Gluten-Free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread

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Gluten-Free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread


Today is Inspiralized’s four year anniversary/blogiversary!! And we’re celebrating with zoodle bread!

Four years ago today, I started Inspiralized. The morning of this day, I walked with Lu as he went to work and I stopped off at a coffee shop on the way, opened up my laptop, and started from scratch.

It’s surreal to think of what all has happened since that day four years ago, but everyday I wake up feeling blessed, grateful, and excited about what the future holds! I couldn’t be happier bringing you spiralized inspiration every day, and I can’t wait to bring you on this journey for as long as you’ll join me!

You can read more about the Inspiralized story here, but since then, so much has happened. Here are the biggest highlights:

Aside from that, I got engaged, married, and pregnant! Talk about a fabulous four years. I don’t know how I’m going to top them!

Gluten-Free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread

I literally pinch myself every day, and I never take a day for granted. Building my dream career and life has given me so much perspective and really taught me that we should be thankful for the life and opportunities we are given – and make the most of them!

NOW, to celebrate this four-year blogiversary (is that even a word?!), I’m sharing a recipe for this gluten-free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread, using Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour! It’s the perfect healthy weeknight treat – or amazing for a morning breakfast, with a little drizzle of nut butter!

Gluten-Free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread

And what better way to celebrate my blogiversary than by using Bob’s Red Mill products, a brand that has supported Inspiralized from day one?! Bob’s is all about “Fuel Your Awesome” – enjoying your summer and keeping happy and healthy by fueling yourself with quick and easy meals!

This banana bread fits the “Fuel Your Awesome” theme – it’s easy to make and saves well, so you can fuel yourself all week long. I love to have it as breakfast, with a little drizzle of almond, peanut or sunflower butter. It’s great as a quick breakfast grab – or even after a workout, to refuel with potassium from the bananas and protein from the nuts, egg and coconut flour! This flour is high in fiber, perfect for feeling satisfied longer – and aiding in digestion!

Note: This post was sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. All opinions are my own, always. Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for supporting Inspiralized! 

Blogiversary giveaway

Also in celebration, I’m doing a big giveaway! THREE winners will each win the following:

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To enter to win, all you need to do is comment on this blog post with your FAVORITE thing about Inspiralized! Perhaps it’s a recipe, a social media channel, something you love about spiralizing in general, or perhaps it’s the Inspiralized Facebook Community. You can also get extra points for following Inspiralized on social, just use the widget below to enter- giveaway open to US residents only, ends at 5pm EST on Friday, June 30:

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Nutritional Information & Recipe

Weight Watchers SmartPoints*: 11 points (with walnuts) 9 points (without walnuts)

*These points were calculated using the official Weight Watchers SmartPoints calculator. We are in no way affiliated with Weight Watchers, we are providing this information based on popular demand.

Gluten-Free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread + 4 Year Blogiversary

15 minPrep Time

40 minCook Time

55 minTotal Time

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  • 1.5 cups coconut flour (I use Bob's Red Mill)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ cup maple syrup
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted and cooled to room temperature
  • 2 very ripe bananas, mashed
  • 1 medium zucchini, Blade D, noodles chopped
  • 2 tablespoons almond milk + more if needed
  • 3/4 cup walnuts, chopped
  • 1 banana, halved lengthwise


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a loaf pan with cooking spray (preferably coconut oil spray) and set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, add in the coconut flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.
  3. In another medium bowl, mix the eggs, maple syrup, vanilla extract, almond milk, coconut oil and banana together.
  4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and stir well until smooth. Add the zucchini and stir to combine. Fold in the walnuts and stir again.
  5. Pour the batter into the loaf pan and place down the banana halves, pressing into the batter slightly. Bake for 40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when you pierce the center of the loaf.
  6. Remove the loaf from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes before slicing and service.


Per serving without walnuts (1 out of 8) - Calories: 207, Fat: 8g, Saturated Fat: 7g, Carbs: 26g, Fiber: 9g, Sugars: 12g, Protein: 6g, Sodium: 381mg

Per serving with walnuts (1 out of 8) - Calories: 282, Fat: 16g, Saturated Fat: 7g, Carbs: 28g, Fiber: 9g, Sugars: 12g, Protein: 8g, Sodium: 381mg

