Meet Lu, the Inspiralized husband

Meet my husband, Lu! #GetInspiralized

Today, I’m introducing you to Inspiralized’s #1 fan, our biggest supporter and unofficial brand ambassador:...

Meet Lu, the Inspiralized husband

Today, I’m introducing you to Inspiralized’s #1 fan, our biggest supporter and unofficial brand ambassador: Lu, my husband!

This post should have happened years ago, but alas, it’s better late than never, right?

And this is the second part of my #getinspiralized series which I started a couple of years ago and never continued! So cheers to continuing this series!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably well acquainted with Lu (short for Luis!) – you know that he loves to soak the dishes overnight instead of scrubbing them clean, he’s an adorable father, he’s hilarious (the funniest person I know), and he loves to eat our leftovers hovered over the stovetop.

The question I get a lot is, “Does Lu work on Inspiralized with you?” and the answer is yes and no. He doesn’t work on any day-to-day logistics (he’s not one of those behind-the-scenes husbands who is also a photographer, web designer, and video editor – that’d be nice!) but he is there for me if I need some objective advice or just to throw ideas around.

Lu is far from an Instagram husband, which at times, can be frustrating, but most of the time, I’m happy he’s not. He encourages me to be in the moment when we’re together instead of framing me up for a picture. If he does take a picture, it forces me to be natural, because he’s not the classic Instagram husband who will take a million different shots at different angles to get the perfect shot – he takes a picture and moves on. He understands social media on a very bare bones level (he rarely posts – if ever – on social media.) He’s a silent scroller, ya know?

What’s great about this is that we have our own separate lives outside of our little family.  As you’ll learn in his Q&A below, he’s also an entrepreneur (he’s 8 years into his business!) and we’re very proud to both be business owners. We even strategically made Luca’s initials LLC (Luca Leo Cerda), an ode to our perseverance as entrepreneurs!

I asked you to submit some questions for him to answer, so he happily answered them all (I literally typed as he talked, so none of these answers were influenced/edited by me, I promise!)

BUT before I get to those questions, a few people asked how we met, so I figured I’d go ahead and answer that one, because women give better details.

How did you two meet?

I used to work at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. I was the Director of Hospitality, where I oversaw the entire hotel complex there, from reservations to ordering of bed linens. Any-who, part of my job was to help brides coordinate their wedding day logistics, including all of their wedding guests’ accommodations, their bridal suite, etc.

Lu’s brother, Jose, got married to Christina (now Lu’s sister in law) at the club, in September 2011. However, I never actually went to the wedding or met any of the bridal party (including the groom!) I had taken that week off for a vacation (very rare).

I stopped working at the club in January 2012. Fast forward to March 2012. I’m 25 (about to turn 26) and I get an e-mail from my old coworker Liz, who happens to be one of my friends and still worked at the club at the time. She forwarded me an e-mail that had come through my old work e-mail. It was from Christina (the bride, now wife of Lu’s brother) saying this:

“Hey Girl! Long time no talk. How have you been? I always wonder if I am going to run into you in Hoboken! Hope all is well with you. I am sure you are getting ready to ramp up the season at the club again!!! I had a quick question for you. Are you around at all today?”

Remembering how awesome Christina was, of course I responded back and asked her what was up, to which she responded with:

So I always used to tell my brother in law that I wanted him to meet you and he was dating this girl I was not jazzed about….but that is NO MORE! I don’t know if you are dating someone or if you even have any interest, but if you might be let me know! I could send you a picture before you decide anything for pre-approval. Lol

I happened to be single at the time (which, as a serial monogamist, was great timing!) I asked her to send me a picture of him and of course, I accepted the date offer! Then, Christina gave him my e-mail address. Reading through our first e-mails makes me laugh every single time.

His first e-mail to me, ever:

Hey Ali,

I got your email from my sister in law, Christina. How are you? Wanted to send a quick hello and see if you wanted to get together some time next week for a drink. Let me know what you think.


He had me at “Hey Ali.” Long long story short, we ended up going on a date on April 6, 2012 in Hoboken, NJ and hit it off immediately. I just remember non-stop, effortless conversation (we always talk about how effortless it was – and still is – to be around one another.) He walked me home after the date, kissed me on my stoop (ah, I miss stoop living!), and I texted my mother immediately and told her how well the date went! We hung out that whole entire weekend together and haven’t stopped hanging out since!

