outside of my normal foods and tried something new. I love how down to earth your posts are and how you keep it real. It's refreshing to see the real life you not just the "Instagram worthy" stuff. I think it helps us readers to keep a better perspective in our own lives. I always talk to myself, especially when I'm giving myself a pep talk or am stressed out and need to calm myself down!
  39. You're so inspiralizing to me! Leaving your job to chase your dream! I have been following you and your journey since the beginning (basically?) for two-three years at least! And while I love your recipes and how you share your life with the world; I love the way you write! It's honest, real, and I feel like I'm reading a note from a good friend. You have a gift and talent in communicating your thoughts and feelings and you are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. :)
  40. Robin McGann :
    Why Not? Maybe out loud will drown out the internal critic.
  41. Amanda Smith :
    My favorite thing about Inspiralized is you! I love he energy and love you put into your recipes. Thank you for all your hard work!
  42. You're such an inspiration! I struggled my whole childhood/adolescence with weight issues and I find myself now talking to myself in a negative way as an adult if I miss a workout or eat more sweets than I know I should (I'm a dietitian and STILL struggle like everyone else)! I consider myself a pretty fit person nowadays, but I still struggle and find myself comparing myself to others constantly. It's so refreshing to hear someone be so raw and real rather than trying to pretend to be that perfect person on social media. You are absolutely radiant and look beautiful! Thank you for being such a positive role model and influence for women everywhere and using your platform for something wonderful. Positive self-talk, here I come!!!
  43. I needed this post today! My husband and I are going through IVF right now and for a very active exercise focused person, taking a time out from exercise is very hard for me to do. It's inspiring to hear from someone who is conquering the things I struggle with and how you do it so confidently! I love your blog and recipes!
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    It is nearly impossible to choose just one favorite of following along with Inspirialized and Alis journey. The #1 thing that has resonated with me is balance. 80/20 lifestyle and not sacrificing what you love because it is "off limits". Learning that self-love is most important no matter the number on the scale. Whenever I am feeling down or need a boost of motivation, I seek guidance through Ali's different IG accounts. P.S. Please do a book signing or event in the midwest... I would love to meet you!
  47. Stacie Tomasello :
    First of all, I LOVE zoodles! I havent experimented enough so its really all I have made. One of my most favorite things is following you on Insta, and your stories. You are one of the most positiive people ever and I can tell how much that leads to being a happy person. I am really trying to follow that mantra!
  48. I'm obsessed with the inspiralizer bc how can you not be!? What a fun way to eat veggies. It's visually beautiful and fun and tastes amazing. The options are endless! And it's a perfect way to use the veggies in my garden that get a little too big :)
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    My favorite part of inspiralized is the way it inspires me to try new veggies and prepare them in interesting ways to up my daily dose! This blog makes it easy to be healthy!
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    I love to make zoodles! I made the meatloaf last week and it was delicious!! My family really enjoyed it too so it will be in regular rotation. I love that you help us to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our meals and snacks. We were recently in the market to buy a house and having smooth counter tops was on my list of "must haves". We were living with my parents while we saved up to buy and my mom's tile didn't work well with the inspiralizer. I love my inspiralizer and I'm happy to report I have a new home with beautiful granite counter tops and back to using my inspiralizer all the time! Your mission to help us love ourselves where we are and help us get healthy is so appreciated! Thank you for the important work you do!
  52. Alyssa McConaughey :
    This post really hit home for me and I appreciate your wisdom and vulnerability in sharing. I am 5 weeks post partum and struggling with body appearance and extra weight from pregnancy. I didn't gain too much, but it truly changes your body and you're right...its a beautiful and miraculous thing. Not only has inspiralized help with healthy eating, it's helped with a healthy mindset. Your honesty and realness is rare and much appreciated. Thank you for all you do!
    • Let your body rest! You went through A LOT and it's okay to relax. The media puts these pressures on us to jump right back into it, but just do what feels best for you!
  53. HIllary Gras :
    I love all of the quick and easy dinner recipes !
  54. My favorite part of inspiralized is the focus on satisfying and creative recipes to make clean eating as painless as possible!
  55. I've been a fan for a long time, love the blog, and have the inspiralizer(!) but one of my favorite things is to watch someone my age own a business / mini-empire! You are a TRUE entrepreneur (although you know that) and I really am inspired by your hustle - from cookbooks to your posting schedule to meetings with editors to DESIGNING your OWN product and being on HSN! I love a few healthy eating blogs, but I tune into yours more frequently, because I really respect how hard you work. I'm in digital marketing and loved your LinkedIn Business series --- maybe a post like that soon for the blog?!