Gluten-Free Zucchini Noodle Banana Bread

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Rafia Kanji says:
❤️❤️ I love that the inpiralizer lets you turn almost any veggie into a noodle. It makes incorporating veggies into meals so much easier.
Kim Boucher says:
I live inspiralized instagram stories. And I recently started watching the YouTube channel.
Melissa Rijkse says:
I love how inspiralized has changed my eating habits- I was getting so tired of salad all the time and ta-dah! A way to make veggies look pretty and taste excellent in now time plus a ton of blog updates and cookbooks to keep the recipes fresh and exciting! thanks Ali for all your hard work!
Kristina says:
My favorite thing is following your IG stories! It used to be snapchat but around the time you started using IG more, I did too. During the week I love checking them on my lunch and after work because there are always a ton of fun clips to watch.
Julie says:
I love using my spiralizer to make sweet potato rice!
Alyssa says:
Love all the yummy recipes! They really help me try new things
Devora says:
I love that you took the idea of "zoodles" to a whole new level with the idea of spiralizing so many different fruits and vegetables and coming up with so many recipes! Since I have started eating more consciously, I have been using your recipes often. Thank you Ali!!!
Amede says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized are your instagram stories when you're making recipes! Love the visuals!
Ashleigh says:
Congrats!! I love following along with you on social media for healthy recipe ideas and more! I'm also pregnant with a boy. ?
Jo Ann Hermanek says:
Congratulations on 4 amazing years! I've only recently discovered Inspiralized, but it's hard to pick my favorite thing! I came for the recipes (which I love and use so very often). But I keep coming back for the positive energy and great ideas that I find on the blog, Instagram, etc.
Kristina says:
I love spiralizing because it's so filling and a way to cut calories without still feeling hungry.
Michelle says:
I love how inspiralizing makes eating veggies even more fun and more delicious!
I'm pretty sure you were the first "food blogger" (I say that in quotes because you're a bonafide innovator, tbh) I ever followed and actually kept up with/tried your recipes. When I first got the Inspiralizer, my way of thinking about food totally changed. It is so easy to eat healthy when using the inspiralizer - my boyfriend even enjoys the "weird noodles" that I make. I even put radishes in our dinner one night and he had no idea. He still has no idea! Thanks for making the Inspiralizer and dedicating your time to sharing recipes, writing cookbooks, and giving me a hand in the kitchen! And congrats on the wee-beeb in your belly! So. Exciting.
Meghan says:
I love how it makes eating healthy fun! ?
Kaitlin says:
I love your instagram stories! Neat to see you making recipes and to get a glimpse of your every day life. You and your hubby are so cute!!
Erin Owens says:
Oh my gosh, it's impossible to pick my favorite thing about inspiralized because i love ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, but if I were to pick one of my top favorite things it would be following your recipes on your Instagram story. I check Instagram every day, several times a day just so i can watch your story with you cooking amazing recipes. Thank you so much for all that you do!!!
Pina says:
I love your recipes they are healthy easy to follow and include WW points win win for all!! Thanks for all the motivation!! Congrats on 4 years of blogging I've enjoyed following along and can not wait for book #3
Chelsea Eller says:
I've been following along for a few years and while I don't own an inspiralizer (yet) I'm constantly impressed with your dedication to your company and providing us with healthy, delicious recipes. Thank you for all you do for us!
Diana Kelewae says:
My favorite thing is all of the wonderful recipes! I love being able to make healthier meals that my family actually enjoys.
Barbara says:
I love that you focus on nutrition and body positivity while staying truthful that we all have the good and bad days with our own self image. The real talk is when you shine (in my opinion)!
Rikki says:
I love how it allows me to eat heathy meals that my husband and kids enjoy. My oldest now prefers zoodles over regular spaghetti.
Jen says:
I love making and eating your beautiful food recipes via the inspiralizer!
Courtney Freer says:
I love seeing your pretty & inspir(alizing) face each day on Insta/snap! I always look to your site for recipe inspiration. I even Bought my first jicama yesterday! It has been wonderful seeing your success
jamie says:
I love inspiralizing my veggies because it has made eating healthy fun (and easy!) again. I love following you on social media because I love your outlook on life- from eating to body image. your insta and snap stories always put a smile on my face! you are an inspiring woman I look up to!
Tory says:
My mom and I both follow you and we love talking about your insta stories or whatever spiralized meal we made recently ?
Cindy says:
Favorite part? Inspiration to spiralize things I would have never thought of and to use spiralized things in ways I would have never thought of!
Jessi says:
I love all of the easy ways to add vegetables to every meal!
Teresa says:
I follow because it gives me consistent ideas about how to stay healthy and be creative with what I'm cooking in the kitchen!
Erin Davenport says:
I love the ways I can take old favorites and make them more nutritious.
Vanessa says:
I love that you can still enjoy pasta without feeling over stuffed!
Lacey Blackwell says:
I love your cooking snaps and insta stories! Also love that you are so real and not just pushing products that aren't great to make some money. Congrats on 4 years!
Ariane says:
Your story has been such an inspiration to me. It's so refreshing to see a real woman talk about her fitness journey and healthy lifestyle takeover. Sometimes I feel that the women on social media seem so unreal, so I love how genuine you are about living a truly balanced lifestyle. Seeing your success and happiness keeps me going on my fitness journey. And you have the most delcious, nutritious, and BEAUTIFUL recipes ever :)
Lindsay Hubenthal says:
I love following you on social media! From your Insta-stories, to the recipes, to your daily life, and everything in between. You are real and you are a genuine person which makes me like the product even more! Such a smart invention and great way to get my boys (and husband) to eat vegetables!!
Andrea C says:
Congratulations on the last 4 years!!!! This is a truly amazing achievement! I started following you on social media a little over a year ago when a friend recommended you saying "this chick seriously does some cool stuff with spiralized veggies". Fast forward to now, you are my favorite instagram story to follow (no joke, yours is always first on my feed). You make living a healthy lifestyle seem not only achievable, but fun! My favorite part is how you show the Inspiralizer incorporated into your life and as a result, I've taken steps to incorporate it into mine. You and the Inspiralizer are a big part of my wellness journey and I can't wait until your next cook book! Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for sharing your life with us!
Jennifer says:
Learning alternative foods to my previous go to (pasta!) has been a true blessing not only for me, but also for my family. Being able to incorporate a bounty of vegetables and avoid sugary and starchy foods has made my family feel amazing! I was diagnosed in 2015 with Crohn's Colitis, and told to avoid gluten and great foods. This has been a delicious way for me to take care of my health and experiment in the kitchen. Also, the ease of the website helps me stay motivated! What's that? I have one squash, an onion, and some chicken? Well, lets search each ingredient and see what I can come up with! Which leads me to my next point, the recipes aren't only easy to follow, but are also delicious if you have to tweak a little to fit your own pantry! All in all just simply fabulous!
Maggie says:
I love Inspiralized for two primary reasons. First, I follow a mostly plant-based diet and inspiralizing offers a new, interesting way to incorporate more vegetables into someone's diet. I mean, everything is more fun in noodle form. But the second reason I love Inspiralized, is that it is a woman-owned business. In my own work, I see the value of entrepreneurs (especially female!) in creating communities, and think it is such an admirable thing for women to be examples to each other of how to turn their passions and interests into a business.
Kaitlin says:
I love having a fun healthy alternative to the usual pasta options. Spiralized veggies are super filling and nutritious!
Beth R. says:
This blog has really helped me redefine how I use fruits and vegetables. It is so much fun to think of creative ways to noodle different veggies. (I'm not obsessed with kohlrabi rice.)
Beth R. says:
I am obsessed. Not "not obsessed." Hahah!
Emily Weir says:
Congrats on 4 years! What an accomplishment. Besides the unlimited healthy creations that can be made with the Inspiralizer, I've really enjoyed following along with your social media the past year or so. It's refreshing to follow someone who hasn't always been skinny and has faced their own health and weight loss struggles but has found a healthy way to overcome it. It's inspiring and comforting to see! Thanks for always being so open about your struggles and victories with all of us!
Pat says:
I love watching Ali on YouTube and getting healthy and creative dinner inspo!
Ashley Holder says:
My favorite part about inspiralized is watching your every day stories on Instagram. I just ordered my first inspiralizer on HSN, and I can't wait until it gets here!
Sarah M says:
Inspiralized has totally changed the way I think about veggies and how I incorporate them into meals. I also LOVE the social media presence and community - such a great source of inspiration and support!
Kathyrn says:
Honestly I don't know where to even begin. I started following the Inspiralized blog and Instagram account back in the fall of 2016 and I was hooked since day one! I could relate so much to your healthy lifestyle journey and your openness and honesty every day on the blog has helped my completely change my lifestyle. Inpsiralized definitely helped me kick off my weight loss journey and since then I've lost 40lbs! I eat an Inspiralized meal at least 3-4 times a week and often every day. Anyone who has asked me how I changed my lifestyle I always tell them Inspiralized, among other things is a huge component. Your IG stories get me through the day!! While I love each of the parts that make up Inspiralized, it is the brand and mentality and the way everything comes together is my favorite part. THANK YOU for everything !!
Jackie C says:
I love following on instagram because of the daily INSPIRATION to eat healthier and be physically fit for overall better health! So many creative ideas and delicious recipes!
Kilah says:
Happy anniversary! I love how inspiring you are, Ali. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and motivation!
Christina George says:
I love that you post so many versatile recipes! I would have never known there was so many ways you could make veggies look and taste good with one kitchen gadget! I also love Inspiralized Instagram stories- look forward to them every day!
Amy Smith says:
I love that there are sooo many ways to use spiralized veggies. Apps, entrees, desserts... It's amazing. But above that, and what's special about your recipes and ideas... is that often you do vegan dishes! I can't have dairy or soy because my daughter has a dairy and soy allergy and I'm exclusively breastfeeding. It makes it harder to make quick dishes that are compliant. But your recipes help me so much!!!
Candice says:
I love using the inspiralizer because it makes healthy eating so much easier!
Michelle Thomas says:
I love the demos of the recipes on IG stories!
Kayla says:
I love following Inspiralized because I love following along this journey where you took the plunge into an unknown, scary transition from corporate america, to following your heart, and made the best decision of your life! It helps provides the confidence that some might need to make change in their life. Congratulations!! :)
Raeleen G says:
My favorite thing about inspiralizer is the yummy food that is good for you! I love pasta, but hate the way I feel so dang bloated and uncomfortable. I literally feel like a balloon that is about to pop! Now that I use zoodles, I feel so light and satisfied. I also love that you spiralize sweet potatoes for breakfast, omg delicious! Happy Anniversary, Ali! Congratulations, too!
Christen says:
I love your instastories!
Tara says:
So exciting! Congrats on all you have accomplished with your blog! I aspire to be as successful as you with a blog someday! I love how easy your recipes are and how you can get so many more veggies in without trying too hard!
Taylor says:
I love how it allows me to eat more veggies in each meal!
Melissa says:
Your story and the inspiralizer are inspiring. The inspiralizer makes meal prep fun and has expanded the way I think about incorporating vegetables into my life.
Candace Fielding says:
I love how inspiralized has helped my kids eat their vegetables better. Nothing like eating a curly sweet potato!
Jess says:
Spiralizing has totally changed my life and way of eating. So many people think its going to be boring, bland and no fun. But you have made a wonderful world of fun, flavor and venturing out to try new things in the spiralized world. I am so thankful for you and all you are doing.
Nicole Taylor says:
I love that the inspiralizer is easy to use and clean up! You make using it so easy, and it's quick to fix a healthy meal. I enjoy seeing what you make everyday! Thank You!
Liz says:
I love that you post every day. I also love watching your Instagram stories. They are the best!
Sophia G says:
What I love most about the Inspiralizer are the options it gives me! I'm Italian but I actually hate pasta and your tool allows me to enjoy all of my family recipes in a variety of ways!! Thanks for your entrepreneurial spirit and for sharing your journey with us!
Sandy Ryan says:
Been using the inspiralizer for awhile now! My all time favorite is butternut squash lasagne. Who knew!!! Really enjoy just about everything about the inspiralizer and. Ookbooks. Thank you for Listing ww points!
