What I Ate Today

What I Ate Today & My Thoughts On Dairy, Grains, and Sugar

I’m trying something different today. Instead of one of my What I Ate Today videos,...

What I Ate Today & My Thoughts On Dairy, Grains, and Sugar

I’m trying something different today. Instead of one of my What I Ate Today videos, I’m sharing what I ate today, picture-by-picture.

Also, I get a lot of questions about my personal diet and today, I’m addressing one of them, which is, “What do you think about dairy, grains and sugar?

These types of posts are part of my new “Healthy Living” series, which you can access by clicking to the right of the blog. See the green bar that says HEALTHY LIVING? Yes, click that! Or bookmark this page.

First, here’s what I ate, well, yesterday…

What I Ate Today, January 9, 2017


  • 1 Coffee with cashew milk (cashew milk by Silk)
  • 1 Green Smoothie: 1/4 cup cashew milk, 1 cup chopped kale, 1 large banana, 1 spoonful of collagen powder, 1 tablespoon almond butter (Justin’s), 1/4 cup blueberries, and a small scoop of ice.

What I Ate Today & My Thoughts On Dairy, Grains, and Sugar


I was recipe testing for the blog all day, so I was taking bites here and there. Finally, I enjoyed these leftovers for lunch (Ginger-Coconut Chicken “Noodle” Bowl from the Whole30 Cookbook, but left out the chicken (the recipe originally calls for chicken) and added extra sweet potatoes. I like to keep my lunches mostly vegan/vegetarian.


Peppermint tea with steamed almond milk, a pear, and a handful of mixed raw nuts (cashew, pecans, sliced almonds, walnuts). For everyone who asked, I use this frother or I just place almond milk in a small saucepot and bring it to a boil!


Leftovers from the blog, these Southwestern Quinoa and Sweet Potato Noodle Stuffed Bell Peppers with Avocado (recipe coming to the blog soon!) I ate the stuffing with avocado, instead of having the stuffed pepper (I like to keep it dairy-free on the weekdays especially!) I had two servings!

After dinner

Watched the President’s final speech and had a couple cups of my favorite vegan cheddar popcorn from Skinnypop!

My thoughts on dairy, grains and sugar

Before I express my thoughts on dairy, grains and sugar, let me express this: this is just an opinion.

It’s my opinion, that’s derived from my own experiences. I’d never judge you for the way you eat, so don’t judge me. We’re a bit too accusatory on the Internet and tend to want to “enlighten” someone else when we think what they’re doing/eating isn’t the right way to do/eat. Be kind- there’s no right/wrong way. I’m just telling you my experiences and answering a question that I receive a lot about my diet.


I look to dairy as a treat. I’d say I abstain from it 90% of the time. During the weeks, I rarely ever have it and if I do, it’s a sprinkling of feta on a salad or a dusting of grated parmesan on a spiralized pasta. But, it’s rare – perhaps once or twice a month during the week. On the weekends, I’m a bit more lenient, but I’d say every other weekend I’ll indulge in dairy and if I do, it’s something insanely worth it, like pizza or manchego and crackers with wine.

If I’m ordering a veggie burger at a restaurant or a salad that has cheese, I always ask for no cheese. I usually ask, “is there dairy in that?” Sometimes I’ll just fib and say I’m allergic to dairy, which isn’t really a fib, because I feel allergic, since the after-effects of having dairy aren’t good!

Why don’t I like dairy? It bloats me, it gives me gas (TMI?), it makes my skin break out, it makes me tired, and scientifically, it creates an inflammatory environment in my body that I don’t react well too.


I love them, I eat them often, almost every day. My favorites are quinoa, whole wheat, brown rice, couscous, oatmeal, and farro. I eat a sandwich (on spelt or whole wheat bread) almost every single day!


This is a tough one. When I was vegan (2008 to 2010 about), I abstained from sugar. When I did this, I had the highest energy levels I’ve ever had, I didn’t drink coffee, my skin was its clearest, and my stomach was the flattest it ever was! Ever since then, I’ve looked at sugar in an entirely different way: as a poison to your body.

