Bell’s Palsy – How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before treating your Bell’s Palsy. I’m simply sharing my story...

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before treating your Bell’s Palsy. I’m simply sharing my story and what worked for me personally, after making an educated decision for myself. 

if you have been following me on Instagram since at least late March/early April of this year, you’re well aware that I had Bell’s Palsy – and recovered from it, without drugs, in less than a month. It was an absolute shock when I was diagnosed, and I still can’t believe that happened to me. I’m going to write this post in the hopes that for those that have Bell’s Palsy can refer back here and find some peace, some helpful healing advice, and know that you’re not alone.

also, I learned a lot about myself during my time with having Bell’s Palsy, which was the silver lining to an otherwise uncomfortable experience.

what is Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which the muscles on one side of your face are paralyzed. For me, it was my left side. You can’t even blink your eye (imagine how uncomfortable that is!) What causes it? Trauma to the seventh carnival nerve also known as the “facial nerve.” What causes that trauma? They’re unsure, but they mostly think it’s a reaction to a virus.

in most cases, your paralysis dissipates with time (anywhere from 3 to 6 months is the average), but in some cases, there are forever lasting effects (partial paralysis, full paralysis, etc.) your body naturally heals itself, but the sooner you start treating it (homeopathically or with modern medicine), the better your odds are for short term paralysis, quicker recovery, and no long term effects.

pregnant and postpartum women are at a higher risk because their immune systems are facing extra stress during those times, so perhaps that’s why I got it. Lyme’s disease is also a common cause – but frankly, they don’t know exactly what causes the trauma to the nerve, so instead of saying, “Why me?!”, I immediately went into “I’m going to recover from this” mode. Of course, I got tested for Lyme’s diseases and viruses of all sorts, but nothing showed up on my charts – the doctor I saw even joked, “You’re one of the healthiest people to ever walk into my office.” Ha, right?

the worst part about having BP (aside for the incredible discomfort) was that I couldn’t laugh or smile much when I played with Luca. It was disheartening for me – I love giggling and smiling and making him laugh, so I struggled with that, it was pretty demoralizing.

Bell's Palsy - How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

(it gets worse before it gets better!)

when did it start and how did you know it was Bell’s Palsy?

It was March 28th (the Wednesday before my 31st birthday!) at about 10am and I was on the Peloton bike. About 10 minutes into it, I started to have a tingly, numbing sensation in my upper left lip – I couldn’t bite my lip fully or lick my lips without a weird feeling. I really thought nothing of it – I thought, “maybe I’m just pushing myself really hard in this spin class!” I showered, got ready, and had a meeting to go to. When putting on lipstick before heading out the door, I could barely get it on my lips – my lip just kind of stayed there lifeless and I couldn’t tighten my lips – they were almost frozen on the left side.

I went to that meeting, but the symptoms were worsening: I was getting more and more numb. By about 3pm, half of my face was almost completely numb and my eye was bothering me (I didn’t know at the time that the inability to blink was part of it.) I saw a primary care doctor near me and he said, sure enough, I had Bell’s Palsy.

the second and third day were the absolute worse – my face was drooping by the third day completely and it was painful to talk for too long. it was by far the most demoralizing day of the experience.

Bell's Palsy - How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

(At brunch on my 31st birthday. A birthday I’ll never forget!)

how did you treat Bell’s Palsy after your diagnosis?

after the doctor diagnosed me with BP, he prescribed me Prednisone (a steroid) and an anti-viral medication. I immediately asked, “but I’m breastfeeding, won’t that affect my milk supply?” The doctor said something along the lines of, “There have been some studies and they say it’s OK to use while nursing, but I recommend you stop while on the medication.”

now, I’m not a very “crunchy” person (yes, I have a general “non-toxic”/clean home and skincare routine, but I’m not afraid to take medications, I vaccinate Luca, etc), but the idea of taking a drug that potentially could affect my milk supply probably means that it can’t be very good for my body either. Plus, my mother (who was ironically with me at the appointment – she was in town visiting) said she took Prednisone for some back issues and had a horrible reaction. Plus, I tested negative for all viruses, so why take an anti-viral? It seemed like the doctor was just slapping a lazy Bandaid on my Bell’s Palsy, instead of getting down to the root of the issue.

SO, I read through my direct messages (you guys are AMAZING!) and saw a lot of messages about acupuncture. I had never tried acupuncture before, but after hearing all of your stories of natural healing of Bell’s through acupuncture, I HAD to try it. I made an appointment at Nurturing Life Acupuncture & Wellness in Hoboken and went for about 15 sessions, almost all consecutively. at my first appointment, the acupuncturist took about 30 minutes just to talk to me – it felt like a therapy session, in a great way! she asked me about my lifestyle – everything from the way I eat to how my periods are.