We got married on June 20, 2015 (you can see my wedding recap part one, two, and three!)

Now on to the Q&A……

Q&A with Lu



Lu(is) Cerda

How old are you?


What do you do for a living?

I’m an entrepreneur in the outdoor advertising industry. I started a company eight years ago called New Tradition that delivers premium signage to companies and advertising agencies around the United States. We’re based in SoHo, NYC and have media in top US markets like Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Hummacao, Puerto Rico. I moved to NJ when I was 9 years old for my father’s job.

Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?

Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Can you share about the transition from Puerto Rico to the continental US?

Shocking and overwhelming at first. I knew zero English. Now look at me!

What are your hobbies?

I like being outside in any capacity.

Do you have a college degree?

Yes, I majored in Economics at University of Massachusetts – Amherst. However, I could not tell you where supply or demand lands on the graph.


What went through your head when you first saw Ali?

“Now that’s an aggressive jacket.” She was wearing a coat that reminded me of the Queen of Zamunda from Coming to America. Ha, but also, she was very easy to talk to and hot.

How did you know Ali was the one for you?

Endless conversation.

Who is the financial savvy spouse? And who’s the big spender?

She lacks any financial savvy and definitely takes the lead role in spending.

Also how do you feel about comments others might make regarding your wife’s success?

Awesome, I’m very proud.

What’s it like having a wife that’s famous in the blogging and food world?

Weird at first, now the norm. Sometimes I get recognized by my name as the Inspiralized husband while out – which is still a bit strange.

How do you feel about the haters or people that send Ali nasty messages?

I think there’s a real epidemic for cyber bullying which is tough to see. I literally cannot believe that there are people out there that have nothing better to do than troll. It feels like an absolute oxy moron that these pathetic trolls continue to follow Ali or any other blogger for that matter as opposed to just unfollowing. I can’t wrap my head around how anyone can actually find time to put negativity out there – would they say this to Ali’s (or anyone’s) face or, are they simply hiding behind their keyboard? Anyone that knows Ali knows that she’s a kind, loving soul. I especially enjoy seeing her community shut down the haters.


What is your favorite part about being a Dad?

Seeing that smile every morning when he wakes up in his crib and then again when I come home from work and he sees me for the first time.

Are you going to raise your family near the city or will you head for the suburbs?

That’s the million dollar question.

Are you planning to speak Spanish to Luca?

We are going to give it a shot. We’ll let you know how it goes.

What are you most looking forward to teaching Luca?

To be a good person.

Parenthood – from a Dad’s perspective. Go.

Exhausting but incredible.

What is your favorite Dad accessory for Luca?

Baby Jordans.

How did you feel about hiring a nanny?

Pretty good. It’s helped us achieve our pre-baby work-life balance.

How do you balance a demanding career and being a dad? Is it hard being away from Luca?

Of course it’s hard. But, thanks to FaceTime, I see him a few times a day.

I feel like most people think they need to have kids when they’re 26-32 or else it’ll never happen. I know Lu is older so I would love to know his perspective on this.

My perspective is that mid-30s is the new norm. I also think that the time has to be right and I hadn’t met Ali yet.


Explain more about your business and how you got involved in it.

I started the company with a colleague 8 years ago out of circumstance. The company that I worked for lost a big advertising contract on a Thursday and I lost my job on a Friday. We started the business on Monday. I spent my entire adult working life in the media industry. I started as a media buyer at a fashion company, then onto a transit advertising company, then on to New Tradition.

What is the toughest part about entrepreneurship?

You’re responsible for people’s livelihoods (employees).

What’s the best part about entrepreneurship?

The progress – looking back on the last 8 years and seeing our business grow.

If you had one piece of advice for those wanting to start their own business, what would it be?

Hang in there. Businesses don’t happen overnight.

Best business book you ever read?

Delivering Happiness by the founder of Zappo’s.

Do you help Ali with Inspiralized?

I have on my laptop, I have two stickers: one for my company (new Tradition) and the other one for Inspiralized. I find myself presenting Inspiralized before getting started with my business’s pitch. While I don’t help her with day-to-day business, I always try to be a sounding board and help her develop her ideas.


Do you like to cook? If not, why not?