The key is training your taste buds NOT to crave sweet.

However, I no longer 100% abstain from sugar, and thus, I have a sweet tooth, and I’m conscious of it, so I always read labels. I never buy a product for our home if it has sugar as one of the ingredients. So, you won’t find added sugars in our apartment, except, recently, I’ve started experimenting with coconut sugar. Having said that, I do keep honey and maple syrup in the apartment, for making dressings, marinades, pancakes, and adding to tea. It’s my little “compromise” and “everything in moderation.”

But you all know by now that I follow a strict 80/20 rule, so although you won’t find sugar in our home, if it’s the 20% time of my rule, I will indulge. Brownies, cookies, yes – all of it!

So tell me – what do you think of this new What I Ate format and what did you think of this healthy living post? Let me know if you have any follow-up questions below in the comments!


with love, Ali

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  • I enjoyed reading your blog today, thanks for posting! I really want to try and get on the smoothie train, but I can't eat banana and dislike a lot of fruit. I LOVE my veggies though. Must go on the hunt for veggie smoothies, if there is such a thing! Reading your blog today has inspired me to start searching.
    • Amy, I think you may be better suited for veggie juices instead of smoothies!
      • Thanks for so much for the advice Ali. A quick internet search of 'Veggie Jucies' and I'm liking what I see! I'm going to give some a try. Thank you again.
    • I sometimes use dates if I don't have any bananas around. I've also used apples or pears as the main source of sweetness in my smoothies. And if it uses fruit with no veggies besides spinach I don't need or days at all
  • I prefer pics, not video! With pics I can easily read as quickly as I like, pause to reread something I want to remember, review. Usually if there's a video on one of the blogs I follow I just skip it.
    • I agree. I prefer pics as well
    • I agree! (It's also nice to be able to look while at work or some place where you don't want to/ can't play a video!)
      • I agree. I like to read quick blogs while eating my lunch at work, but I won't watch a video and then sometimes forget to come back and watch later when I'm at home.
    • I much prefer this format! I appreciate your honesty and "real life" posts. I agree with you 100% about sugar and what it does to our bodies physiologically. I feel like a different person when I remove it completely from my diet. Sidebar..... where did you get your smoothie glasses from? They are beautiful! Thanks, Ali!
    • I also like pics. Mainly because I just prefer reading, since this is easier to do at work than to watch videos while I'm here. Haha.
  • I loved this post so much! I resonate with everything you mentioned above! I've never tried peppermint tea with milk before but I should try it today! I got some chocolate peppermint tea from trader joes and it's so good plain, but I bet it's even tastier with milk!
      • I'm kind of addicted to the TJ chocolate peppermint tea as well. I drink it plain but I've added coconut milk a couple of times. Yum!
  • I love these posts and your what I ate today videos. I've gotten so many meal/snacks ideas from things you've mentioned. I recently cut out dairy because I realized it makes me break out like crazy. Cheese is the only thing I'm really struggling with but I really appreciate that so many of your recipes are dairy free.
  • Great post Ali, for what it's worth I prefer the pictures over videos, easier to reflect back on. Thank you for sharing your insight on Grains/Sugar/Dairy. I am currently completing the Whole30 and have felt SO much better since eliminating sugar and dairy, I of course have been spiralizing a lot of dishes from both your cookbooks during the program with slight adjustments for Whole30 compliance :)
  • Thanks for the inspiration. I agree with other commenters that I prefer the pictures to the videos. :)
  • Sugar is what kills me the most. I really do not eat sweets that often nor have a sweet tooth (despite some of the recipes I post on my blog, haha!), but it's amazing to see what sugar can sneak into; I got a little packet of salt from the cafeteria of the hospital I work at, and I saw that DEXTROSE was an ingredient! Jeez! Haha! Not that I mind a little bit of sugar in my foods, but I keep an eagle eye on ingredient lists. I do eat a Siggi's yogurt two or three times a week, and I know that 8 grams of organic agave nectar won't necessarily kill me...nor will the occasional chai latte from my favorite coffee shop. ;-) But, on the whole, I too keep added sugars out of my house for the vast majority of my regular grocery purchases. I feel, physically and mentally, so much better when my diet is low-sugar. Thank you for this great post!