Bell's Palsy - How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

(Day 5 of Bell’s Palsy, I felt like my lip was starting to curl slightly, and I felt a little bit of feeling there, which felt HUGE at the time!)

at the end of the session, the diagnosis was clear: I put my body through way too much and my “blood” was diminished, my immune system suffered and let “wind” get through (they believe that wind events cause Bell’s Palsy.) she could clearly see that I was putting myself through a lot of stress: I had a baby, I got pack into postpartum shape with high intensity workouts, went back to work full-time, and was (and continue) nursing.

she recommended I stop exercising (at least nothing that causes me to sweat), eat warm foods (no raw veggies), do gua sha massages daily, drink anti-inflammatory drinks (like turmeric lattes/golden milk), do facial exercises, and just relax. oh, and do 10-15 acupuncture sessions. so that’s what I did. I followed her advice and sure enough, about 2.5-3 weeks later, I went to my final acupuncture session, because my face was 99% completely healed and the rest, my body could do.

I can’t even explain how special it felt to finally get my smile back, especially after listening to myself, my body, and deciding to go the natural route. trust that mama gut, mamas! I was able to nurse Luca while healing myself through acupuncture, diet, and rest.

for those of you who are int he beginning days of Bell’s and wondering, “when will I see the first signs of improvement?!” (I feel ya!), I felt a small twitch in my left lip on my 31st birthday, about 4 days after I “woke up” with Bell’s Palsy. hang in there – it WILL get better, especially if you treat it right away- don’t wait, no matter what method you choose (with medicine or naturally!)

Bell's Palsy - How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

(at my cousin’s funeral service, 4 days after my Bell’s Palsy diagnosis – put a lot into perspective)

what did you learn from having Bell’s Palsy?

after healing from Bell’s Palsy, I realized that I grew from the experience. I learned a lot about myself. here are some of those learnings:

people have different “stress thresholds.”

some women can truly do it all – bounce right back after giving birth, go back to work, run a home, have a life, and essentially “go back to normal.” but some women, cannot. and that’s me. I learned that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to other women who snap right back to it after birth – my body needed more time to heal, and that’s okay. I need to be kinder and easier on myself. and there are other ways to feel great after going through childbirth that don’t include sweating until you’re out of breath – like, long (or short!) walks, fresh air, stretching, and focusing on a healthy, nourishing diet.

if fitting in a workout stresses you out or you’re too exhausted to even think about it, don’t do it.

(before Bell’s Palsy) I would work out even when I was exhausted. I’d get a few hours of sleep as a new mom with an infant, and then I’d do a 55 minute Orange Theory Fitness class (an extremely high intensity workout.) I’d dread workouts but “knew I’d feel better after,” when in reality, yes, I’d feel the immediate endorphin release, but then, hours later, I was exhausted and felt rundown.

I learned from this experience that IT’S OKAY NOT TO WORK OUT. if you have the energy, that’s great – but if you don’t, don’t beat yourself up about it – it can only do you damage. I feel like society/social media makes us think that we have to workout at least 5-6 days a week for it to be “worth anything” when in reality, one good workout a week is great – as long as you “move” in other ways throughout the week (like walks.)

since I started my health journey, this is the most inconsistent I’ve been with exercise. and it feels great! and I look the same – maybe even better (I’m happier, less stressed, sleep better!)

Bell's Palsy - How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

what’s on the inside is what counts

I already knew this, but it was nice affirmation. if you don’t love yourself and who you are, having Bell’s Palsy could really cause you to become unhappy, depressed, anxious, and very sad. I’ve always known that what matters isn’t what’s on the outside, but in the inside. I consider myself a generally attractive person (by my own personal definition of beauty, of course), but it doesn’t define me. having Bell’s Palsy, you’re not exactly your cutest – ha! SO, if you don’t have your looks, what’s left? EVERYTHING. your soul! your personality, your wit, your humor, your smarts, your kindness, your love, your unique perspective.

just an unfortunate way to get reminded that you should work on your inner self, not your outside. your looks and appearances shouldn’t be your primarily focus – nourish, build, and heal yourself from the inside, always.

the reason I mention this is because many of you asked, “did you not want to leave the house?!” and no, I still left the house. if someone noticed or gave me a funny look, it didn’t bother me, because my paralyzed mouth doesn’t define me – what comes out of my mouth is what’s important. you can be the most gorgeous person in the world but if you’re a piece of crud, then what’s the point? perhaps it’s because my mother read Rainbow Fish to me so many times, I really soaked it in!