Colleen says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is that you are more than just a semi-anonymous cook posting recipes, you have cultivated a community and lifestyle. While I LOVE your healthy and nutritious recipes, I also appreciate your candidness and positivity which has helped your business to thrive. Congrats to four years!
Taylor says:
I love how it allows me to eat more veggies in each meal!
Jillian Davis says:
I love how spiralizing veggies we eat all the time makes them seem new and exciting again! And I love following on Instagram.
Paige says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the variety it adds to my meals. I have taken a new perspective on how texture and form of vegetables can transform their taste. I never thought I could love zuchinni like I do now.
Renee Bourgeois says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is that your recipes and the inspiraizer were really the first (dare I say only?) thing to get me excited about healthy eating. Not only do I now love cooking, I love to eat healthy foods too. Inspiralized has completely changed my outlook on cooking and healthy eating. Following you on Instagram is my daily motivation to eat right and keep going!
Jessica says:
My favorite thing has got to be the variety. There are always new recipes covering a variety of meals/flavors/etc. Also-spiralizing in general is a million times easier than actually chopping food :) Congratulations!
Christina says:
I LOVE all your recipes, but my all time favorite recipe is the spicy crab parsnip pasta from your first cookbook! i think i actually mentioned this to you years ago, but one of my favorite things i noticed about the recipes when i first got the book was your little section saying what other veggies the recipe would work with. because of that, i discovered daikon radish, and i've been making the recipe with that ever since! so light and summery! i'm also kind of obsessed with following your insta stories!
Kasey Gaines says:
I randomly came across you on instagram and I love following your instastories! Your awesome recipes and dedicated workouts inspire me to start working harder! I don't own an inspiralizer yet but I'm dying to get one and start trying all of your recipes! :)
Elizabeth says:
I love that spiralizing is a fun way to add veggies to recipes and it also clears up a lot of calories/carbs in your day for some other indulgences
Court Rankin says:
Congrats Ali on all your accomplishments, and all of the great things for you that are yet to come! I love following your blog for tips on healthy eating and living, and creative ways to integrate new veggies into my cooking!
Talia says:
Congrats on your blogiversary!! I loved that I bought it just to make Zucchini Noodles, and now I use it for everything! I was so excited about all I could do with the inspiralizer, that I bought one for my mom too to spread the joy!
Kelsey Lu says:
Ali, you're an inspiration! Thanks for this lovely giveaway :)
Daniella Peretz says:
I made my husband get me the inspirAlizer for my first Mother's Day! My husband doesn't love vegetables but when I make them with the inspiralizer, he loves eating any veggies that way! I LOVE that I can use the inspiralizer for literally any vegetable and my dishes come out looking so gorgeous!!
Cindy Sawochka says:
Where do I start? I LOVE how easy it is to meal prep; how my 1-1/2 and 4 year old ask for apples, zucchini, and more because it's spiralized and fun to eat; but mostly, I love how easy it is to eat healthy now!! I tell my husband daily that this was the best purchase ever!
Kelly says:
My favorite part of following inspiralized are all the fun recipes! I love all the noodle alternatives so it's easy to live a low carb lifestyle.
Kendra Bennett says:
I think I may have been following your blog for 3 1/2 years, I've made so many of your recipes! Yours was the first food blog app I purchased and was amazed I could have your blog recipes right at my fingertips without searching the Internet. Also I was amazed you could have a new recipe almost daily!! Lol. It's been fun to follow your adventure and I appreciate all of the work and dedication you have for your brand and company. My favorite recipe over the years is the pb and jelly apple noodle oatmeal.
Meredith says:
Congrats Ali!!! I love how I'm loving to learn how to cook healthy and yummy recipes so easily with the Inspiralizer. I used to hate cooking but the Inspiralizer makes it so easy and fun!! I have told many a friend about it and many have purchased one themself. Plus I LOVE your instastories, blog and all the tips! Keep it up. You are by far my favorite person to follow on social media!
Jordan says:
I started following Inspiralized on Instagram about two years ago for recipe inspiration, but the more I read your posts about personal things and watched your Snapchat then Instagram stories, I became inspired by you too! My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the personality behind it - someone who truly cares about health, balance, the product, and her followers.
Meghan M. says:
My favorite thing about following Inspiralized is your positive energy and simplistic message! Eating healthy meals doesn't have to be complicated! It's all about small changes, healthy choices and more veggies! I love your creativity and dedication to your followers. Congratulations on 4 years and all you have accomplished!
Yarrow Hope says:
Congrats! I love the whole food plant based recipies!!!
Mariana says:
I love the recipe ideas! Thanks Ali you are the best :)
Meaghan says:
I love how I can get more veggies into my diet by spiralizing. Veggies can get boring and this makes them fun.
Kristin Sokel says:
Ali, CONGRATULATIONS!! My oh my what an amazing adventure you have had the past 4yrs. I can't thank you enough for creating the Inspiralizer, and all of the awesome recipes. I was diagnosed w Celiacs in 2012 and I especially love how I can take your recipes and know that I can make / eat them without getting "glutened". It was a game changer for me! The Bikini Bolognese is my absolute favorite!! Again, thank you for being YOU and so real and for pursuing your dream bc it's helped so many people! This year is going to be even better for you and your family, I just know it!
Can't wait to try this! Feeling so much healthier since spiralizing! Thank you, Ali!
Elizabeth Montgomery says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is how easy and effortless all of your recipes are! Also, I absolutely adore you and think your passion and personality are such an inspiration! I love following you and genuinely get so excited about all that you do!!!
Kelcie says:
Of all the delicious recipes and ingenious incorporation if vegetables, my favorite thing about Inspiralized is sharing it with others! Opening up all the possibilities to friends and family, helping them live healthier lives, and showing them how easy it is to incorporate veggies (all through Inspiralized) makes me love this company/product that much more.
Nicole says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is that I can get my noodle fix with nutrient-packed veggies! And the meals taste as good or better!
Grace Moceri says:
My favorite thing about the Inspiralizer is how easy it is to get creative with vegetables. All of your recipes are delicious, not overly complicated & healthy. Plus your willingness to connect with the community, sweet personality & cooking talent make me feel like your a friend sharing your favorite recipes, life advice & fun moments! Congrats on 4 years, Ali - you are an inspiration!
Marie says:
Can I list a few favorite things, in addition to the obviously excellent Inspiralizer and variety of fun recipes?! ;) I LOVE your instastories, you're like a motivating friend that checks in on all of us throughout the day! I've also really enjoyed your posts on going non-toxic and the product recommendations- it's inspir(aliz)ed me to gravitate towards safer products. Thanks for everything over the last 4 years! P.S. OMG I almost forgot the best thing. Your Thailand recommendations!!! My girlfriends and I visited Chang Mai and followed your suggestions to a 'T'. We had the most amazing time, so thank you for that too!
Cindy Ader says:
I love many of your recipes and own an inspiralizer. My spaghetti bolognese is a favorite go to, as it is for you as well. I also love that I feel like I've gotten to know you as you share your life with Lu, and now your soon to be baby boy!!!!
Emily says:
I love the new ideas and uses for my inspiralizer!
Gwen says:
I love the fresh vege recipes. Crave Vegas now
Mari says:
I love your creative recipes and how easy they are to follow. Also how you give us quick modifications on certain ingredients, is super helpful!
sarah settle says:
the fun approachable and different attitude you have towards health!
Abby Moreau says:
love that it isn't just healthy food but healthy lifestyle inspiration. low-key feel like i'm actually friends with ali from all the social media i follow! xoxo
Marlene says:
It may sound corny, but my favorite thing is you! You make it so fun, from spiralizing, to reading your cookbooks, watching your InstaStories, reading your blog posts and making your recipes! I've been following you from BEFORE you introduced the Inspiralizer and your the one food blogger I pay the most attention to and read your posts, make your food and buy all your cookbooks!! You just make it so fun and ease!
Stacy Crump says:
I love the freshness of all of your recipes! All the flavors go so well together! The best part is even my four year old is starting to love the zucchini noodles. Healthy eating for the win! ❤️
Julie M says:
I love following you on social media! Plus those everything inspiralized potato bagel things make mouth water!!
Allie says:
Happy 4 year!! My favorite thing about Inspiralized has been watching you grow your brand from year 1. Long time follower here, and super proud of and excited for you! :)
Sandi says:
Congratulations! Your Inspiralized Blog and recipies helped me learn to like cooking...something I've been struggling with for a long time. So I thank you, and my hubby thanks you too! I just have a handheld zoodle maker, but will be ordering the Inspiralizer soon... unless I win one. :) Thank you Ali!
Allison Fishbein says:
I love the creativity inspiralizer brings to cooking. Especially from following your social media channels, I am constantly amazed at the new, innovative ways to incorporate healthy foods into my diet. I learned somewhere that a great strategy for eating healthier is not to focus on eliminating certain foods, but rather on increasing foods that are good for you (like veggies). That way, you'll hopefully fill up on healthier things and end up eating less of the bad stuff. Spiralizing food is a fabulous way to follow that approach!
Stephanie says:
I love the skinny bolognese recipe! :-)
Danielle says:
Love the recipes, of course, but really enjoy following you on instagram! You keep it real and I feel like I can really relate to you, especially as a fellow Jersey girl :)
Megan says:
What I love most about Inspiralized is you! I love seeing your instagram stories and snaps, because it's great inspiration to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle!
kristin says:
love your insta stories!
Kim says:
INSPIRED!!!! I feel inspired to be better at taking care of myself! All the parts of the Inspiraluzed world you have created supports healthy living! Not any of this was easy for you to build and create but you had a vision and you have worked hard to do it! Thank you Ali and congrats!
Janine says:
I love getting more creative with cooking vegetables! I love vegetables but I also want to lean towards carbs (bread, pasta, etc) but this blog helps keep me on track!
Cathy says:
I got started spiralizing before it became popular. I loved a recipe I found using cherry tomatoes and zucchini noodles. After that I had to have more and your book, Inspiralized, showed me many more ways to use a spiralizer. last year I bought the Inspiralizer machine and it's my favorite spiralizer, and I've had quite a few. I continue to learn from you and now many so many lovely spiralized veggies and fruits, all because of your encouragement to try new things. Thank YOU!
Kristen says:
Congratulations, Ali!! My favorite thing about my inspiralizer is that it is helping me stay away from sugar and makes it so easy to fuel my body with whole, natural foods!!! Not only have I lost weight, but I FEEL so much better in my own body. I look forward to trying new recipes, but still rely on my go-tos (including the Thai chicken meatballs! Yum!) Thank you for changing my life!
Brittany M says:
One of my favorite things about Inspiralized is the personal touch. I remember making your Zucchini Pad Thai and posting a pic on IG (this had to be 3 years ago!) and within like an hour, you commented and gave me a tip on how to make it even better. I know that it was little, but that moment felt so special - one of those times where the Internet brings us together instead of apart!
Morgann says:
Maybe favorite thing about Inspiralized is that I can add so much variety to my diet! It provides so many options that I thought were lost when I found out I had to give up gluten. Not to mention, it inspires me to get into my kitchen more since I'm not a natural when it comes to being a creative cook, or a cook in general!
Stephanie says:
Inspiralized is hands down my favorite blog! First and foremost, I love the recipes! Ali puts such creative twists on all her dishes and they are all very easy to make as well as delicious! I also work with patients who are on very limiting diets, I love Ali's recipes because many of them can be adapted to fit the needs of my patient's. I also love following Ali on Instagram. She is humorous and down to earth and her instastories are addicting!
Sabrina Sandberg says:
I love all of the easy and everyday tips for ways to eat healthier!
Heather Rogers says:
I love that Inspiralized pushes me to eat more fruits and veggies in ways that don't feel boring!
Ana :) says:
I love the fact that inspiralized gives me the opportunity to eat delicious, healthy, and colorful meals that fuel my body and make me feel amazing. I love following your instagram and Snapchat accounts and seeing you develop new recipes to share with the world :) Muchas gracias por todo lo que haces. Aparte de lo que mencione, me agrada saber que estás aprendiendo español. Creo que las comunidades Latinas pueden beneficiar mucho de inspiralized. Sigue adelante!
Valerie schenk says:
Thank you for creating these cookbooks. I love spotting them in magazines, Tv shows and movies! It definitely has helped me utilize and incorporate veggies into my life in new, exciting ways. Congrats on all of the achievements. Best, Valerie
Misha says:
You are adorable and your insta stories are fun to watch! I just ordered the inspiralizer from HSN and I'm excited to try all the different blade options. This banana bread looks bomb!