  • Thanks for sharing. I like this new format. Also thanks for sharing your diet & experiences with abstaining from certain foods. I have recently cut my dairy consumption down and feel so much better. I do like plain yogurt for snacks and as a topping. Have you experimented with coconut yogurt?
  • What was your experience with veganism like? What made you change ? Did you find that being vegan contributed to your weight loss? If it was the best you've felt, what made you go back? Love your blog and books! I can always find something to make from your book based on what's in my fridge.
    • You can read about my decision not to stay vegan here: https://inspiralized.com/ginger-miso-carrots-with-watercress-and-baked-tofu/
  • Great post, Ali! I have to say, I prefer posts with pictures, but I definitely love the "what I ate today" videos. Those are a ton of fun to watch, and I especially love seeing a quick snippet of how you make each meal. I'm with you on dairy-- it's not a girl's best friend! It makes me break out too. Like you, I tend to avoid it unless it's a special occasion. My boyfriend loves cheese, so we have his favorite kinds at home, but I never use them. Do you use nutritional yeast as a cheese-like substitute? Obviously it's not the same, but I find that some "nooch" makes for a nice cheese-like taste for some of my meals. I only have it once per day, since I'm not sure how great it is for the gut.
  • I love all of this. It's amazing how different (and better) I feel when I cut my dairy and refined sugar (I still have honey and pure maple syrup). And I'm with you on grains, they are not the enemy if you choose real ones! Love your blog, thanks so much for sharing!
  • Thanks for the post. I appreciated the comment about being "open" to hearing from each other, then not judging. Let's make this a year of listening to the opinions of others but being strong in following personal beliefs. We are all on this journey together so let's make room for everyone.
  • I agree with everything you said! You are a great model for all who want to make a healthy lifestyle a reality. I preach to my daughter to follow your lead. Thank you!!! I Enjoy the pictures too.
  • Loved this! So many women in the health / cooking / fitness world eat so strictly (or at least they say they do) and they never really slip up or treat themselves. I've had to limit and unfollow some influencers I love because when I inevitably fail from such crazy standards, it's so unhealthy mentally! All this to say, THANK YOU for being so awesome and *real!* Your stance on balance is a gamechanger for those struggling with ED.
    • Love this message, thank YOU for sharing, Sarah!
  • Ali, I agree with Laura, I like the posts with photos, especially when I don't have the time to watch the videos. However, I do enjoy the 'what I ate today videos', I like to see how you prepare things. This post is very helpful, I'm trying to cut back on sugar, I have a HUGE sweet tooth! Thanks for all the inspiring info! Chris
  • This was the perfect blog post for me to read as I am currently on day 7 of Whole30. Definitely going to make that Ginger Coconut Chicken recipe from the book. I love all your snaps, blogs, videos. They have really helped me become more conscious of what I put into my body.
  • I like the pics instead of a video. I normally read emails at work so I can't watch the videos or else everyone will know what I'm doing! Thank you for sharing this post! I wish I could get my self to eat like you everyday!
    • Adrienne, thanks for the feedback and you CAN get yourself to eat like me! You control what you eat :)
  • Prefer pics over videos. I loved this post. As I am on Day 11 of Whole30, I'm looking at sugar in a whole new way. Love the meal ideas too.
  • Hi Ali, question, why collagen powder instead of protein? I made your sweet potatoe noodles with the egg and pharm cheese, and oh my, just amazing good. Thanks for sharing with us. Whatever format is best for you, works for me!
    • I am curious about this too. I haven't used collagen powder. I am grain free and it is tricky to find a protein powder that is grain free, soy free. I currently use whey.
      • I have been using collagen lately for anti-aging benefits and fighting joint pain from some post-half marathon knee pain! The protein comes from the peanut butter in this version of my morning smoothie.
  • Prefer the pictures to the videos too. Like most others said, the videos are great too, but I don't always have time to watch them. When I do, they are fun too. But the pic post you can read whenever! Thank you for what you do - truly inspiring from health/fitness to female entrepreneurialism. Keep it up, we need more people like you ❤️