Bell's Palsy - How I Healed Naturally and What I Learned From It

(At about 1.5-2 weeks, a slightly crooked smile still, but much better.)

it’s okay to rest

you know how the say “diet and exercise” are the keys to being healthy? well, diet, exercise AND rest should be the pillars. we don’t rest enough as a society (or maybe that’s just a product of living in the NYC hustle) and I’m not just talking about getting in your Zs at night. I’m talking about not booking yourself for a whole weekend and just relaxing (no matter how boring it may be). I’m talking about taking one of your vacation days at work as an extra personal day and just doing whatever relaxes you the most.

rest rejuvenates and heals our bodies, minds, and souls. it really does. after Bell’s, I realize that so much more now – it’s hard to find “rest” as a new mother, but I’m finding it in small ways (like ending work a couple hours early or asking Lu to take the baby in the morning so I can sleep in.) whether it’s a rest day from exercise or a full day of nothingness, rest is important. and without it, our systems can’t fully charge and work properly. cars don’t run well on fumes, and neither do we!


so that’s it! that’s my recap of Bell’s Palsy! I hope this helps some of you who are currently struggling with Bell’s Palsy – you’re not alone, it can happen to anyone, and I wish you a speedy recovery!

with love, Ali

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  • Thank you so much for your blog regarding your experience with Bells Palsy. I got diagnosed yesterday after 48hours of my face going paralysed. I'm struggling with the diagnosis, can't even smile at my two daughters or laugh with them. Feeling very deflated. But thank you for your positive words I'm trying to hold onto some positivity x
  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with BP. I have just been diagnosed and on my 4th day since it was picked up. I am on medication and very thankful that while reading your article, it is the same medication I was started on. Acupuncture was never mentioned as part of the therapy but now that it comes out highly recommended, I will shop around for a service provider. It really shocked me as it set on but after four article, I feel great that there is defenatily hope I will recover. Well appreciated. Rod.
    • Rod, we are sending you so many positive thoughts. Please keep us updated on how you are doing! There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Be open to everything and please don't be discouraged. Ali has made an amazing recovery and we know that you can too! Keep positive and definitely give acupuncture a try if you get the OK from your doctor. We are so so happy you found us. Ali also has videos documenting her recovery over on her Instagram highlights: Check those out if you haven't!
  • Hi my name is Monique and I am 49 years old mother of three young adults. My fiancée found your blog and showed it to me. When I read it and saw your pics it really touched me. I was told I had Bell’s palsy a few days ago. I thought at first I was having a stroke. I woke up with my left eye bothering me and thought it was just irritated. I got up went work as usual and through out the day noticed I was getting progressively worse! My mouth started to change my eye was feeling worse! I went to dr next day and went through a series of tests and blood work to find out I had Bell’s Palsy. It’s not easy to drink or eat and my eye is the worse part of all! It’s a lil embarrassing and I don’t want anyone to see me like this. I’m following drs orders and taking a steroid and anti viral medication. I’m trying to rest and do the exercises and massages. I hope I heal soon and will consider seeing a acupuncture doctor. Your beautiful and so is your family! Ty for sharing your story! All the best! Monique Ventola
    • Monique! We are so happy you found Ali's story. Hang in there! Things will get better and definitely speak to your doctor about acupuncture. We know this can be a scary thing to deal with but know that it will be ok and that we're here for you! Please keep us updated on your recovery! And thank YOU for sharing your story with us.
  • Hi! May I know how your acupuncture sessions were like? Thanks! :)
    • Great question! Here's Ali's response: "They were traditional acupuncture sessions, the needles were placed on certain points, including my face. They were hour long sessions! I'm not well versed in acupuncture to speak more in depth, I'd suggest asking an acupuncturist, they'd give you more insight!"
  • Hello, my name is Laurie.THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with BP on April 6th by a facetime phone call (due to no appointments available because of the Covid-19) to a doctor with the symptoms of my right side of my face not functioning the same as my left side.The doctor looked at my face as I spoke over the phone and i was asked to to do 3 things: whistle,stick out my tongue, and smile really big. He immediately said it was BP and prescribed steroids and anti viral medications. This is day 8 for me. I have completed all medications. I have read so many different do's to and dont's that I am uncertain of what to do and what not to do. I am hoping to make a physical appointment with a neurologist so that tests can be ran to rule out any other possibilities. I have changed my diet and have been getting lots of rest. I was told that facial massaging and facial exercises would not help right now... that I need to allow it to run its course. The unknown is such a scary thing. Your beautiful story is so very inspiring. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable to help so many people!