Allie Russom says:
I love that the Inspiralized recipes make healthy eating more exciting. I also just love you, Ali, and your positive attitude and fresh perspective. Thanks for all you do!
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is your insta stories! Your enthusiasm is contagious, and I love being able to see all the easy, healthy recipes you're preparing!
Angie Yancey says:
I LOVE my spiralizer and I love following you on Facebook! You are just the sweetest and I look forward to seeing what you're cooking every day! So much inspiration!! :)
Emily says:
I love your honest approach to everything! The recipes are unique, nutritious and fun. Congrats on 4 years!
Kristen says:
Congrats!! My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the personal connection. It's great to see you commenting on everyone's posts. Also love that you share little tidbits of your life without it taking over the inspiralizing aspect. And I have a feeling my new favorite thing is going to be the new cookbook! The #beyondinspiralized posts were such a tease, but I'm so excited! Keep doing what you're doing!
Marley murray says:
What I love about inspiralized is all the delicious recipe! Been spiralizinh for one month on Sunday and feel 10 times better and it's easier to make healthy choices. Did I mention it's fun? ?
Shannon Crawford says:
You are one of the only food (or regular bloggers) who's posts I actually READ! Thanks for always have a great attitude, grateful spirit, and being yourself! It really adds some joy to my day - especially when scrolling through social media - when reading your posts. The zoodle recipes are also a plus :) Wishing many more successful years of love and positive impact!
Montana says:
I love the healthy recipes!
Destiny says:
I love being able to incorporate so many veggies into my family meals!
Yilian García Martínez says:
Hi Ali, I can´t enter the giveaway because I live in Europe but it´s ok, I already have the Inspiralizer and both of your cookbooks ;-) I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration and helping me change the way I eat (specially veggies) I am so much more creative and look forward to cooking new recipes everyday. And I started exercising too! (very slowly but it´s a start). Congratulations!
Megan J says:
What I love about inspiralized is following you on social media. I love the healthy aspects of your life and doing what's best for your body and what makes you feel your best! I love the creativity of your recipes and all the inspiration you give me to stay healthy!
Cullen Husby says:
I love how you make incorporating veggies into meals so easy. Healthy eating seems much more accessible this way and my kids love it!
Lien Le says:
Congratulations on your inspiralized anniversary and your new bundle of joy! My favorite recipe is the original zucchini noodles! So simple yet so good. Such a perfect healthy alternative for pasta. I also love your daily IG stories.
Katy says:
I love so many things about Inspiralized! I love how much fun the spiralizer has made being in the kitchen, and the creativity I'm able to express through all things veggie! Not to mention, getting my picky niece to eat veggies because their noodle shapes, or how much fun the three little ones I nanny for have making veggie noodles for their meals. They always ask me to bring my spiralizer to work! They definitely need one too.
Allison McKeever says:
I love teaching someone how to inspiralize and watching how much fun they have the first time they try it.
Andrea says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the exposure to all the different types of veggies I got from your recipes! So many vegetables I never tried before, now it's fun buying produce that makes the cashier do a double take!
Chardae Mara says:
I love Inspiralized because it brings exciting new ways to cook with REAL foods. It keeps meals fresh and fun and pushes me to play around with produce I'm not always comfortable using! Thanks for the amazing ideas and recipes.
Marina says:
I love how versatile Inspiralized recipes are! I used to love pasta, but was fairly limited in what I cooked. Now I feel like I use veggie noodles for EVERYTHING.
Dana Frangipane says:
I absolutely LOVE following you on all your social media channels! Each and every day I HAVE to see what you are up to on Instagram Stories and on Snapchat. When I miss a day (because life gets in the way), I am actually SAD! You have also inspired me to do an overhaul of my beauty and cleaning products and switch over to natural products in my home. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!
Jenn lancaster says:
Wow, congrats to many more successful years to come! You are the real deal and a true inspiration to this community
Ann Murray says:
The unique and healthy recipes!
Sandra O says:
Congratulations on all of the wonderful things happening in your life!!! My hands-down favorite thing about Inspiralized is YOU! In a social media driven world of celebrity bloggers you bring a sense of true connection and a down-to-Earth vibe that everyone can relate to! I love that all of your recipes are packed with health benefits while never ever skimping on creativity and taste. I love that you give us a glimpse into the "bloopers" of your life in a way that mirrors our own. Most of all, I love when you feature Lu (especially the dish soaking!!) since it reminds me so much of my fiancé and his perpetual battles with post-dinner cleanup! Keep up the amazing work!! You are an inspiration. <3
Kay says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is YOU actually. I love following you on this blog and on AlissandraB! You inspire me everyday! Congratulations on 4 years!
Pat B says:
I love all of your recipes so much; but, I also love following your life story. You left out your killer apartment view!! ( I still can't imagine getting up and going to bed to that virw every night. ) Your biggest accomplishment is coming in September!!! Congratulations.
Leah says:
You inspire me with healthy recipes! I love that you seem so down to earth and I can relate to your insights on everyday life. You motivate me!
Melissa B says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is the recipes! I saw your IG story when you made the banana & egg pancakes a month or so ago and I have literally been making them every day since. Tonight I am making your buffalo chicken and zucchini salad for dinner, I can't wait! One other thing I love is that you show videos of how to spiralize different veggies. So helpful because some veggies are hard to spiralize. Thank you so much for sharing it all!
Emily says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is YOU, Ali! I find your recipes and blog to be refreshing, open, honest, and delicious! I love that you have explored all different kids of veggies and recipes, and share those all with us. I no longer skip over vegetables I've never tried before because you have introduced me to so many! Can't wait to see what your next 4 years brings!
I love the inspiralizer and all that it does for us as cooks. I love vegetables and this gives me a way to reinvent them over and over again! The inspiralizer isnt just a kitchen tool, it's a way of life. It allows me to make low carb, healthy, and different meals for my family!! I rave about this gadget and LOVE giving them to my friends as wedding gifts because I can't help but share my love for this with others!! I recently made the Bahn Mi lettuce wraps and they were SUCH a hit! I really appreciate all that your IG page and blog stand for. Your stories are my favorite- you make an effort every day to live a happy and healthy life and it is inspirational. Keep sharing!!! Xoxo
Tara McCane says:
Love your gluten free turkey meatball recipe!
Maureen says:
My favorite is the FB community! I find some many good reviews of recipes and tips there!
Debra says:
Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! It has been a great health journey with you being a wonderful example of how to eat grain free. Inspiralizer is my favorite kitchen tool and my college daughter has one too. Have loved following you on Instagram and Facebook. Have received so many zummy recipes from you. I am grateful for youR help! You feel like a good friend!! Thanks Dear Ali. ❤️
Amy V says:
I love that everything I have made using inspirilizenot only makes me feel good about what I am eating but tastes great (and my husband actually enjoys the recipes too). We both enjoy trying new recipes and they don't only sound good they taste good, and you know that you are eating more of a well balanced diet when you inspirilized with good for you ingredients. Its a great way to also mix up old favorites with healthy alternatives!
Miriam Lee says:
Watching you on IG is Such an inspiration. Makes eating healthy fun and easy. Thank you for being so motivating and positive I am also pregnant and u helped encourage a better healthier lifestyle. Happy Inspiralized Anniversary!!
Danielle says:
Happy anniversary! Love all your recipes! Thank you
Jess Stanton says:
I love spiralizing zucchini noodles for homemade chicken parm! Love watching your posts and seeing your journey! You inspire me :)
Anne buie says:
I LOVE the sweet potato carbonara! I make it at least once a week. My husband hates zucchini but he LOVES zoodles!
Sarah says:
I love being able to turn to your blog for a dose of healthy food inspiration and positivity in general. I don't own a spiralizer yet and am not exactly a healthy eater or someone who exercises but I want to be, especially since I've recently married so it's a good time to change mine & my husbands eating habits for the better. :)
Jane says:
my favorite thing about inspiralized is the chicken fettucine butternut squash alfredo recipe!! soooo amazing!
Avery Wagner says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is that it has given me a healthier relationship with food. Now I am craving more vegetables and can't wait to try out your new recipes, or ones that I find from the FB community! Being in my first year of marriage, I have gotten my husband interested in cooking with me and we get to create these meals together! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!
Kymbre says:
Congratulations on 4 years, Ali! I love your insta story and all of the recipes you share. Your creativity and passion for healthier alternatives to favorite recipes inspires me to make healthier food choices.
John secrest says:
My wife loves to spiralize and l love to eat whatever she makes. Thanks for making vegetables Fun!
Marla says:
I love so many things about Inspiralized: the delicious way to get more veggies into our diet, the best spiralizer ever (I had a couple before yours came out ) which has also made a great gift for several of my friends, the variety of recipes, the engaging blog and I love your success story. Way to go and congratulations!
Kathy Harris says:
Happy Anniversary. I've given the Inspiralizer to my kids and we supply them with lots of zucchini all summer. Our favorite dinner meal is turkey Italian sausage browned with onions, Inspiralized zucchini with cherry tomatoes thrown in at the last minute.
Rachel says:
Love following your positive messages, healthy eating and fun recipes. I have two little's who are picky about veggies so I hope you can find more sneeky ways to hide those veggies in things. Thanks for all you do.
Erin says:
Always following, always inspired...just need to get better about prepping for the week ahead. Love everything I've made so far!
Valeria says:
Love the "how to inspiralize" series! A lot of the veggies and fruits featured are not ones that I would think of zoodlin' but often times seeing these new preparation techniques sparks ideas in my own kitchen! super fun :) Thank you so much girl, and congrats on your blog-iversary!!!!!
Meghan says:
I literally check every day to check out your new posts. I love how consistent you are in posting not only delicious and healthy recipes, but also how you share your own personal health journey experiences! It's so inspiring to see you kick some serious butt in the gym everyday and then kick some serious butt in the kitchen! You are a total girl boss! I started my 'get healthy' journey a couple of years ago and I honestly couldn't have done it without you and your recipes, so THANK YOU! And Happy Anniversary, Ali!
Tessa says:
Love the 1st cookbook. Can't wait to try the second one!
Amelia says:
Inspiriralzer helps me to eat more veggies! I love that!
Shelby says:
I love your recipes and your honest approach to nutrition and eating to fuel a healthy lifestyle!
Erica says:
I love following your healthy lifestyle on instagram!! Happy anniversary!!
Betsy R says:
Congratulations! You develop delicious, recipes, but more importantly you make it clear and easy (accessible). And in following you on instagram, you are genuine, which is so nice!
Nelda says:
I am learning more about spiralizing. Love the recipes and blog. Thanks.
Katherine says:
I love how convenient and easy it is and how you can incorporate veggies into a meal to make it healthier!
Kandis Blair says:
I love how your simple recipes help me to get a variety of veggies in my diet and I'm especially enjoying spiralizing during the summer!
Jane Werthmann says:
Happy anniversary - i love doing sweet potato. jane
camille says:
You've transformed the food industry with spiralizing! Thanks for making the world just a little healthier :)
Danielle says:
I love that you have made a way to share all the delicious foods we all grew up on into a healthier dish. I am grateful to be able to inspire my family to live healthier through your recipes! I also love how honest you are and damn it's so nice to see you own who you really are! You go girl
Lizmarie says:
I love following you on instagram and trying all your recipes.y favorite recipe is Creamy Avocado Zucchini Noodles topped with Spicy Shrimp and Corn!! Happy anniversary!!
Emily says:
Happy inspiral-versary! I have been obsessed with your blog and recipes for the past few years now. The spiralizer makes eating healthy easy. My mom got me hooked on it, and now I need one for my own home.
Kelly says:
Happy blogiversary!!! So much amazing work you've done in the past four years. It really is a delicious inspiration to us all! I can't tell you what an impact your site and Inspiralizer have had on how we eat in my home. Never looking back! Thanks so much for all that you do each day!
Kelly says:
If only I could read directions ;-) My favorite thing about Inspiralized is absolutely the recipes. The creative combinations you come up with are things I would never think of and they're delicious and nutritious to boot! Watching my 3 year old eat zoodles just makes me smile!