  • I'm on Day 10 of Whole30 and loving it so far. Things that I thought I would miss (cheese, wine) have been easy to give up due to how great I feel! I agree a lot with your philosophy. Going forward things with dairy and sugar will definitely be considered treats, because that is just what works best for me. Great post, Ali!
  • I prefer the pics over the videos -- thanks for asking! As for why you eat what you eat, and what you feel is true (with regard to YOUR body) about dairy, etc. -- thank you for sharing. I'm a long=time vegan, and I was drawn to your site (and purchased your product) because of all the vegan recipes and your veg-friendly lifestyle. Yes, as an ethical vegan, I wish everyone were vegan. I struggle with the whole judgment thing, too, to be honest. But I am grateful that there are people like you who respect those of us who choose differently when it comes to our dietary choices and lifestyles. I will always be an Ali fan, and I will always be thrilled when I see you've posted a new vegan recipe (or one that can easily be adapted). You're awesome. Keep doing what you're doing!
  • I've been following you on pinterest and snapchat for a while now and I have just recently started following your work more closely. You are truly inspirational in both an entrepreneurial sense and a health sense. Thank you!!
  • I prefer a short 8-10 minute video of food prep. The subjects of dairy and grains are extremely complex. For example, non pasteurized milk is totally different from the milk you are talking about. And concerning the subject of grains, there is the issue of "leaky gut" which cannot be ignored. I don't know what you base you opinions on these 2 very complex issues on....but I do thank you for expressing your opinions.
  • I love your videos, but this new picture format is great too! I've gotten so many ideas from your "What I Ate Today" posts, so please keep sharing. You are very inspirational and have prompted me to make positive lifestyle changes. Thank you!
  • Hi Ali Love your posts. I've been following one of your meal plans this week. Loving it trying to drop the holiday extra few before I go to Aruba. I love coffee with coconut milk. I make mine with canned coconut milk (no added ingredients) and blend with a can and half of water. Makes a jug for the week. I also froth for my coffee. Here in Canada our cartons of dairy free milks have some not so good ingredients. same brands but we don't get the better version as you do in USA. Keep up the what I ate today I normally copy your day the next day gives me great healthy ideas.
  • I prefer pictures! That way I can read it and not worry about bothering others around me with the audio! I'm wondering what your thoughts are on natural sugars, I'm assuming you were referring to refined sugars in this post? I find that too much fruit irritates my insides, which ends up with me turning to cookies and brownies to curb the cravings!
  • I like the pictures over the video as it's easier to read on the go vs videos where I need to have a quiet space or headphones. I'm doing Whole 30 currently and I love how you included what you avoid and why. I feel the same way about dairy/sugar and like the ideas I get from your daily eats!
  • The new format is fine, but what I would like to comment about is your letting everyone know that it is only your opinion, and you do not expect everyone to agree. If the whole world held to that way of thinking, it would be a fat better place. Thank you.
  • I struggle with "journaling" my food. This is a great inspiration and I like it. My computer isn't alwa ys working perfectly for video streaming, but in this picture format, I can count on enjoying your share.
  • Love reading all of your healthy living-type blog posts, this one included. I love the insights into how you think about food and healthy eating!
  • I enjoy reading blog posts with pictures more than videos... but I am probably in the minority! I feel I can read at my own pace quickly, but I can't make the video go faster than it is, ha. I find that a lot of dairy is no good for me, and grains keep me full and bloated for hours. It wasn't until I tried the whole30 that I realized that's why I never got hungry like "regular" people. I've learned each person has their own unique needs, thanks for sharing yours, Ali! PS I had a problem with my Inspiralizer and you and Meaghan took care of it like BOSSES! I can't thank you enough!