    • Laurie, Thank you so much for reaching out and for sharing YOUR story with us. This is such a scary time and you're dealing with an extra layer of worry but know that this too shall pass. You're going to get through this and we're here for you. Stress is the worst things for our bodies and minds and in this particularly stressful time it's more important than ever to be gentle with ourselves. Ali shared stories about her BP diagnosis over on the Inspiralized Instagram as well. You can find that in her highlights. You may find those helpful as well if you haven't seen them yet! Keep consulting with your doctors to find the best plan for you! No one else's journey will look like yours and we know that you will come out stronger because of this. Stay well and keep in contact.
  • Thanks, as a guy I found this really useful. During lockdown I felt I had to jump on the treadmill at least 3 times a week to compensate for the lack of walking due to no longer commuting. 4 year old boy keeps us active running around and we feel we have to make up for lack of children his own age to play with, following nursery shut-down. Message I've taken is to go with the flow and let things flow naturally. The flow doesn't require micro-managing...well not all of the time. Think I will be trying a combination of medicine and natural. Plus a stay-cation and ditch the all-day activity tracker for a bit.
  • I just came down with bell's palsy. I'm struggling as to what I can and cannot eat as I eat mostly vegetarian/vegan diet. Any foods I need to avoid?
    • We definitely recommend speaking to your doctor about what is best for you to eat! Please keep us updated on how you are doing. We're always here to support you and point you in the right direction!
  • How long did it take for you to recover Miss?
    • Ali talks about recovery time in this post!
  • I needed this greatly.Funny thing is I just had my 31st birthday last Sunday and on Friday I had BP. I know it’s due to stress and internal anger and my eating habits. Right now I am working on finding an outlet to release stress and anger.
    • Betty - first off, Happy Birthday. The 30 club is the best and we're so happy you're a part of it with us! You are going to conquer this and it's going to make you stronger. It's fantastic that you were able to realize this is from stress and anger. This year has been so incredibly difficult. Know that you're not alone in that struggle. From personal experience, meditation, gratitude journaling and books by Gabby Bernstein have helped me tackle my stress and anger issues and have transformed my life! Try to slow down as best as you can in this moment (easier said than done, I know!) and allow yourself to heal from the inside out. This is a moment of transformation for you and you're going to come out on the other side changed and stronger than ever before! Stay in touch! We're sending you so much love!
  • I was diagnosed Wednesday 30th with BP. My symptoms started as a numb tongue on Monday and Wednesday morning my the right side of my lips stopped working. I’m on steroids and hope to be ok. What facial exercises have y’all done? Any foods that help? 45 year old. Thank you for this.
    • Hi Philip! We're so glad you reached out. If you head over to Ali's Instagram account, she actually has small highlight videos dedicated to this topic. You should find them very helpful!
  • THANK YOU so much for this it is super helpful. I unfortunately do not have Instagram to follow your stories and highlights. My only questions are on what day did you start accupuncture? I am on day 4 after diagnosis. Also how many sessions 10 or 15? Did you go daily...5 to 6 days a week? Thank you!!!!!!
    • We completely understand. This is a message from Ali: I went to acupuncture on day 2 of my diagnosis. Speak to your acupuncturist, they will guide you in how many sessions you need and how frequently.
  • Thank you so much for sharing your journey! My husband was diagnosed with BP today and it's scary to say the least. He's a super healthy individual so it completely caught us off guard. Reading your story has given us hope and direction. We're not ones to rely on medicine so we are going to give accupuncture a try. I happened to stumble upon your story as I was doing research online tonight and we feel much more hopeful than we did earlier today!
    • Nicole!!! This makes us so happy to hear. We're so glad you came across this post. If you don't already follow Ali on Instagram, head that way - she has an entire saved highlight series about her experience with BP. It might be nice to actually see her go through her progress: We are wishing him a speedy recovery. Stay safe and strong and keep us updated!
  • Im 37 weeks pregnant and I was diagnosed with BP. Is my second day and I was feeling really sad and worried, but reading you'r post really gave me hope that it will get better. Did you'paralized eye got really dried and itchy? As well I have like a ringing in my ear I font know if you had it too or everyone experiense different sintoms.
    • Hi Amelia! Here is a message from Ali: I don't remember the ringing in my ear, but my eye was so itchy and dry! The only thing that helped were eye drops.