  56. Wow. This was inspiring (say it ain't so, being inspired on insoiralized.com)! I almost ALWAYS have 5-10 lbs. that I'm ALWAYS trying to lose. Instead of focusing on wanting to lose it all the time, and feeling bad/guilty when I don't lose it, I want to focus on exactly what you said- being balanced. I do carry the 5-10 lbs. because I like to workout and eat healthy, but I also enjoy family dinner and happy hours with friends (hello, serotonin). This was well stated! Thank you! And I can't wait to try those Chocolate Zucchini Muffins....
  57. Love your blog and recipes. Enjoy this beautiful part of your life being pregnant it goes by fast. I liked your article on what you eat and why and its funny how there are times our bodies just need something - give in to it life is too short to not enjoy the bountiful we have been given.
  58. Thank you so much for you post. It really spoke to me. I feel like I've been fighting my weight my whole life and am always criticizing myself, and as a result, I've been missing out on experiences because of my unhappiness with my body. I am not overweight at all and would probably feel better with a few more pounds on my body. I feel like as women, we have been trained that smaller is better, skinnier is prettier, less is best. Thank you so much for sharing! The more I love myself, the more love I will be able to share with others!
  59. Thank you for this post!! I think you and I might be due the same day (9/20/17!) based on your posts, so it's been so nice following you during your journey. I also have gained about 5-10 pounds more at this point than they want me to have gained and was devastated when the doctor pointed that out! This really spoke to my soul today, thank you for the healthy motivation and positive vibes! Good luck mama!
  60. I love that Inspiralized has given me freedom to enjoy noodle dishes again! When I want gluten free (for thyroid health) I discovered I was not a huge fan of any of the gf noodle options, but zoodles and sweet potato noodles changed that, I'm back to enjoying spaghetti!
  61. Rachel Meier :
    I love the butternut noodles with pancetta and a poached egg! My husband loves it as well, which is a huge bonus :)
  62. I so enjoy fresh, new ideas for preparing vegetables and expanding my recipe collection.
  63. I love that the inspiralizer isn't just a "buy it and forget about it in some cupboard" kitchen gadget, but that you're continuing to inspire healthy eating AND body image. Thanks for sharing today!
  64. My favorite part of Inspiralized has been the journey. I started following you back in summer of 2014 and seeing how successful you've been, personally and in business is inspiring to see...especially as a young woman in my career. Also, spiralizing has become such a part of my life, I remember the very first inspiralized recipe I made was the zoodles with lemon ricotta and olives 3 or 4 years ago, and just last night I was making bikini bolognese. I've had a lot of life changes (new city, new job, new boyfriend/now roommate) but spiralizing and the community has been a constant and something that has kept me happy and healthy. Keep up the good work, Ali...I look forward to continuing the journey! Also...was very cool meeting you at the potluck you held a year or so ago at Maman :)
  65. I love your motivation and body positivity on Instagram! If you got up and worked out at 6am, I know I can do it too! Loved following your journey the past few years. Been trying and sometimes failing various Inspiralized recipes, but always coming back for more. thanks :)
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  69. I was making Zuchinni noodles with a potato peeler long before any of the vegetti or spiralize came to be and now I love my Inspiralizer, your books, your blog and recipes and ideas and just making them up along the way and the health benefits are the biggest factor. My husband and I are retired now and both have a few health issues we want to keep in check in enjoy a long healthy life yet together and eating this way makes such a big difference and you aren't bloated and miserable like with pasta and just feel SO much better and yes once in awhile you can enjoy your life with a splurge as isn't that what life is all about? ? Congratulations and best of luck with your precious new life!
  70. The best thing about Inspiralized is being healthy and feeling fit.
  71. Jana G McBride :
    I love the way inspiralized emphasizes healthy, not skinny; balanced, not obsessed.
  72. My favorite thing about Inspiralized is how it has opened up the variety of ways to prepare our food. It's no longer the boring, same old stuff we've always eaten in the past!
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  74. I love spiralizing because it allows me to make choices that support my body so I feel my best without missing out on my favorite foods!
  75. My favorite part about Inspiralizing is that it's fun. I love watching the veggies turn into noodles. And, of course, I have to play with them a little before I cut them into smaller strings. :) It is the best way I have found to get more veggies into our daily eating too. Inspiralizing allows for so many creative ways to put meals together as well.