  • I'm eight months into a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based way of life. I was vegetarian for 12 years, but more recently ate some meats and fish. When I realized that I really didn't care for them, I decided to make a lifestyle change. With a lot of reading and following your vegan recipes (and some of my own), I made the change! WFPB is, without a doubt, the healthiest I have ever eaten. I'm so glad that you include grains in your daily eating, as whole grain carbs are so necessary to our daily health, they keep us satiated, and help keep our energy levels stable. For those people looking to lose weight, this is the easiest and healthiest way to lose and maintain your weight loss. I thought removing dairy would be the greatest hurdle, but I haven't missed it because I'm always full of plant-based fiber! Sinus issues and asthma are gone! Inspiralizing is fun and easy, but don't hide your Inspiralizer in the cupboard! Put it where you'll use it - like the coffee pot and blender!
  • You asked for feedback. I liked your post today about what you ate today.I read all of it. Also I prefer photos to videos. I use my inspiraliser every day and have your book 'Inspiralized'. Keep up the good work,
  • I appreciate this post because it can be read. The one thing that bothered me was the typo that occurs in the following sentence: Having said that, I do keep honey and maple syrup in the apartment, for making dresses, marinades, pancakes, and adding to tea. It’s my little “compromise” and “everything in moderation.” I am gussing that 'dresses' should be 'dressings', but that was the only issue that I had. I have owned my sprializer for about a year and have learned a great deal from you about how to use it to make meals that are both creative and nutritious.
  • I like the photo format and appreciate your take on what works for you and what doesn't. It takes a lot of maturity to say "this is what I eat and I'm not going to change because YOU (whoever you are) don't like it!" One thing I'd love is something to show me the size/portion of your food. Saying you had two servings of the pepper stuffing could be a lot or a little depending upon how big that initial serving is. From pictures I can't tell if you've got a large plate, small plate, etc. Maybe add a ruler or something else to establish a reference point? And also can't wait for the recipe for the stuffed peppers! Looks right up my alley.
  • I like this because I can read at work :) Thanks for your honesty and positive attitude. No haters here, please!!! Your website is aesthetically so bright, food is beautiful, your attitude is healthy... let's keep it that way! Thanks for all that you do, Ali. An inspiration every day. I've been considering Diane Sanfilippo's sugar detox.. but that said, not sure I am a fan of buying into the "commercialization" of it, ya know? Just should be an effort.
  • HI, I enjoyed your post also! I find your blog helpful as it is real and helpful. I prefer pictures also. I initially started following you because I have a bad reputation with vegetables. 1) my mom always bought canned and I can't get over how gross they were. I have made several of your recipes and I have enjoyed everyone. I feel like I have a mental block with vegetables and I find the spiraling time consuming. I have the kitchen aid attachment and it works just ok. I am planning on getting the spiralizer because it looks like you get more veggies and it is not as time consuming. The 80/20 rule is such a mind blower to me. What a great idea. I need to lose a lot of weight. When you were losing weight did you do 80/20? I started watching what I ate and have to admit I was more like 90% food that would lead to weight gain and 10% healthy, so working on switching that around. I have a question about dairy. Honestly, I eat a lot of dairy for snacks, like string cheese what can I replace that with? I, also have a lot of challenges with breakfast ideas. I make the sweet potato and egg with avacado. I have a active 10 year old, so I prefer meals that only take 30 min or less. How can you store veggies so I could prepare them and use them when I need them? Sorry so long I appreciate any suggestions you may have.
    • Sounds like you want to change which is the first step! Yes, the 80/20 was the most important principle in my weight loss! I couldn't have done it without it. Again, this is only my personal opinion and what has worked for me, but dairy can be the devil if eaten often! There's no replacement for string cheese, so you'll have to just find another satisfying snack, like healthy granola bars, nut mixes, hummus, etc. Also, as for meal prep, stay tuned to tomorrow's blog post for more info!
      • what are snack bars that are healthy? I look forward to tomorrows post.
