Video: How to Pick the Best Carrots for Spiralizing

Video: How to Pick the Best Butternut Squash for Spiralizing + My Save The Dates from Minted!

Another Thursday, another new video on the Inspiralized YouTube channel! Last week, we talked about how...

My Save The Dates from Minted! -

Another Thursday, another new video on the Inspiralized YouTube channel!

Last week, we talked about how to pick the best vegetables for spiralizing and today, we’re getting specific, with butternut squash.

I get a lot of e-mails about butternut squash – some find it tough to spiralize and I think that’s mainly because of the size and shape butternut squashes they’re using.

With this video, I’ll help you pick the best butternut squash for the spiralizer.

Next, week, I’ll be talking carrots!

The tips described in the video are in the description of the video and also, here ya go:

Tip #1: Pick a squash with the smallest, bulbous bottom as possible.
Tip #2: Opt for a medium-sized butternut squash, about 3-3.5” diameter.
Tip #3: Try to find a butternut squash with a long, tubular part for optimal noodle-yielding potential!

Save the Dates with Minted

My Save The Dates from Minted! -

I’m also giving you a sneak peek into my wedding planning process and sharing with you my Save the Dates from Minted.

The last time I talked about Minted it was about this Inspiralized-themed calendar. I love Minted, everything they make is gorgeous and their website is so easy to get around and end up with something you love.

My Save The Dates from Minted! -

Check these gorgeous Save the Dates out and then enter the Minted giveaway for a chance to win a gift card. After all, it is quickly approaching the holidays. What better way to start the New Year off than with some of Minted’s New Year cards?

Thanks to Nadya Furnari for taking our engagement photos, which I used for this Save the Date!

Disclaimer: Although provided these complimentary Save the Dates, all opinions are my own.

with love, Ali

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  • Those came out beautiful! I love Minted and we've used them for Christmas cards for the past few years. I would probably help my mom pay for them if I won!
  • I would use a Minted gift card for my OWN save the dates! I literally starting researching my options this morning, just before I received your email about the new post. This gift card would help me so much!!!!
  • I would use Minted gift card for my daughter's first birthday invites. Congratulations for everything Ali!
  • Love these videos! I've never used Minted before but I will have to check it out!
  • would get my wife some art and kids decor
  • I would use my Minted giftcard on either my actual wedding invitations (postcards that I'm drawing!) or for greeting cards that I've been hand-painting! This could save me a lot of time! :)
  • Ha, I was just explaining to my sister how to pick a good butternut squash yesterday! If it would happen in time for Christmas I'd so use a Minted gift card to make cards, though some fun "just because" cards would be awesome.
  • I would love to get some Christmas cards from minted!
  • I cook my butternut squash whole in the oven for just 15 - 20 min. That makes it easier to skin and easier to process.
    • At what temperature do you cook the butternut squash for just 15-20 mins? 350? Great tip!
  • I would use the gift card to purchase thank you cards to express my gratitude for others.
  • Congrats again on the cookbook. Can't wait to get it in the kitchen. Thanks for all your tips. I love spiralizing.
  • Love the art prints on Minted, my parents have a few blank walls that could use a little pizazz :)
  • I would use the gift card for Christmas cards. BTW, I notice you cut most of your vegetables in half before spiralizing....I find doing this definitely makes spiralizing a butternut squash easier.
  • I would use the gift card for my own Save the Dates!! I've picked out several cards that I'm in love with already on, so this would be PERFECT! Congratulations again, and thanks for a great giveaway!
  • Thanks for the butternut squash tips! I've been wanting to spiralize one for awhile. Your save the dates are beautiful!
  • LOVE your videos! But, have the volume on the background music, turned down a bit.
  • I would use the gift card for my save the dates! Love yours Ali, the pictures are great!
  • If I won, I would give it to my sister, who is having her first child next month so that it could be used for announcements. I'm so excited to be an aunt! :)
  • I love your site and Minted. I would use it on art/wall décor made with a photo of my daughter or for thank you cards.
  • Planning to use minted for my save the dates and maybe invitations too! Glad to see you had success :)
  • christmas cards!
  • Thank you for all the great information and the wonderful chance to win this great prize\
  • I would absolutely love to make those holiday booklette for family and friends.
  • I would use these for my own save the dates I'm going to be ordering in the next month! I already saved some of my favorite ideas on their site and love it!!
  • I would like to order some Christmas cards from Minted.
  • Love your save the dates! I would use it on one of the foil Christmas cards.
  • Christmas cards!! With all that beautiful gold foil!!
  • I might get some wall art and Christmas cards.
  • Beautiful save the date cards. Congratulations.
  • I'd love the unique ornaments. I give my kids (adult now) ornaments as gifts each year. These are unique and beautiful.
  • I would definitely use it on Save the Dates as well! Wedding in Sept. 2015!! :)
  • some holiday cards thanks :)
  • I'd get the Shauna Stripe Business Cards.
  • Minted is the stuff of dreams. I love all of their gold foil products!
  • The cards turned out gorgeous. I love all of Minted's cards, they looks so amazing. I'd love to get some Christmas cards or as you say New Years cards. I love the Starburst one.
  • I would use it to buy photo Christmas cards that I could sent out to friends, family and loved ones. They also have super cute wrapping paper as well as art prints! I could easily spend the money :) Julie
  • I would get the Glaze Christmas cards and a calendar.
  • My hubs and I did photo postcards for our save the date and thank notes! I, unfortunately, did not discover Minted until after the occasion, but they have such great stuff! Would love to use them for an upcoming event. Fingers crossed :)
  • Might just be my personal preference or my less-than-optimum-hearing, but losing the music during the monologue would be helpful to focusing on and understanding what you're saying. Good at the intro and exit, but not necessary for the content. THANKS for listening and keep up the great work. dv