  • Thank are an amazing and brave woman. I'm so glad you recovered so quickly. Your words give me hope. I first got BP 15 years ago, and did not try acupuncture or massage, but I will this time.
    • Thank you so much!! Feel better soon!
  • Hi! Thanks for the great advice. I am 41 years old and getting ready to have a wedding in 4 weeks and got BP about 8 weeks ago. My face and eye are normal, but I feel residual on the opposite side almost as if I was drooling but I’m not. Are you taking any supplements for prevention? We will be starting to try for a family after the wedding and I am exhausted from work etc. I’m in the dental field and planning a wedding has tapped me out And people say BP can come back???I do take a couple of homeopathics for immune supporter but since it’s viral I was curious if staying on l-lysine or what do you take? I was on prednisone and valtrex. Just saw the neurologist today and he said the mri did show facial nerve inflamed by a virus, but he didn’t know what to do. Thanks for all the helpful tips and best of luck. Amanda
    • I am not taking any supplements! I think it's very rare for Bell's Palsy to strike twice! I wouldn't worry about it (that causes extra stress!) but definitely taking a maintenance dose of Valtrex and Lysine can be helpful. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
  • Hello! Thank you for sharing this story! I came across this while doing research on Bells Palsey. Mine started 4 days ago. Honestly, it is a little scary but also not as scary as I would have thought. It’s more uncomfortable than anything cuz it’s hard to talk properly and of course I can’t close my left eye. I am paralyzed on the whole left side of my face just like you were. Thankfully you can’t notice mine much if you were to just look at me. But when I smile or blind you can easily tell then. I went to the hospital first only to leave with no answers and no really treatment. I saw my primary care doctor and she wrote me a prescription for prednisone and acyclovir. I did lots of research and found that there was a 75% success rate for those who took both of these drugs. So anyway, I started taking them. I have an appointment to get a CT scan and see a neurologist. But I really appreciate your input on a more holistic way of healing it. I too have been looking into acupuncture and am now for sure going to set up an appointment tomorrow. I just want to say that you are such a beautiful person, inside and out and I appreciate you for sharing such a great message to those of us who need to hear it! 💕
    • This means so much to us, Heather! We're so happy you felt comfortable enough to share this with all of us. We know your story will help others as well. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.
      • Thank you so much! I’m actually doing much better! My smile is almost fully back! My eye is still not closing fully but it does blink it just blinks slower than my “normal” eye. Thank you thank you thank you for having this blog for those of us who have this happen to us to see! I was relieved (but also sad) that I wasn’t the only one going through this. So thank you so much for taking the time to make this for us who don’t know much about BP. You rock! 💕😘
  • Hey! I have had Bells for a while and I’m doing everything I can to treat it! I’m still just doing the best I can, and it’s easy to be discouraged. Thank you so much for how you wrote about your journey! It’s been such an encouragement to me! Encouraging me to keep going and not let it bring me down anymore!
  • Thank you so much for writing this. I went through the same thing. May you stay healthy! Sending good vibes to your baby as well!
  • I have 4 days living with bells palsy but I think is just mild I'm on prednisone so I don't know which facial exercises I must do please assist
    • We definitely recommend speaking to your doctor about specific exercises - everything is case by case & they'll be able to give you clear direction.
  • Thank you for this! So inspiring. Diagnosed on Tueaday (6/21) and the doctor had one word:rest!! You're right, it is OK to do so and not do everything.
  • Thank you,I have been dealing with this for five weeks,so depressed,took meds and a second dose pack of steroids Doing exercises every day,slowed up for a few days as I thought was working the nerve too much.Your story helped.
    • Patricia! We are so glad you found this post & it is offering some comfort. Stay strong! You will crush this!
  • Thanks for sharing this… I just found out I had it as well.. just got diagnosed last night… As an artist, producer, singer and musician.. this is the hardest thing for me to experience. Cause I need my lips to sing or even make certain a sounds.. and it’s been torture. * I realized this is the season where I needed to look more on the inside. I felt like god all allowed me to slow down to appreciate what I have on the inside.. so thank you for this.. I needed this.. cause I seriously didn’t know what was next in my actually music career.🙏🏾🙌🏾
    • Alain, we're so glad you shared this with us. I think you are exactly right, this is a sign from the Universe that it's time to slow down & prioritize you. I'm happy you found comfort in Ali's experience. Continue to find strength & gratitude for this time of patience & healing. I believe you'll come out of this with even greater inspiration & appreciation for your beautiful craft. Sending you healing vibes & positive energy, Alain. Please keep us updated on your progress. We're here for you, always!