How to Spiralize Chayote

How to Spiralize Chayote (Video)

I had never heard of a chayote before starting Inspiralized. Now, I’m happy I know...

How to Spiralize Chayote

I had never heard of a chayote before starting Inspiralized. Now, I’m happy I know about this squash – it’s a pear-shaped, light green colored veggie that’s easy to spiralize, mild in flavor (like a zucchini or cucumber), and comes in the perfect spiralizable shape!

Chayotes are most popularly found and grown in Mesoamerica (think Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico regions.)

Once you have the chayote noodles, you’re on your way to making a bowl of chayote pasta. My personal favorite? The Chayote Tex-Mex Bowls with Tomatillo Sauce from the Inspiralize Everything cookbook.

Chayotes have nutritional benefits – not only are they very low in calories (good for those trying to lose weight), they have solid levels of potassium (good for heart function) and folates (good for the metabolism).

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Need some recipe inspiration? There’s a whole chapter dedicated to cooking with chayote noodles in my new cookbook, Inspiralize Everything. However, I do have some on the blog as well to get you started:

Blackened Tilapia over Chayote-Mango Pasta Salad from the Inspiralize Everything cookbook

How to Spiralize Chayote

Gluten-Free Breaded Lemon Sole with Tomato Basil Chayote Pasta


Roasted Garlic Scape with Tomato Chayote Noodles with Crab



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  • My first introduction to chayote was when I made your Gluten-Free Breaded Lemon Sole with Tomato Basil Chayote Pasta and my family loved it! Now I regularly spiralize chayote. Its mild flavor and texture make it a perfect stand in for pasta. I often make a quick stir fry with chayote and carrot noodles and whatever fresh herbs I have on hand... basil, rosemary, parsley and some crushed garlic and squeeze of fresh lemon. I've never peeled chayote before spiralizing it. The skin is so thin and tender, it doesn't seem necessary. I just cut both ends flat and spiralize away!
  • I've always been curious about chayote but was never brave enough to buy one. I'm going to Wegman's this weekend! I don't see a link (above) to the recipe for Blackened Tilapia with Chayote-Mango Pasta Salad. Did I miss it? If it's not there, will you please share it? :) Thanks!
  • Chayote has a seed in the center of it. It appears you just spiralized right through it? Do you then have to pick it out if the "noodles".
    • Yes, you can spiralize and then pick any bits out. You can watch our demo video here:
  • Living in the region of New Orleans, we love our mirliton’s. (Pronounce Mel-ee-tawn). Used to be that everyone had a vine growing in their back yard. Normally stuffed or in a “dressing”, I didn’t think of them as a regular squash until recent years. I’m looking forward to some mirliton noodles with a good New Orleans sauce❤️
  • Hi!, my copy of Inspiralize Everything doesn't have a chapter on Chayote- goes straight from Celeriac to Courgette, no 'Ch'. I only bought it a couple months ago. I was hoping to find some of the missing recipes on the blog or Facebook page or in the Inspiralized Community- but it's not going so well :/