  76. I love how many ways we can use vegetables!
  77. Jaimee Aline :
    Ali, You, your brand, and your message continue to inspir(aliz)e me every day. My favorite thing about you/inspiralized is your common sense! Everything in life is about balance. You really seem to have grasped that (I am still trying to). I don't really have concerns about my weight (I am 115 lbs), but I do have concerns about my health, lifestyle, exercise, etc. You are my motivation to be better! I love reading your blog posts and watching your instagram stories. They are interesting, motivational, and informational! They are also great reminders that we don't have to be perfect and, better yet, we don't have to strive to be! We strive to be our best selves while also being kind to ourselves (there's that balancing act again). While that is easier said than done, you continue to motivate me to be better and improve myself. Thank you for your positive outlook, your advice, and for sharing your life with us. P.S. I can't wait for the new cookbook and the baby to arrive!!
  78. Love the "relatability" of your posts. Also the what I eat in a day videos on YouTube
  79. I love all of your posts & just how real you are. I've made so many of your recipes, and today tried your Shrimp and cucumber noodle salad with Greek yogurt Caesar dressing!!!! Yummy, yum! I always substitute Greek yogurt for so many things & my hubby never can tell because it tastes so good! Thank you Ali, for sharing not only your wonderful recipes, but your life with us. I can't wait to see pictures of your seeet bundle of joy! ???
  80. Love the simplicity of using the Inspiralizer & its compact design which allows for easy storage. I also love your "newsy" daily newsletters!
  81. My favorite part of Inspiralized is the lifestyle posts!
  82. Hi Ali! What I love most about Inspiralized is your openness an vulnerability. It really makes it real for so many and like you are a friend. I am much older than you, and yet I learned something today. I have never considered talking to myself aloud (other than when I am on the tennis court and berating myself :-( ). I am going to try it in a positive way! Thanks and congratulations on this new adventure for you!
  83. My husband lost 30 pounds and I lost 15, primarily by substituting spiralized veggies for pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. It was effortless. No counting calories, no extra exercising. I'm not a veggie lover, but I've become a convert. For once, the abundance of fresh vegetables (especially zucchini) from our garden is not overwhelming.
  84. I have followed you since the beginning and when my inspiralizer had a problem, you guys were on it and fixed it. So excited to order a shirt. Keep up the awesome and inspiring work. Go Jersey!
  85. I love following your Instagram stories. All of the behind the scenes and day in the life content is so fun to watch. I also love that with the Inspiralizer you can use vegetables for EVERYTHING. It's pretty amazing.
  86. I DO THE SAME THING I've only been on the healthy wagon for about a year, and it can definitely be struggle a lot of the time but being kind to myself, and motivating myself verbally has been a huge help. I often get caught up comparing myself to others or imposing super strict, idealistic notions of what I should or shouldn't be eating (remnants of a severe ED I think). I've come to realize that talking to those thoughts/myself more as an "outsider cheerleader" makes it easier.. it's kind of an adaptation of the mindful meditation that helped me get over my ED in the past :) I LOVE IT! and it's super cool that you do too!! Cheers girl! you look gawwgeous! Val
  87. Saira memon :
    My favorite thing about inspiralized is that its all natural. Your posts your diet your workout do no touch the EXTREME level fitness with abs glutes etc. Any person with normal lifestyle normal job, kids and family can follow the simple recieps and "rules" you reflect from your lifestyle. Whenever i tried a new fitness regimen i kept in mod i have to achieve those abs that athletic body. And to be honest i always gave up halfway there. Because it seems unnatural for more than 50% people in my opinion. Inspiralized with healthy diet and regular 30-60 mins workout is a way to live. You dont have to think all day what to eat what to snack on bla bla or today i have leg day or arm day. ThankGod i got over with athletic dreams. Bravo inspiralized ??
    • Saira memon :
      Also your babymoon and your whole journey is so inspiring. Living healthy and working and enjoying while pregnant. Mostly i have seen women over eating and tired and fatigued when pregnant. Your lifestyle is an inspiration for my future pregnancy for sure ?
  88. Veronica B. :
    I have had my Inspiralizer 2 years now! Every time my husband and I walk into a store and see a different brand spiralizer, I always say "but it isn't the INSPIRALIZER!" I found out 4 years ago I had celiac disease. The Inspiralizer has helped me get to enjoy chicken "zoodle" soup and my favorite pasta dishes again! I love watching your insta videos every day!!!! <3
  89. My favorite part of Inspiralized is this: the balance between life (real life and talking about those 10 lbs) and the inspiration I get from recipes- it makes me want to get into the kitchen and cook! Thank you! I am about 10 lbs heavier than I was last year but I'm also kicking butt at my job and having fun with friends-- workouts are done but I'm trying to find that balance.