Brittany Hensley says:
I love Inspiralized bc of how I've been able to incorporate delicious meals and still lose 20+ lbs over the last year!
Lynn maudet says:
I love spiralizing, and all of your recipes are so delicious! So glad I found you!❤️
Lauren M. says:
Happy blogiversary! I'm a registered dietitian, so I love the way the inspiralizer helps me to incorporate vegetables and fruits in so many unique ways into meals. Also, you're the cutest pregnant girl ever and I have become obsessed with maternity clothes since watching you're Insta story (and I'm not even pregnant or a mom yet)! Love all that you do; keep being awesome!
Lana says:
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. I LOVE all the things you inspiralize. I've been a picky eater most of my life and my Daughter bought this and made me some of best tasting things I've ever eaten. I never would've thought that I would've EVER eaten a rutabaga before. But I was wrong... it was delicious in the bolognese sauce.
Whitney Arce says:
Congrats Ali!! I made the switch from the Paderno to the inspiralizer when you went on hsn last time and have been loving it! Love your recipes and excited to see what the future holds as well!!
Sam T says:
One of my favorite things about Inspiralized is the creative recipe selection and your Instagram feed! I've lost over 30 pounds in the past year and a half by changing my lifestyle in a positive and healthy way with Inspiralized as a huge support! Ali is always one of my daily reminders to get up, work out and work hard at what you do. I love introducing my family to all of the fun, new and healthy recipes. Congrats on 4 years and I'm excited for the new cookbook!!
Joyce Chambliss says:
I love how easy it is to use the Inspiralizer for veggie noodles. I have used this for zucchini and beets and both turned out great. This would make a fantastic wedding present for my son and his bride-to-be!
Angie A. says:
I love the recipes for a healthier lifestyle, and that it's so easy! It brings new life to veggies!
Cristina Gomez says:
My favorite part of following inspiralized is receiving to my email creative recipes easy to make at home.
Melissa says:
I love seeing how approachable and simple you make healthy eating look!
Katie says:
Spiralizing has been literally the only thing that has gotten my kids to eat zucchini! I have tried it so many different ways, and this is the only thing that has worked. I really like following your IG stories, you always have such a positive vibe! Also, my husband is a "soaker" too, so I feel your pain with those pans!
Caroline robichaux says:
I love the recipes, esp the sweet ones!
Caroline says:
I love the recipes, esp the "sweet" ones!
Ashley says:
Making Inspiralized salads!!
Christina M says:
So far my favorite aspect of Inspiralized has been the Facebook community! What a wonderful way to bring people together with such a healthy, fun, creative bond in common!
Natalie B says:
I LOVE MY INSPIRALIZER AND USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! But I most enjoy your blog and Instagram stories. Your recipes are the best because they're so doable. You are so open to sharing your life with Lu and in doing that you've helped me stay on a healthy eating path. I'm very grateful for your product and especially YOU!
Diane Culp says:
I love all of the healthy easy recipes that Ali has created and of course the Inspiralizer. I also love how in touch Ali is. You almost feel like you know her. Most of all what pulls it altogether is the Inspiralized Squad Community on Facebook. Everyone from all over the world shares their favourite recipes and ideas, most of them taken from Ali's Inspiralized website or from her two cookbooks.
Natalie B says:
I LOVE MY INSPIRALIZER AND USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! But I most enjoy your blog and Instagram stories. Your recipes are the best because they're so doable. You are so open to sharing your life with Lu and in doing that you've helped me stay on a healthy eating path. I'm very grateful for your product and especially YOU! Thanks Ali and congratulation on both babies!
Lisa says:
I just love the inspiration I get from this site. So many new and fun ways to eat healthy foods that I already love! And my five year old loves to get involved and spiralize with me! Really just a great, unique site.
Eann says:
I love your transparency and down-to-earth ness! It makes your opinions and personality come through :)
Chelsea says:
I love the versatility of the recipes, but I also love you! You are so personable and down to earth and I feel like I know you, like we could be friends! Which in turn gives me the confidence to feel like I can make anything you make! Congrats!
Catie says:
I love the mix of healthy recipes and real-life stories!
Jacqueline Golden says:
I love the photography on your blog! all the photos are so light and beautiful!
Dana says:
Thank you so much for all you do. I am always inspired by you. You genuinely care about your anonymous audience out there. Continue to love and encourage all of us. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom!
Laura H says:
I love your blog for the recipes and that they keep me on track with healthy eating. It's always a plus when even my husband likes the recipe!!
Priscilla says:
Happy Anniversary! I love it. Strong and easy to clean.
Lori says:
My favorite part of your blog is how REAL you are, Ali! It's so fun to watch you cook and be honest about workouts, nutrition and how to lead a happy life :) Congrats on 4 years!
Emily B says:
First I love all of the recipes and there are so many things that can be spiralized that I never would have thought to try. I also follow you on instagram and enjoy how honest you are about everything!
Mary Ruffing says:
I like the ideas you put on your blog and in the recipes in your cookbook. My daughter was inspired to get one when she saw me using mine.
Katie says:
I love the healthy much inspiration!
Katie says:
I love the healthy recipes! So much inspiration
Sharon Miller says:
You make healthy eating look good!
Julia says:
I love your instagram stories!! They are so real and down to earth--I love learning about your business and especially seeing another woman leading the way!
Nadia Uliana says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is all the amazing recipes that I have access to. Every recipe that I have tried has been awesome. My favorite one is the Thai Zucchini noodles and butternut pad Thai. Awesome. Thank you so much. Nadia
Caroline says:
I love how this blog motivates me to live a healthy lifestyle and eat right and clean!
Stephanie says:
There really are so many reasons I love this blog! I started following for the healthy recipes, and the zoodles, of course! But I've continued following b/c Ali you are so inspirational! I love your story, and the tips you give us for how to swap out the bad and incorporate the good. And you're always so positive. It's amazing! Thank you!
Silvana says:
I love all of the awesome recipes!!
Nina says:
What I like about inspiralized is all the new recipe ideas like this banana bread. I already saw it on Instagram and was so much looking forward to the recipe. All ingredients are on my shoppinglist for tomorrow. The recipes really inspire me to cook creative and health every day.
Kelsey Kerr says:
I love all of the healthy recipes and inspiration!
Sabra says:
I Love all of the recipes and your Instagram account. Keeps me motivated and such great food inspiration for healthy planning and eating!
Mar says:
I love adding more fruit & veg to a dish (instead of pasta, etc) and being able to be creativd in a healthy way. ????
Seestarrs says:
I love how GENUINE Inpiralized & Ali are. There are very few products that perform as they are advertized...with the added bonus of healthly benefits. I enjoy all of the posts, never swiping past them, and love supporting a kick-ass business woman!
Laura says:
Hi Ali! I just love following you on Insta and seeing all your healthy and delicious recipes with the inspiralizer! I also just think you and Lu are so adorable and I can't wait to see the babe's insta debut! You are "inspiralizing"! xoxox
Barb says:
I love the fact that I now think zucchini noodles are spaghetti!!!
Erica J. says:
I love your instagram stories and seeing you cooking all of your recipes in the kitchen! Also the view of your apartment is ?
Melissa W says:
I love the recipes and demos!
I love all your content but one of my favorite aspects is being able to search by vegetable! It helps me come up with dinner ideas based on what veggies I have in the fridge.
Ali says:
I love the recipes and I love how easy my inspiralizer makes cooking! All the veggies are cut so perfectly it can make a weeknight dinner extra fast to prepare!
Amanda B says:
I love the videos and learning how to spiralize so many fruits and veggies that I never would've thought of! And I love sharing these recipes I make with all my friends and family; they are always wowed!
Veronica Rabadan says:
I love that the inspiralizer lets me still have my yummy favorite foods but, healthified! :)
Christine Grasso says:
I love the recipes, how creative & out of the box ideas I would've never thought of! Thank you for making meals healthy & delicious!
Alice Pope says:
I love both the cookbooks! Plus spiralizing things is fun. The videos are really helpful, too.
Jenna Vainner says:
I love all the simplicity that comes with spiralizing vegetables. It is so easy to replace the pasta that I used to miss before going paleo. Thank you!
Karen Arban says:
You! That is what I love about Inspiralized. In this day when there is so much negativity and dishonesty, you are an open book and you tell it like it is. Then there are, of course, the great recipes that encourage me to try new combinations and things I've never heard of, but without you they would be just another collection of recipes. You give it life -- you make it real. Thank you for fearlessly being you!
Katie says:
I love your blog for recipes, your IG stories are fun, your fitness IG motivates me, & I love sharing with friends just how delicious spurlaizing is. I have also given the inspiralizer as gifts. Sadly I gave one of mine to a neighbor, & I need a new one. Hope I win!!
Shastina says:
You've empowered me to cook more and take ownership of my health in a different way. Your insta profiles are always the first ones I click on because you share so much with your community - from yummy recipes, productivity tips to everyday reality. Thank you! And happy 4 year blogiversary!
Brittany says:
Meal plans!
Melissa says:
I love how creative the recipes are. Trying vegetables in a whole new way is so much fun and healthy!
Melissa A. says:
I love how open, honest and pure you are daily. You haven't held back sharing your story and your daily struggles (and wins!). We all sit behind social media and can be whoever we want and it's great to see that you're using it as a way to educate, bring awareness and inspiralize (?) others. I've been able to sneak more veggies into our meals, getting the hubby to eat more veggies, using the inspiralizer and recipes. I've been motivated the past 2 years to keep my veggie garden going just so I can inspiralize life a little more. Cheers!
Ellen says:
love all the yummy potato zoodle recipes :) congrats on four great years!
Molly says:
Love that this gives veggies a new flair and that my husband and all my guests love the recipes. It's a balance between healthy eating and practical life. Love all the health tips each day from Ali and coaching!
Gabby Draugelis says:
I love all the recipes! They're always so fun and creative and EASY! I'm always like "why didn't i think of that?" LOL Your recipes make me actually want to eat healthier and add some color on my plate! Congratulations on four years, and to many many more :)
haley says:
It's hard to pick one thing that I LOVE about inspiralized in general. Through the last four years I've dealt with weight and health problems and with the help of the inspiralized community, I've been able to lose 85 pounds since starting my weight loss journey. Most importantly though, following inspiralized through the years has also allowed me to gain the knowledge of how to maintain that weightless through life. Watching Ali live a busy life all while maintaining friends, family, Lou, her company AND maintaining her healthy lifestyle has really shown me that it is possible to be "normal" and healthy at the same time. Not to mention it has made me want a Peleton like nobody's business! All in all, I am BEYOND thankful that inspiralized was started 4 years ago by such a strong female who has more of an impact on people's lives than she may realize... even all the way over in California! Not to mention my favorite recipe of all time, the Fire Roasted Tomato and Crunch Almond Pesto recipe... can't get enough!! THANK YOU ALI AND THE INSPIRALIZED COMMUNITY!!!
Rebecca K says:
I really appreciate the short videos that show how to spiralize tricky vegetables and how easy it is to make most of your recipes. You give hope to the rest of us!
Sara Harlow says:
I love all of your pictures and how delicious the food looks! It encourages me to eat more veggies, which is something I have always struggled with.
Sarah Baldridge says:
I love getting more veggies in my diet with inspiralized!
Carolyn says:
Happy Anniversary! Thanks, for the great recipes and inspiration.
Ashley Doroff says:
I love your sweaty selfies and your insta stories! You write exactly as you speak and it is so real and authentic! Congrat's Ali!
Kayleigh Nicholl says:
I love all of the healthy veggie centered recipes and the supportive community!
Sarah says:
I love the inspiration to spirazlize anything and everything. It's way more than just zoodles!
Alyssa Miller says:
I am a huge fan of all the recipes that allow me to incorporate my favorite vegetables. I have been trying really hard to eat healthier and was over the moon when I started making the easiest thing I could after reading your blog (zoodles) and found out my husband and I both prefer them over regular noodles. When my husband would get excited over zoodle night it made me want to make more. Thanks for all you do and the passion towards the audience that loves following along!
Karen D says:
My favorite is all the innovative recipes for spiralized fruits and vegetables. Happy Blogiversary!
Myra says:
I love how my inspiralizer is the best machine! I've tried others and it will spiralize anything! I also love that it is red and matches everything!
Paula OBrien says:
I love the emails with new and exciting ideas for spiralized recipes. I spiralize 2/3 times per week. Who knew veggies could taste so good. I actually look forward to snacking on spiralized vegetables. Thanks Ali!!!!