I do not like to cook. I do not know how to cook, I do not know my way around the kitchen.

Have you ever made one of Ali’s recipes?

No, but I have made zucchini noodles with Rao’s before.

The world is ending. What would be your last meal?

My mother’s sancocho.

What is your favorite snack?

Garden of Eatin’ yellow corn chips.

What’s a typical day of eating look like for you?

Start with coffee. Relatively healthy lunch – a grain bowl with veggies or fish tacos. Then home to Inspiralized. I don’t snack during the day.

What is your favorite Puerto Rican meal?



For you, what’s the hardest thing about keeping a consistent, healthy diet?


What do you do to stay healthy and balanced?

I try my hardest to eat healthy. Working out has become a bit challenging now with the baby. But I typically try and work out a few days a week.

What is your fitness regimen?

I used to work out. Now, I don’t. I love you, Luca.

Ali eats mainly plant based during the day. Do you too?

I do not, but I’m down. The challenge is finding restaurants near work that can nail a good veggie meal.

Do you like the way Ali cooks or do you get Carl’s Jr. for lunch at work?

Carl’s Jr. doesn’t exist on the East coast, otherwise I might be in trouble. Yes, Ali’s an amazing cook – she introduced me to the veggie style of eating a while back and is very good at creating meals that feel decadent but are super healthy. It’s her gift.

While I do my best to eat healthy, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way, especially in NYC. How do you say no to Momofuku birthday cake truffles?


Do you spiralize?

Yes and no. I can certainly help crank through zucchinis, but I typically let the pro do her thing. I’m more of a dishes type of guy.

How has spiralizing impacted your diet?

It has added way more veggies to my diet.

What’s your favorite spiralized vegetable to eat?

Sweet potato.

What’s your favorite spiralized recipe/dish?

I have a few – sweet potato fried rice, her Spanish rice, butternut squash lasagna (from Ali’s second cookbook), and zucchini noodle carbonara.

I hope you enjoyed this intro to Lu!