  90. I love how beautiful both cookbooks are and how easy and fun the Inspiralizer makes it to prepare nutritious food. The red one on HSN was so pretty, I took my original white one to share at the office. Now my team likes to celebrate birthdays with a salad bar featuring a variety of inspiralized vegetables instead of pizza or other traditional (and less-than-ideal) fare. Thank you for inspiring me and my colleagues to eat healthier! Your Snaps are lots of fun, too, Ali!
  91. Casey portman :
    I love your balanced approach to everything. Your ideas on body image in food are really healthy! Your recipes range from Beacon to Paleo to everything in between. I love that it's all so balanced.
  92. There are just too many favorites! But if I had to pick, it would have to be that you seem so REAL and so dedicated. So many bloggers seem fake, their posts seem so rehearsed and unreal that I have to wonder if they even know their true selves. You seem so transparent and "normal" in that you have days where you "splurge" or you don't work out and you don't put yourself down about it because we're all just normal human beings. I love that you started your own business, just following your passions for health and cooking, and I love when you open up and write a super honest & intimate post. I'm sure you've helped many women with their own struggles. I actually don't even have an Inspiralizer. I received a different one as a gift and secretly wanted to exchange it but didn't have the heart to tell them it wasn't the one I wanted. I've been hoping it breaks so I have an excuse to buy an Inspiralizer, haha. Anyways, its easy to relate to you, I LOVE your recipes (all approved by my boyfriend :) ) and I love your style. :) KEEP DOIN' YOU!
  93. Hi Ali, I really, really needed to read this today. Thank you for posting this and everything you do - your recipes and mindful approach to healthy living has helped me so much over the years. Thank you!
  94. My favorite part of inspiralized is your transparency. You're honest. And it's relatable. Anytime you talk about balance, I think that's where I'm at on the journey. You are an inspiration to keep working towards finding it in my life. Thanks!
  95. Kerrie Murphy :
    I look forward to the inspiralized weekly emails to discover a new recipe! I often get tasty ideas to vary my meals!
  96. I love that the inspiralizer brings my friends and family together. It's so fun to share my love of cooking & healthy eating with everyone. At first all my friends thought I was a dork with how obsessed I was and then all of sudden everyone was on the bandwagon, sharing recipes with me and sending me their zoodle pics. It is amazing to have people try something I make with the spirlizer like the spiralize rices and see how surpirsed they when they realize it's so good. I also love how my husband (who avoids cooking at all costs) would fight me over who gets to spiralize and was fascinated by what we could spiralize next. It makes me feel good to know the food I am eating is making my body happy. You truly are an inspiration and I love the positive vibes that you spread to all! Thanks for everything ??
  97. Ashlee Brown :
    Ali, your site is always a source of inspiration for healthy eating and living. I love all of your posts and my two young daughters love watching you cooking videos with me. Thank you for your words on self love today. It was exactly what I needed to hear.
  98. I love that eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming! Your cookbooks, blog, post, etc make it so easy for me! I never was a big fan of cooking but I do look forward to trying a new recipes with my inspirialzer now! PS - love how down to earth you are Ali. You are a woman that can do it all - thats inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!
  99. My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the inspiration you continually provide. The vulnerability and honesty that you share about the ups and downs of your positive body image and weight loss journey are truly inspiring. I also love all your recipes and they keep eating healthy fun and exciting. Thanks for everything!!!!
  100. I just discovered Inspiralized a few months ago at the beginning of my own healthy eating and fitness journey. I love how "real" Ali is- giving the truth about how she took a two hour nap instead of working out or sharing her own very personal "diet" with us. She's inspiralized me to keep my body happy and be unapologetically myself. I love checking in on the latest thing she's up to!
  101. Ali, What a beautiful post! There is so much I could respond to that, but I feel a bit overwhelmed, so . . . Thank you.