Sofia Estrada says:
I love inspiralizing all my veggies, because thanks to the INSPIRALIZER Ican este healthy and delicious, súper tasty ay the sale time, I can enjoy all the nutrients in my food. I also love the inspirralizer comunnity it's amazing
Mari says:
I love how you can make any recipe inspirazlied somewhow!
Ana says:
Happy Anniversary and congrats on all your success, Ali! I love that you are so relatable as simplistic with your recipes. Makes it so easy to follow along and actually incorporate the recipes into our busy lifestyle!
Kristen Penkrot says:
I absolutely LOVE your social media accounts. Between Snapchat and Instagram I look forward to your daily stories combining healthy meals with your personal life and activities!
Debi says:
I'm loving mine but have only used it once for a salad and I loved it still looking for recipes and ideas on what to use it with.
Debi says:
I'm loving mine but have only used it once on a salad, I loved it and I'm looking for ideas and recipes on what to use it with, My goal is to eat healthy and have fun making new things.
Chris Sullivan says:
Ali, I am truly happy I discovered Inspiralized. In addition to myself, I have gotten so many friends and family to begin to spiralize their veggies. They have become healthier and happier. Thank you! BTW- we even brought our ?Inspiralized to Bermuda on vacation! Maybe you can begin to work on a travel size? . . .
Teresa says:
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Love the beautiful recipes and stories! Bought one for my daughter would Love one for myself ??
Melissa says:
The keep-it-real vibe that you show in your day to day life is one of my favorite things about Inspiralized! The inspiralizer has changed the way we roll in the kitchen here at our house, and has us eating things we've never had before (rutabaga, anyone!?). Congratulations on the Blogiverasry, Ali!
Whitney Morrison says:
Happy Blogiversary Ali (and Lu and bump)! As a true client, follower and daily fan, I can't chose one favourite so you're going to hear my list! I love the quality of the inspiralizer. I've purchased other similar products and they suffer in comparison. I love and love for your daily posts of ideas, inspiration and the hilarious boomerangs of Lu cleaning lol. I love that a person can incorporate the inspiralizer into any and every meal with almost any ingredient and it turns out spectacular and healthy! Win win! Experimenting with these recipes and ingredients have put me more in touch with my food which makes me appreciate the process and end result even more. I love how invested you are Ali in promotin your work and how real you are at delivering it to your audience! You're a gem. Keep up the amazing work! Very happy for you and your family. Celebrate these personal and professional milestones. Cheers!! And all the best!
Lindsay meyer says:
YOU make inspirilized! Thanks for the yummy recipes to incorporate healthy living into daily life! ?
Julie says:
I love using it to get my toddler to eat vegetables she wouldn't normally eat.
Amanda says:
I love your recipes - everything is so delicious! Because of you, I love spiralizing beets. I enjoy watching your Insta stories as it motivates me to add more veggies into my meals and exercise. Love your positivity. Happy Anniversary!!!
Jenn says:
The bikini bolognese is my favorite thing that I first found it's a weekly staple for us. I also enjoy watching your cooking snaps & how you share so much of your personal life with us. You're so real & down to earth, it's refreshing! :)
Ferin Catlett says:
I love how you've made veggies trendy!! Inspiralized has elevated the way we think of incorporating veggies and fruits into our everyday meals! It's colorful, fresh, flavorful and fantastic!! Thank you for bringing your inspiralized energy into our homes!
Hayley Fairhart says:
I love the creativity of Inspiralized! You always come up with delicious new recipes that are healthy and fun to try. Congratulations on the anniversary! Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this. It has paid off!
Michele Franco Persz says:
Love your Instagram! Recipes are great and tips about other products you've tried.
Michele says:
I love the recipes and the Instagram page. Love the tips you give about products you've tried.
Kelly Green says:
You keep me inspired with the recipes you post and I love your workout updates!
Caitlin says:
I love the creativity in your recipes - you find such fresh, fun ways to incorporate spiralized fruits and veggies!
Renee says:
I love checking Instagram and seeing a new recipe posted that piques my interest, and I love that this happens at least once or twice a week! I have been making recipes from Inspiralized almost weekly for the past several months. My all-time favorite is the Bikini Bolognese! I never knew I could make a bolognese sauce that's so delicious so quickly! Other favorites have been the Thai Chicken Meatballs, the Riced Butternut Squash Casserole with Fennel Sausage (so flavorful!), and the Sweet Potato Carbonara. And I also LOVE the Inspiralizer. It is a great product, easy to use and easy to clean. I have already persuaded a few friends to buy one.
Sarah says:
Hi Ali, I started following you last year and think you are such an inspiration to young women, like myself. When I'm having a tough day at work I love going to your blogs and social media pages for a boost of motivation. You are so genuine and classy and it is SO refreshing. I have bought one of your cookbooks but still need the Inspiralizer!! I would be so so thrilled to win your giveaway so I could start spiralizing. I can't tell you enough how great of a role model I think you are!!
Renee says:
I love he Inspiralized community! I follow religiously on Instagram and get inspiration for my meal prep every week. I haven't had the chance to try an inspiralizer yet but I have a feeling I would come up with some great recipes with it. I love following your journey, you are so positive and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your world with us!!! Keep it up!!
Becky says:
I love that because of these recipes, i have tried veggies that I never have before, was too intimidated to try, or thought I didn't like! I love learning new things! Thank You!
Estefana Jesch says:
I learn so much about nutrition by following your blog! I love the recipes because they are easy & healthy!
Carol says:
It would be hard to say just one thing that I love about Inspiralized. I love the healthy and delicious recipes. I love being able to find a wonderful recipe in seconds. I love the variety of the recipes. I love your spirit and your great customer service. I'm very grateful for Inspiralized.
Patti S says:
Happy blogiversary! I'm so thankful I found your site years ago, when I thought I had to give up "spaghetti noodles". Now, I spiralize zucchini to use instead. Then I found jicama shoestring fries....and then the garlic Asiago potatoes... The list could go on and on. Keep on creating, sprializing, and inspiring! ?
Olivia says:
I can't pick just one...favorite thing is ALL of your recipes AND the how to videos. Makes using the inspiralizer so easy. Happy 4th birthday Inspiralized.
Candice Millsap says:
My favorite part is your IG account! It's where I found you, it's where I am getting to know you (one-sided of course!) ;-) I love how down-to-earth you are on your IG account and your blog reflects that also! Did it take me a minute and a double take to read your "What I'm into RN" to ask myself, is she a nurse? Or does that stand for "Right now" lol obviously, it's the latter! My desire is to get pregnant and have a baby ASAP with my hubby, so I'll definitely be watching/reading everything closely during your continued journey of life!!
Laura says:
I love the motivation to eat healthier. There are so many new ideas I never would have thought of. Thank you!
Kelly says:
I love the simple veg, vegan, and meat-lite approach!
Jessica Z says:
I love all of the easy, delicious recipes that always inspire me in the kitchen. Also the positive message consistently put out. We love you Ali!
Kaitlyn says:
My favorite spiralized recipe is the Italian Zucchini Pasta Salad. It might be on the blog, but I know it's in the first cookbook. It's simple, delicious, and a crowd pleaser. It's my pot luck go-to!
Marianna Montgomery says:
I have a very wide range of health issues that cause me to eat a diet very similar to the restrictions of a whole-30 plan. Your Instagram videos and recipes you post encourage me to have fun and try new things while I continue to eat the best things for my body. My dream job is to spend my days helping provide people with the tools they need to live a healthy and happy life. You inspire me in the way you have formed your dream career and continue to strive to be an amazing wife and soon to be mommy!
Debbie Glazerman says:
I love that spiralizing tricks my daughter into trying veggies that she'd refuse to otherwise! It keeps my family healthy and making good food choices! ❤️
An-Katrien Dullers says:
Wow congratz! Just came accross a video of inspirilized and I must say... I'm impressed! I can't wait to use the Inspirilizer! my 3-year-old son Jerome doesn't like veggies and I think I can trick him in eating all kinds of greens with this practical tool ;) can't wait to start reading your recipes too! Sweet wishes, and good luck with your little one. An-Katrien - Belgium (@ankatrien_ally)
Alexis says:
Happy Blogiversary! My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the Facebook community! I love hearing about other recipes people make and having a fun place to ask questions and connect with other who love to spiralize. But most of all, I love how the Inspiralizer makes cooking so easy and healthy (with minimal effort!). Outside of specifically spiralizing, I love how open and honest you've been with your fitness/health journey and how you're always willing to talk about things that a lot of people probably think about, but are too afraid to ask! Thanks for giving us a refreshing, honest glimpse into your life.
Laura says:
Spicy Sesame Ginger Chicken Stir Fry. YUM. And you can't go wrong with Bikini Bolognese. I love that you can easily double recipes to have meals for the week. Congrats, Ali!
Karen D says:
I love how it makes eating healthier more fun!
Harvitron says:
I love the inspiralizer, and I'd love to win one for my mom! It has been great to increase my veggie consumption during pregnancy (I think we are on roughly the same timeline, in fact) :)
Annette Deardurff says:
I love being able to make zoodles, and sweet potoodles, and I even bought one for my best friend's daughter in law in Oregon. She loves it too!!
Hana says:
My favorite thing about Inspiralized is the creativity! It is obvious in every recipe how much time and attention goes toward making clean eating fun. I love how colorful and delicious all the recipes are! Happy blogiversary! ps loved your recent Instagram with the Letterfolk board! too adorable!
Jennifer says:
The Turkey Bolognese is a HUGE hit in my house! I make it once a week. I also love the app! Sweet potato noodle buns are next on my list! I LOVE this website!!!!
Shelby says:
My favorite part about inspiralized is how liberating it is! When I was younger, I ate vegetables because I was told I had to. With inspiralized, eating veggies is legitimately fun! I crave them & I get excited thinking about all the variety and options.
Sue Kuyek says:
I love everything about it!!
Jessica says:
My favorite thing is how it inspires me to look at every recipe differently, and how it ultimately gives me more confidence to try more recipes knowing I can adapt it to be healthier.
Emily says:
So fresh and healthy ?
Leslie G says:
I love using the Inspiralizer! My 3 year old loves to help. Congrats! What an impressive 4 years!
sandi says:
love, love, love it! We have a huge veggie garden and I am waiting to harvest my first veggies of the season to spiralize. I esp. like making zucchini noodles topped with fresh tomato sauce
Siri Damerow says:
I love have fast and easy meals are to cook with spiralized veggies!!
Adrienne says:
Ooddles and oodles of ZOODLES!
Lindsay says:
I love the ease of the recipes and Inspiralized on Instagram! Congratulations on 4 years!
Adrienne says:
Oodles and oodles of ZOODLES!
Amanda L says:
My favorite thing about the inspiralizer is endless healthy recipes!! Also, I'm pregnant too and just love following your pregnancy journey as well!!
Laura says:
I love how quick, easy, yummy, and fun the inspiralized recipes are! I like that most recipes only require a few ingredients that I can usually find in my fridge! Everyone is always jealous at work of my creative breakfasts and lunches!
Another cookbook?! I can't wait!! I love Inspiralized because of you, Ali. You're SUCH an inspiration and I'm so happy we've been able to connect over the years. Can't wait to see what else you'll do over the next four years ;)
Anna P. says:
I just made my first Inspiralized recipe- the Bikini Bolognese. Loved it so much. Gave me thre confidence that I can cook a tasty meal myself! Thank you.
Danielle says:
I love all of the new fun recipes I have been able to create after getting the Inspiralizer! One of my favorite ways to use the machine is ricing all types of veggies!
Kelly H says:
I love inspiralizing recipes to make them healthier so that we can incorporate more veggies in our meals!
Cori says:
THe site is so well organized. The inspiralizer is awesome. My family raves about the recipes. They are eating vegetables they never would have eaten before. You are amazing. Congratulations on 4 years of success.
Sarah Gattshall says:
My favorite thing is the authenticity behind all things Inspiralized---both you and your business. You are so relatable, open, and friendly, which makes me feel like I have a real shot at making the recipes turn out as well as you do (even if that's not entirely true--haha!). I feel like I can totally trust you and your recommendations (whether it be for recipes, clothing, workout apps, non-toxic nail polish remover, other food brands (hello, Daily Harvest!), places to go in Maui, apartment buildings with literally the best views of NYC, how to deal with my husband who *also* "soaks" pots and pans overnight....etc! Lol). I always look forward to watching your insta stories (@getinsipiralized or @inspiralized or @allissandrab !) because I know you'll have something meaningful and authentic to say. I also think you're one of the most encouraging and supportive people, which makes your authenticity that much more powerful--because you really do mean it. Thank you so much for all you do--I can't imagine the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into your business. I remember finding your blog during my sophomore year in college (4 years go!) when I was searching for recipes for "ribboned" zucchini noodles (which, by the way, required using a vegetable peeler to make "ribboned" can you blame me?! I didn't have a spiralizer, haha!) after I had seen a recipe using them in my mom's Suzanne Somers Somersize cookbook. Ever since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed (and been so inspired) watching you grow Inspiralized into what it is today--thank you from the bottom of my heart! Also, I'm dying to win this prize pack because even though I already have both your cookbooks for myself, my mom has been dying to get them and I want to give them to her (plus, she's definitely the one responsible for me finding you in the first place thanks to her Somersize cookbook so she totally deserves it, haha!). Also I still have the dinky amazon spiralizer and want the INspiralizer so bad!! ;) Have the best day!