with love, Ali

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  • Should I mention that there is a Carl's Jr. near Penn Station now? Ha! What a great interview and it's so great to read about Lu! I especially love his thoughts on Internet trolls. Constructive and thoughtful criticism is one thing, but I've seen some downright rude comments both here and...well...all over the Internet (ha!), and I've never been able to comprehend why anyone would waste their time sharing them. How sad. "I especially enjoy seeing her community shut down the haters." LOVE that quote! Pleasure "meeting" you, Lu! :-)
    • Haha I have to send him there! Thanks for the kind note!
  • OBSESSED with the 'I'd Sprizalize That' shirt in 6th photo down! Did you make those? Can you make those!!?
    • ME TOO!! I would definitely order!
    • She used to sell them, I have one and it’s one of my favorites!
  • I loved the interview! Thank you for sharing your lives! The way you met is special and seriously pretty awesome!Seriously, love the dynamic and how you both support each other in your endeavors! You guys are doing a great job in doing work life balance with a new baby, which is inspirational. I had a “Yass” moment when he said his favorite Puerto Rican meal is Mofungo! It’s so good!
  • M glad we know more about him and your love story is dreamy and beautiful!
  • Ali, I loved reading all about Lu! He has an interesting story! The story of how you met is so sweet! Can you imagine if your co-worker never told you about the email?! It was fate! Lu is a really wonderful, kind person & so are you. It makes sense that you two fell in love, got married and had sweet baby Luca. God Bless your little family! TFS!
  • Great interview!! Nice to meet you Lu!!
  • Two favorite lines- 1. Ali’s an amazing cook – she introduced me to the veggie style of eating a while back and is very good at creating meals that feel decadent but are super healthy. It’s her gift. (It is a gift) 2. I used to work out. Now, I don’t. I love you, Luca. Start that spanish now, don't wait. They are sponges.
    • Haha! And yes, and it's true- our nanny solely speaks Spanish to Luca, so that's going to help too!
  • absolutely loved learning more about Lu!
  • LOVED THIS!! I have to admit surprise that Lu didn’t mention Bolognese as one of his faves because you make it often and have shared wonderful pics of his eating it out of the pan. I really enjoyed this post and am so happy that two wonderful souls found each other. ❤️❤️❤️
    • Haha, that's true! He probably just thinks of it as an everyday meal, not a "special" kind of meal/favorite!
  • Loved learning more about Lu!
  • Thanks Ali. This was such a sweet post. Loved meeting Lu and hearing the story of how you two met. Sorry to hear you sometimes have troll issues. I guess some people can't stand to be alone in their misery.
  • Absolutely loved this post and all photos! What a great looking family :-)) We live in Sun Valley, ID, come ski with us!!
  • That 1st pic of Lu with Luca is so precious!!! Thanks for sharing your story. You are a lovely couple. I love my inspiralizer. I don't miss pasta much since I have zucchini pasta now :)
  • Oh what a wonderful story of how you met. Lu’s answers were fabulous and it was great to see pictures of Luca.
  • Nice and interesting interview! Tell Lu we have the Sweet potato fried rice in common. I just served it to my visiting sister-in-law. I like it with white fish. I got a Spiralizer for my daughter in law and made the dish for her!! Cloe
  • My boyfriend has the same views on letting pans soak overnight as Lu, I always shake my head and laugh when I see a pan soaking in the sink after he “does the dishes”. Always makes me think of you guys. Cheers.
  • She was wearing a coat that reminded me of the Queen of Zamunda from Coming to America Do we have a picture of said coat? I literally laughed out loud reading this ?
    • Haha I wish! He still talks about it to this day!
    • Hahaha, I did too!
  • Thanks for sharing! So cool that you did named Luca like that! I’m feeling it! Tell Lu he is kick ass! And thanks for the book recommendation!
  • Thanks Ali, lovely to meet Lu. I thought he was a Luca and that baby was Junior, but no he is a Luis. I love knowing the details!
  • I love learning more about you and Lu!! It’s always great to have such real and honest people behind the brand/instagram, but it’s even cooler to see how normal your lives are. It’s super grounding and also makes people realize that anything is possible (when you work your ass off). Also, I grew up in central NJ (and hope to be back soon!) and now am going to UMass for graduate school - small world!
    • Very small world - and thank you for the kindness!
  • Great interview I enjoyed learning more about Lu! Luca is so cute you two are great parents! I follow you on Instagram and enjoy everything! Best wishes for your family from Boston!
  • I love this story because your timeline of your relationship is almost identical to my husband and mine! ❤️ We met in July of 2012 and got married June 13, 2015. We were (surprisingly) pregnant right after we got married and are now proud parents of two gorgeous babes! I relate so much to your life as a brand new family and learning to balance.
  • I just laughed so hard at the "aggressive" jacket description. Almost woke the baby!!:)
  • WOW!! What a great introduction to your hunka!! Lu is beautiful inside and out and y'all make the sweetest family! I know having a baby changes your already busy lives into an even busier one, but y'all are handling it!! I love how Luca is looking at Lu in the first pic! Soooo sweet! I wish y'all only the best! I look forward to watching Luca grow and hearing your family news!! xox
  • So, where are the spiralized recipes? Also, isn't the language of Puerto Rico Portuguese? I have been to Argentina twice with my ex husband who was an Italian born in italy but lived in Argentina for seven years and has family there. He spoke Spanish but said it is not easy for him to understand Portuguese.
    • Nope. PR speak Spanish
      • I stand corrected. I am guessing that Brazil is the only Latin American country that speaks Portuguese. I was surprised when my husband said he didn't always understand it, especially since Brazil and Argentina are neighboring countries.
  • SO GREAT to get to know you through your personal stories a little better. Beautiful family and don't let the haters get you down (not sure why people can be so awful!!) OH! recipe question- will you start doing more main course salad now that we are heading into spring? I'm sure there are plenty on the blog but since it is on my mind I figured I'd mention it. Warmest regards, Michelle (Reno, NV)
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  • Ali, sounds like you got a great guy there. :) Congratulations to both of you on becoming parents. I'm sorry that people troll you. I hope you can ignore than nonsense and focus on the good stuff. I have your first cookbook and just love it. Thanks for inspiralizing me to eat healthier. :)
  • Hi, Ali congratulations for your beautiful family. Thank you for help me to cook healthy. Is good your husband speak Spanish.maybe some day you will do your recipes on Spanish for people like me, don’t speak fluently English. Will be amazing thank again
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  • What is the age difference between you and Lu? I always assumed you were similarly aged before this post.
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