  102. Daniela Bianchi :
    My favorite thing about Inspiralized is how inspired and upbeat your posts make me feel. You remind me of myself and my own "food journey." I'm half Italian and grew up in Jersey like you, and I used to eat just an apple for breakfast and try to deprive myself to lose weight, like you've destined in previous posts. I always used to battle with my body, especially my thighs. That all melted away when I started eating and exercising for the sake of being fit rather than with the aim of getting thin. While I didn't need to lose many pounds, my body leaned out and I realized that I didn't think about every single calorie I was eating anymore. Your cute food bowls inspire me to think outside the box with how I prep my food, and your workout selfies inspire me to squeeze ninny fitness, even f it's just a quickie! Reading your posts reminds me of the new voice I've developed in my own head that tells me to do my best, but to be ok with imperfection. Sorry that was such a ramble! Thank you for taking the time to make all of your daily posts!
  103. My favorite thing about Inspiralized is how inspired and upbeat your posts make me feel. You remind me of myself and my own "food journey." I'm half Italian and grew up in Jersey like you, and I used to eat just an apple for breakfast and try to deprive myself to lose weight, like you've destined in previous posts. I always used to battle with my body, especially my thighs. That all melted away when I started eating and exercising for the sake of being fit rather than with the aim of getting thin. While I didn't need to lose many pounds, my body leaned out and I realized that I didn't think about every single calorie I was eating anymore. Your cute food bowls inspire me to think outside the box with how I prep my food, and your workout selfies inspire me to squeeze in my fitness, even if it's just a quickie! Reading your posts reminds me of the new voice I've developed in my own head that tells me to do my best, but to be ok with imperfection. Sorry that was such a ramble! Thank you for taking the time to make all of your daily posts!
  104. Hi Ali What a fabulous post - very very inspiring - thank you xxx
  105. Love inspiralizing because it makes it so easy to incorporate more vegetables in my family's diet!
  106. Wonderful post!! I talk to myself in the mirror when I am upset or something is bothering me! Thanks!
  107. Love my spiralizer, it's not great to see new ways to use veggies in your foods, especially a dessert!
  108. Another inspiring post. Thank you. I always love your balance perspective.
  109. Pat Armbruster :
    I found your site after I purchased the spiralizer attachment for my mixer and wanted more recipes. I have your two books. I watched you on HSN when you posted you'd be on there just to see you in action. Although I can't justify purchasing your product right now, I think it does a better job than what I did buy. Loving all your recipes; I have been added vegetables to most of our foods now; it gives you a bigger plate and a lot more satisfaction and am looking forward to your the next book since it will have non-spiralized ones as well. Your body looks great and you are giving this baby a great future even before birth.
  110. This post was so timely for me! I have fallen back into an old habit of saying unkind things to myself rather than helpful things. You've reminded me of the power of self-talk and inspired me to change my tone when talking to myself. I love inspiralize because you give me new and creative ways to use my CSA farm veggies!
  111. My favorite thing about inspiralized is YOU! There are tons of zoodle recipes (and more) out there but your knowledge and class and determination is contagious and I love reading your posts and watching your stories.
  112. Thank you so much for posting this! It's so encouraging. After years of struggling with this (and still do at times) I think I'm finally grasping this concept and it's so freeing!
  113. My fav thing about Inspiralized is how flexible you are. You make healthy eating and working out a priority, but don't seem to let it get to you if you slip one day, I find that very motivating. The recipes are great, but i really enjoy all the positive energy that comes with you blog posts!
  114. My favorite thing is the community you've created. And the community is built because of YOU! I appreciate your honesty, humor, and the healthy/balanced lifestyle you promote. This post really helped me think about how easy it is for me to look at healthy living bloggers and think they have it together all the time and it's so easy for them. I truly appreciate your honesty and how real you are about your journey. Thanks :)
  115. I love getting to know you! While your recipes are awesome it's your personal posts that are my fave.
  116. My favorite thing about Inspiralized is you and your personality! Thank you!
  117. Amanda rojas :
    I can't get my spiralizer to stay suctioned to the counter which is frustrating me.:(
  118. Oh my gosh the bolognese recipe! So good!
  119. My favorite part about Inspiralized is the entire idea behind it... just like this current post you made. There's so much thought, care, love that you put into it and it clearly comes out. It inspires so many people from the recipes to the positive message. I really love following you on this journey. And of course, experimenting will all you can do with an Inspiralizer :)
  120. I love inspiralized because I've learned new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I've gotten so much inspiration from the recipes and from following Ali and inspiralized on social media! :)
  121. I'm gone to convey my little brother, that he should also go to see this blog on regular basis to take updated from newest information.
  122. Thank you for you personal touch and positive upbeat personality. It is an inspiration to me to stick with eating better and feeling better. Keep writing and you look fabulous with your baby bump.
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