Abbie says:
I love that my kids get excited to help cook family meals the second I whip my inspiralizer out. It is easy enough for small kids to turn and who doesn't want to test taste one of those curly "noodles."
Shelly Fonda says:
I love my Inspiralizer! I've followed you Ali from the very beginning and love, love, all your recipes! You inspire me in more ways than you know!!! Thank you !?
A Perez says:
My favourite thing: your posts on both Facebook and Instagram give me easy recipes to replace carbs. Your blog has helped me make the transition to a healthier lifestyle.
Marion says:
I am not a very good cook, but the inspiralizer has upped my cooking game!! Love all the great recipes in your cookbooks and how they are easy to follow.
Steve says:
Love to make zucchini noodles as a substitute to pasta!
Natalie says:
Your IG stories and your basil pesto over Beet noodles--I am so happy I found you!
Annie Cas says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is Ali! The first time I messaged you a question you replied and I was seriously star struck! I couldn't believe you had taken the time to answer me with a thoughtful reply that showed you really cared. By now we've "talked" via email, Instagram, and Snapchat (more than once). Every encounter has been so helpful and I just think you really rock. I can tell you truly believe in your products and genuinely want to share your knowledge with your vast following. Cheers to another incredible 4 years to come!
Rachel says:
All the great recipe inspiration.
Jessica C says:
Happy Anniversary!!! I've been following your journey for years and your Insta stories are still the ones I love watching the most. Thank you for motivating and inspiring us to be healthy and enjoy each day. I would be so excited to use the Inspiralizer!!!!!
Kathy says:
Love videos that demonstrate HOW to inspiralize. Directions are so good!!
Meetra says:
My favorite thing about the blog is the endless supply of creative recipes with spiralized fruits and veggies! That, and the daily dose fit-spiration from your Instagram posts - tried my first spinning class recently and loved it! Happy Four Year Anniversary and thanks for keeping things real on social media and your blog :)
Caitlin M. says:
I love how easy and fun it makes eating veggies. I think i may convince my husband to eat more veggies if they were spiralized. ☺️
Elva says:
I love inspiralized recipes because they are easy and great healthy alternatives to typically unhealthy meals and comfort foods (pasta noodles, lasagna). I feel like I'm cheating but I'm not! Also obsessed with your IG stories, and love keeping up with your pregnancy journey and tips!
Brenda says:
You post the best videos on FACEBOOK! Last week I told my mom to follow you. Thanks!
Tamara Mooney says:
I can't wait to make this! ?
Jessica Bullock says:
I love everything you have done! i have really turned my health around because of all the great and easy recipes. My kids love all the different "noodles". I feel like I have started them off with a very healthy relationship to food and I give so much credit to what you have done in the last four years for that! I have a 3,4 and 5 year old who are veggie monsters and it warms my heart to watch them gobble up your recipes! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Monica says:
I love the recipes for healthy meal inspiration.
Tamara says:
Congrats on your 4yr blogiversary. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new fun kitchen gadget. Thank you for inspiring me to cook and eat healthier. I have bragged about you & your products to anyone who'll listen. I need to buy the 2nd cookbook and will as soon as I'm done working my way through Inspiralized. Can't wait to make this one.
Muriel says:
You are just so inspiring and i love the inspiralizer, I dont have it yet but i have been following you on social media for the past year and see your posts and stories every single day!!!! I REALLY WANT ONE!!
Sam says:
Love the inspiralized community and all of the amazing recipes here on the website. We got the inspiralizer when we were running a catering company and it's amazing. I'd love to win one to give as a gift to one of my girl friends.
Carolyn says:
From the creativity and inspiration for making delicious meals to the positivity of a healthful lifestyle, there are far too many facets of Inspiralized to choose but one favorite. Best wishes for continued excellence!
Ashley Kujawa says:
I love that the inspiralizer makes cooking fun and easy! I love zoodles for pasta night where my hubby can have his normal pasta while I eat zoodles! It's a great balance! I also love spiralizing sweet potatoes in to chips to bake!! I would be so honor to win! ??
Cortney says:
Being in school for Respiratory Therapy has put me on a budget, knowing I can go home and make a delicious, in-expensive, healthy meal after a long day at the hospital really helps! I love spiralizing because it put me back in the mindset of health over skinny... here's to 4 years and health much beyond that!
Courtney says:
Congratulations on 4 amazing years!! ? the next four will be packed with baby milestones and bigger business, for sure. My favorite thing about inspiralized is all of the content. The tips, tricks, delicious recipes, the funny IG stories, the simple life updates, the constant dinner ideas and how to keep things healthy!!
CW says:
I love making veggie noodles with my kids using the inspiralizer!
Kristen says:
Love you recipes and the fact you're so down to earth! Love the instastories too!
Kathy says:
I love that you provide videos so we can SEE how to do the spiralizing.
Julia says:
I love how Ali keeps it real. And I feel like less of a freak for my early morning workouts :)
Traci says:
I love love love your Instagram feed
Stephanie says:
My favorite thing is that you have a great imagination for food combinations, and put together things that I would not necessarily have thought of. And I thought I was pretty creative with food! Congratulations on the 4 years, and may the next 4 be just as amazing!
Jess says:
I love inspiralized because you keep everything simple, fresh, and fun to follow along with! I also think it's amazing that you've accomplished all of this in 4 years; congratulations! I can't wait to see what's in store for the future! ?
Julia says:
I love how easy it is to make a healthy and delicious meal with the inspiralizer! I also love watching your Instagram stories, such a happy spirited and inspiring woman :)
Joslyn says:
I love to Inspiralize! But I think my favorite part is when my husband requests an insprialized recipe (he loves the butternut squash with broccoli, chicken and alfredo)! Insprializing is changing our lifestyle one recipe at a time! And it is my favorite thing to recommend to friends and family for recipes!
My favorite thing about inspiralized is how simply and easy the recipes are! Makes cooking after a full work day so much easier. My second favorite thing is daily pics of the NYC skyline :) haha
Mrs Cheez says:
Congrats on 4 years of success!
Deirdre says:
I had never had Parsnips or kohlrabi before your recipes..... addicted!!!! The Inspiralizer is "THE BEST"...... Happy 4th blogiversay!!!!! Where has the time gone??
Kim Galloway says:
I love all the healthy recipes and the amazing amount of veggies one can get into a single recipe but to favorite part of the blog is your positivity. How happy you are and following your daily grind. Thanks for sharing with us!
Natalie Peterson says:
I love the community and love the person who runs Inspiralizer. It's so easy to relate to Ali. I am commenting in hopes of winning an Inspiralizer for my friend at work. I was telling her all about how great the Inspiralizer was because she is interested in spiralizing as part of her need to eat gluten free.
Natalie Peterson says:
I love the community and love the person who runs Inspiralizer. It's so easy to relate to Ali. I am commenting in hopes of winning an Inspiralizer for my friend at work. I was telling her all about how great the Inspiralizer was because she is interested in spiralizing as part of her need to eat gluten free. Happy anniversary, Inspiralizer!
Kim Cabral says:
I had such a hard time figuring out how to comment! I have just recently discovered the blog by following on IG. I am hooked on the IG stories. I don't know why, because I usually ignore stories, but I find myself checking several times a day to see if you have updated yours. Keep it up!
Olivia says:
I love your emphasis on veggies in most of your recipes!
Beth says:
I love all of the recipes that I've tried and I love that following you makes me healthier!!
Dana says:
So awesome congrats, what a milestone! I've been following since 2013 and it's been a really fun (and delicious) journey to watch. Love seeing strong women kick ass in the world (especially a jersey girl woohoo!)
Christina Cordes says:
I love how your social media presence has evolved and includes all aspects of your life! It's like hanging with a close friend, following your journey and learning awesome recipes for real life. It's so fun to follow along and see the inspiration to follow your dreams! My favorite blog :)
Katie says:
You and zoodles make giving up noodles and other carb/gluten food easy! I've never had this much energy before. And your daily posts give me more motivation to keep cooking and eating REAL food! Happy 4 year, can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year!
Kerrie Murphy says:
My favorite meals include spiraled zucchini! I vary the sauce according to my protein of choice. However, I'm not using The Inspiralizer, rather an inspiralizer bought from Amazon many years ago. I would love an opportunity to win yours!!
Erin says:
I love the way you think outside the box with food, and are so creative!
Cristina Sal says:
Congrats Ali! What an incredible 4 years it's been!
Kayla Keller says:
I love that the Inspiralizer makes it SO easy to incorporate veggies into meals in sneaky ways no less. I've been able to cook healthy meals for my boyfriend that are super tasty and easy to prepare. Finding this blog has honestly changed the way I look at food preparation, so thank you for that! Also, I love your insta stories, seeing you eating healthy but also enjoying life and the joy of food. You inspire me to keep my life balanced as well. :)
Lisa says:
Congratulations! Perfect timing since my brand new green Inspiralizer was delivered today. Upgraded from my other gadget. I've followed your blog since its inception I think and am amazed at how far you've come. You're my go to recipe blog and I use your recipes a couple times a week.
Amanda M. says:
I love your recipes and make at least 1 a day!
Rachel konik says:
I love and look forward to your insta-storied every day! Of course, I love my green inspiralizer from HSN and your recipes, but you have such a warm, inviting way about yourself in the stories so it's a real pleasure to follow along on your daily adventures.
I love the recipes, of course! Also it's been fun to watch your blog grow from the beginning.
Lauren M says:
I love discovering new veggies that you can spirlize. The cookbooks really help me try new things and are so informative.
Amy K says:
I absolutely love the new and innovative recipes. There are so many things that I never would have thought of trying. It's awesome!
Cat says:
Congrats on an incredible 4 years! I am a huge fan of the zucchini noodles. I love how you have opened up millions of people's eyes and mouths to eating healthy in a fun way. Also, your blog posts are great inspiration (especially when at the gym super early!) :)
Tarin says:
Healthy meals and inspiration!
Kasey Johnson says:
I think you are amazing! You have really shown how quick and easy it is to whip together a great healthy meal! I absolutely love watching your insta stories and reading your blog posts! <3 true inspiration!
You've inspired me to spiralize so many things I never EVER would have thought of trying!
Alli Kinzel says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is the down to earth, grounded, energy Ali has. She makes it all seem so approachable. I love her open and honest discussion of habits and how to change them. Also, I have struggled with eating my vegetables for a long time. This blog and the recipes have changed my life and make eating healthy so accessible!
Sandra says:
Congrats! I love how accommodating Inspiralized is to so many different diet plans: gluten-free, paleo, vegan, lo-cal, etc.
Heather says:
I love all the great recipes.
Kelly Nix says:
I have recently gone gluten free due to an autoimmune disease diagnosis. I'd love to have the Inspiralizer to make veggie substitutions for my old traditional pasta dishes I can't eat anymore. Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Laura McQueen says:
I love the emails and recipes I receive in my inbox! I don't currently own an Inspiralizer (hopefully soon!), but I love the recipes. I made the zucchini chocolate donuts not that long ago and they were amazing. The foods photos are beautiful and inspiring also!
Kayla says:
I love that you named it "Inspiralizer" because you truly inspire people daily! I love that you encourage my family and I to live a healthier & happier life as well as share with us your life, not just your buisness. We cherish you and all of your hard work, consistency, and heart!
Hilary says:
I love your positive realistic outlook on food! And your insta stories!
I Love the simple, doable recipes for crazy women are busy busy busy! Never thought before inspiralized that I could have a HEALTHY, DELICIOUS dinner on the table in less than 10 mins (spiralized zucchini, garlic + a good pasta sauce like Raos). ?
Laura says:
Initially, I thought spiralizing was just for replacing pasta. I often find myself thinking, "hmm, never thought to spiralize for that!" I love that you are broadening my scope of what's possible!