  • Good day Ali, I guess I am going to be the odd one out here. I love your videos. I like seeing the step by step instructions you post in those videos. I learn better when I can see exactly how you are doing things, but that's just me I guess. Lol. I do like this post though, love getting good healthy meal ideas. Thank you so much for all you share!
    • I love the videos too! But more for recipes :) and "day in the life" snap chat is great for that too
  • Thank you for your kind and inspiring words! I am not typically one to comment, but your post today really spoke to me. I like both formats of the "what I ate today" series, but I would say I prefer the pictures, for the same reasons a lot of the other comments have indicated. One question on your 80/20 lifestyle...did you follow this while you were losing weight or did you stick to a more strict one? I am struggling with finding the right balance on the weekends. Thanks again for your extremely inspring post today!
    • Jacky, have you read my weight loss/fit journey posts? I suggest you read those! Yes, the 80/20 is what led me through the weight loss - being too strict on yourself only leads to frustration and falling off track! https://inspiralized.com/category/healthy-living
  • I am agreeing with most responders here that since I do some of these things at work on my lunch hour, it is nice to be able to read through quickly and not have to take time to listen to a video... however, that said, an occasional video when a meal may need more technique demonstration, would be nice too. That way you can satisfy everyone! Or almost... realizing that you never can satisfy everyone all the time!
  • I prefer pictures for time purposes. I love your what I ate and have gotten a lot of new and worthwhile info from them. I was interested also in the collegan info. Being a cancer survivor I do not do soy unless it has not been altered. How much protein does the collegan have. I follow a plant base diet and sometimes need extra protein. Love my dates. I have one every night as my treat - my chocolate! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  • Hello Ali, Happy New Year ! Thanks for this new post. I gave up candies a year ago until today and now I feel like crap. I almost finished a pack of sour strawberry candies. But, tomorrow is another day and I'lltry to give up candies for good.
  • Hi Ali! I see you do some work with Whole 30! I have to say i have mixed feelings and go back on forth on trying whole 30 and was just wondering your opinion. On one hand i think it seems very doable and I eat mostly that way already! I avoid dairy and it's never in our house (my husband is lactose intolerant) and I am gluten free due to an allergy so I avoid grains in general, minus brown rice, quinoa, etc, and like you, I am seriously trying to eliminate all added or artificial sugar. That said, I don't know if I agree that quinoa is a "psuedo=grain" or that grains aren't good for you which is the message I get from whole 30. I also think it's important to limit servings of fruit as they are sugar as well but are all allowed on whole 30. Just curious what your thoughts were on their program and their 30 day stringent rules! Love your blog! Thanks!
  • When you say you abstained from sugar, do you only mean refined sugars? Did you stay away from high sugar fruits as well, or juicing? I love adding bananas to my smoothies, and I enjoy fresh kale/orange/apple/carrot/ginger juices from my juicer every so often. I think I'm going to try going sans refined sugar/ coffee to see if my tummy gets flatter too. I love the Kale sweatshirt! I have a Kale shirt that I got from the farmer's market and I wear it all the time, especially when I work out. :)
    • Yes, I meant refined sugars! I eat a LOT of fruit, actually!
  • Love this post! I became a vegetarian last year and found myself eating a lot more cheese than I did as a meat eater and boy is my skin telling me a story. I've cut out dairy myself for that reason and in 4 weeks I've seen a big change. I'm trying not to be too rigid and plan to indulge on occasion. I appreciate your opinion on this topic! Helps to keep me balanced knowing how others do it. :)
  • Hi Ali, I love these posts! I've gotten so many good ideas by watching your previous "What I Ate" videos! Do you ever include protein powder in your morning smoothies? Curious if you have a favorite brand that you can share. Thanks in advance!
    • Great question! I've also wondered if you ever incorporate protein powders?
  • Great post, Ali! I love the pictures and videos. I don't really have a preference, but I really love this new healthy living aspect of your blog. It's definitely what I'm interested in reading and staying up to date on. I love hearing about what other people are eating/not eating! I learn a lot from others experiences with certain foods and protocols. Thanks so much for sharing!
  • I like this picture format also!!
  • Really prefer this format. I usually only have time to read the articles I want when I wake up or before bed (when I'm in bed). Hardly ever saw the videos bc I had to listen. I love this format; please don't change it. I also like seeing pics of what you ate. It's more accessible for me. You inspire me. Keep it up!
  • Hi Ali, I agree with those who like this format rather than a video. Also liked your take on grains, sugar & dairy. Are you still attending nutrition school?
  • I enjoy reading your posts. I have seen a few of your videos of what you've eaten but as a busy wife and mom of four children, it's better for me to read, like I'm doing right now at 11:39 pm. I like that you're honest and real. I have your inspirdluzer and first cook book. I like them both very much! Keep up the great work and much continued success to you!'
  • I like it Ali, thank you for the great post! Not that calories matter but I struggle with eating enough sometimes. Do you have an idea of how much you take in daily?
  • Morning Ali, I have the milk frothier and use it daily - do you have a favorite brand peppermint tea? I am always testing different teas and enjoy hearing if there is a new one out there I need to try. I work at a health food store, I would love for them to carry your books. I make sample dishes for customers to get ideas of what they can do with a variety of foods. I love my spiralizer and I'm trying to convince them to let me show this in the store. Enjoying your ideas. Thanks for all you share
  • I like your videos so please don't stop doing them. Your personality shines through! Can you do both to keep everyone happy? lol!!
    • Yes me too!!!!
      • Yes!!! Agree completely!
    • Agree: I like having both.
  • I'm a reader and watch videos begrudgingly, so I like the reading format better. But I have watched probably more of your videos than any other! Thanks for sharing with all of us, no matter the format!
  • I'm personally a fan of this format. Since I read a lot of your posts while at work (shh..my boss doesn't know), I was never able to watch the videos. Also, can't wait for the stuffed pepper recipe...sounds like one my hubs and I would love!
  • I enjoy the posts unable to watch videos at work but can sneak in a quick peak . The stuffed pepper recipe sound delish. Can't wait
  • I MUST have the recipe for Southwestern Quinoa and Sweet Potato Noodle Stuffed Bell Peppers with Avocado!!! LOOKS SOOO GOOD! PLEASE HURRY and post asap! Thanks! Big kiss! xx
  • Ali, I like this format---I'm much more likely to read it than watch a video. I do have a question re. the amount of protein you consume per day----- It's seems that it's a bit short of the recommended daily value.
  • When you make your smoothies are you using a blender or a nutribullet ? I did your recipe and mine is brown and not green like yours!? Any ideas why?
    • haha me too. I was hoping for the pretty green color:)
  • This format = Good for me. I can skip text if I want or need to, which helps in a busy schedule. I can go back to any piece of the newsletter whenever I need to without having to listen from the beginning. Short and sweet, and hopefully easier for you too!
  • I prefer text to video except when demonstrating a technique. I have a limited data plan because I live in the boonies, and that limits the number of videos I can watch. My time is also limited.
  • I like the new format a lot. As long as you picture everything we will good to go. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say!! Thanks so much, love your site!!
  • Though it's convenient to read at work, on the commute, I miss your longer videos where you showed us exactly what and how you are making your meals, I loved getting a glimpse into your every day life and it also helped a lot showing how easy and uncomplicated the dishes were, it was really motivating and reassuring! :-) So I hope that besides these photo posts you'll keep on doing those journaling-type posts, I loved them!
  • I really appreciate your thoughts on dairy! I'm considering ditching dairy as well, however, my reasons are more for weight loss. Do you have any thoughts on dairy and if it helps with weight loss? Thanks!!
  • I really appreciate your thoughts on dairy! I'm considering ditching dairy as well, however, my reasons are more for weight loss. Do you have any thoughts on dairy and if it helps with weight loss? Thanks!!
    • Also, do you have any good recommendations for dairy free cheeses? (my biggest obstacle with the whole "dairy-free" feat")