Lindsay R Barr says:
I love all of the fun recipes and tips and tricks you share!
Nicole says:
I follow Inspiralized on IG. Initially I started following because I loved your recipes and it has evolved into 'knowledge is power' for me! Your cooking tips/tricks, 'do's' vs. 'dont's', recommended brands, methods to prep/cooking/baking and any day-to-day tidbits may seem small or silly but USEFUL for the average joe? Thanks for sharing your life story you're quite inspirational!
Sara says:
I'd love to win and make this
Tara says:
I used to use a handheld spiralizer which I loved. I followed your blog and made a bunch of recipes. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a bone disease in my wrist so I'm saving up for the inspiralizer so that I can spiralize again with one hand! Thank you for all the recipes and inspiration!
Cristina Martin says:
The most inspirational blog and instagram account. It has helped us to change our eating habits to a healthier, tastiest and even more colorful way of life ! Thanks for sharing your tasty journey :)
Heather says:
firstly, i LOVE this recipe & can't wait to try! My favorite part of your website is being able to come on and pick an ingredient i want to spiralize and be able to find tons of great looking recipes! the hardest part is deciding which to make! however, i have been interested in purchasing your spiralizer in particular... i got a cheap one that just doesn't seem to do as good as yours when i watch your videos :-) congrats on 4 great years!
Julie says:
I love all the different types of recipes you can make with it. Especially learning that you can spiralize fruits like melo!
Kelly M says:
Love Ali's genuine attitude. And the recipes she shares are easy and delicious. Game changer.
Annie says:
Celiac disease causes us to look for gluten free your options!
Scott says:
I love watching your creations and trying them out!
Colette Gamble says:
Love your instagram
Colette Gamble says:
I love your instagram!
Laura V says:
Due to persistent health issues I have had to stay away from my favorite food group..carbs! As an Italian it is NOT EASY! Finding Ali (and zoodles) has completely changed my attitude towards my diet restrictions and I seriously crave zucchini turkey bolognese on the regular! I love the community and I also really love how Ali is so open and raw with her followers- we are all in this together! She is super accessible to her followers and it's really a beautiful thing! The best is yet to come!
Brady says:
I love the range of easy/quick recipes to more involved, "dinner party" type recipes!
ana carolina espinosa says:
congrats on your four years! what I love most about inspiralized is how you inspired me to eat easy healthy meals. All of your recipes are so easy to follow and I would love to have even more information with your cook books! thank you for dedicating so much time to your audience <3
Nia says:
I love absolutely everything about Inspiralized but my favorite is that you took what I want to turn into a career and you did it! I started Essentially Healed, my blog, 5 years ago but have still not achieved that much success. I believe with all my heart that I, too, can succeed with
Kaelyn says:
I love using my inspiralizer to make filling and calorie dense meals. My favorite by far is to use one zucchini and one yellow squash with the smallest blade to make thin noodles. Then I top those off with spaghetti sauce, veggies and veggie meat. My inspiralizer makes eating a tons of veggies at dinner time much easier and more enjoyable. I especially love introducing veggie noodles to my relatives (because they are doubtful at first). I have yet to try making noodles out of fruit but that is next on my list with this wonderful product!
Rachel says:
Thank you for always posting such creative and delicious recipes! You inspire me to add more fruits and veggies to my diet!!
Katlyn says:
I LOVE following your blog and social media accounts for healthy life, recipes, love, inspiration- the list goes on. You're such a positive in a social media world of sometimes too much negative.
Jennifer says:
I love my Inspiralizer. It is a conversation piece when we have company over and they want to help prepare the meal. My teenage niece just couldn't believe how easy it was to prep the veggies or spiralize the fruit I had on hand. I showed them your IG page and stories...I think I have them hooked! So this is me entering a contest to try win the Inspiralizer for my niece and a couple of cookbooks for us to share. Ali you make me smile...and I love seeing the baby bump in your cooking photos and stories.
Denise says:
I love seeing all of your recipies.
Jenn Griffin says:
Love the great ways to easily add more veggies into my meals! Also, love these yummy GF breads!
Alexandra Robertson says:
I love the creative recipes with bits of your real life too.
Lauren Schwartz says:
I love the recipes obviously but I also am loving all your fun instagram stories lately!
Cassy Cantrell says:
I love your exciting new recipes and absolutely love the youtube videos! I also love saving time in the kitchen using my Inspiralizer!
Kelly says:
So I sprizalized some zucchini for dinner tonight for my 4 daughters with my little hand held model. It works but so frustrating. I was dreaming of The Inspiralizer and all the yummy meals you make, but funds are tight and not in the budget at this time. I had purchased the oxo brand with a gift card from B,B&B but returned it as it would not stick to the counter and just didn't work. I told my self I would wait till I can get the real deal one !!!! If we won we would be so happy and zoddle our days away...... Congratulations on 4 years ✨?✨?
Stacy says:
Love your creative recipes. I come to the blog for new healthy dinner ideas. Thanks for creating such a great resource!
Kelly says:
ps: Kelly again.....and changing those blades was just downright dangerous.
Jone says:
I love making veggie noodles with the inspiralizer! The thing I love the most is feeling good about eating a big healthy plate without compromising flavor. This week I'm indulging in gluten-free turkey meatballs with zoodles - yum!
Rachel says:
What I love most about Inspiralized is that every blog and social media post is so authentic! The recipes, tips, and tricks are all so doable, and being able to watch you incorporate all of this into your everyday life is what inspires me to do the same. If you can do it, so can I!
I love being creative with my food! I've followed you from the beginning and the spiralizer was one of the first kitchen tools I spent money on. I also was so excited about spiralizing and spent lots of time telling people about it since you weren't as well known yet! I now have a food blog of my own (still in its baby stages!)
Jamie says:
The recipes!!! I also love how you put ingredients together to make a healthy but delicious meal. Sometimes your "throw together" meals look better than my planned ones!
Roxanne says:
I love how easy is it to sneak healthy things to my kids!
Gloria S says:
Love all the different recipes!
Stephanie says:
My fav thing is getting to l ow you and follow your story thru your blog And your recipes and your food!
Regan wagner says:
I love how the inspiralizer makes healthy eating fun for everyone involved. I also have loved watching your instagram stories, you are an awesome role model for young college gals like me just trying to pursue their dreams. Also I go to Wake Forest, go deacs!
Cathy Babnick says:
I love all the recipes you post. So inspiring!
Kimberly says:
I love the recipes and your down to earth approach to presenting food and sharing tips for a healthy lifestyle.
It's all about spiralized beets for me!!!
Cynthia says:
Its so fun learning all the ways to make and use spiralized veggies to stay healthy. They add such a pretty appearance to everything!
Sarah Rhodes says:
I will start by saying I have a strong displeasure for cooking. I like the idea of it then I begin, all motivation putters out and I'm left with a half-cooked meal I don't care about. I've purchased many cookbooks in an attempt to kindle some love. I purchased your first cookbook and for the first time I found myself wanting to eat all of the recipes in a cookbook. I'm still a work in progress but I'm getting there. I'm proud to say I cook more than eat out AND I've successfully added way more servings of vegetables to my diet than I thought possible. Just always thought my option was a salad. I was wrong. Deliciously wrong.
Bonnie says:
I love using my inspirilizer, making healthy meals and snacks. You have invented something that is changing how people are eating. A healthy way of life. Awesome product!!
Kylie T says:
I love using my spiralizer to create healthy and truly delicious meals that everyone loves!! It is so fun finding new recipes and creative ways to eat more veggies with the spiralizer.
Erin says:
I began following for the recipes! But also enjoy the more recent incorporation of overall health & wellness with all of your social media projects
Stephanie Albkno says:
I love spiralizing, your blog and Instagram (and Insta stories) because it shows me creative, easy and healthy ways to incorporate more vegetables and even fruits into my diet in ways I never imagined! It helps me take the steps in the right direction to living a healthy life. I ordered a spiralizer on Amazon thinking it was yours and soon found out it was not. I know the switch over to the Inspiralizer is a must! Thanks for your dedication!
Stephanie Albino says:
I love spiralizing, your blog and Instagram (and Insta stories) because it shows me creative, easy and healthy ways to incorporate more vegetables and even fruits into my diet in ways I never imagined! It helps me take the steps in the right direction to living a healthy life. I ordered a spiralizer on Amazon thinking it was yours and soon found out it was not. I know the switch over to the Inspiralizer is a must! Thanks for your dedication!
Anushka Wickramaratne says:
It's YOU, Allied. The person behind Inspiralized. (:
Laurel says:
I love how many things you can spiralize and how you've made so many different kinds of recipes like breakfast and desserts! It's really fun and helps me to experiment with things I wouldn't normally think of. Thank you thank you!
Kandy says:
I love to spiralize Zucchini and beets. I love how you don't need to take out the blade and just turn it. I love how you are so involved and running the day to day issues. You created an amazing product!
Sara says:
Honestly my favorite thing is your Instagram stories! I love watching you go about your day. Our worlds are so different , me living in tiny Montana, so it's fun to see your business city life. I love your story and how you came to create this amazing business! Congratulations on 4 years!! Cheers!
Dannielle K says:
I love that I now know better options to feed to my husband that are healthy & delicious! Gut issues & sensitivities to gluten are no joke! ...but spiralizing is fun & a millions times better than him suffering!
Esme says:
I love following your blog. Although I must admit my favorite is your inspiralized instagram page. I really like watching your stories and following along your day to day life . You are a very inspiring individual. Congrats on making it this far!
Patti says:
Congrats on 4 years. I've only been following you within the last year on instagram, but I really love seeing your story, both personally and professionally. It's very inspiring. I don't have an inspiralizer but would absolutely love one.
Sarah says:
I love following your blog, Instagram and both of your cookbooks! Spiralizing gives me a tasty and fun way to sneak veggies into the belly of my preschooler (and husband)!
Meg Hoechsmann says:
I'm so glad you took the leap 4 years ago and brought so many tasty recipes to my life. I grew up hating everything squash related and never knew there was a way I could eat it-- let alone that Zoodles would become a weekly staple. My favorite part of inspiralized is learning new ways to eat more vegetables in fun ways, and I also love watching the videos you make. Seeing how it is done first always makes the process easier :)
Vivian says:
I love your enthuasism for health and Fitness. It's a real inspiration! You have really helped me realize how doable cooking is! I love watching you cook on instagram/Snapchat. The only reason I watch Instagram stories is to watch yours!! Thanks for being so real and happy!
Liz Villarreal says:
I absolutely love your YouTube channel. I like that you show the process of actually cooking the recipe. You always give great extra tips through out the video. I also love your instagram stories. Thank you for sharing all that you do! ?
Christie Ryan says:
I absolutely LOVE following Inspiralized on Instagram and watching you make different meals that you then post to the blog! I am hooked on your turkey bolegnese sauce now since you shared that!
k_sam says:
I love all the fun ways you share to eat healthy!
Katelynn Barr says:
LOVE the fantastic instagram account. The variety that you come up with for recipes is awesome and my fiancé will basically eat any vegetable spiralized now! I've even gotten him completely replacing pasta with zoodles. This has been life changing for us!
Emily R says:
I love the easy healthy recipes! It's such an inspiration to keep me cooking different things.
Liz says:
I love my inspiralizer because it is so easy to clean!!
Kimiko says:
While I love your blog and recipes, my favorite is following you via Snapchat/IG stories. I feel like I've really been able to "get to know you" and I get excited with you when you take us along on your fun experiences, like being on QVC, or going on your babymoon. I notice that I am more inclined to continue to follow a blogger, support their products and make their recipes when I can "get to know them" in this way!
Kay says:
I love all of the ideas to lighten up foods I already love!
Karen Sylvester says:
I've been following you on twitter since the beginning! I love your blog and instagram for all of the awesome recipes you post! The inspiralizer makes eating vegetables FUN... bottom line :))
Michelle says:
The Inspiralizer was recommended by someone else on Instagram. I started following you and quickly realized I needed the Inspiralizer in my life! I love it. I also love your daily Instagram stories. They are inspiring, educational, and funny.
Michelle says:
I forgot to mention my favorite thing earlier. Compared to a previous brand, the Inspiralizer is sturdy, easy to clean, easy to use. Your recipes are easy to follow and don't use a lot of ingredients that beginner cooks wouldn't have.
Karen Casale says:
I love using the Inspiralized and Ali's recipes! It's my favorite present to give for birthdays, showers, etc.! It's perfect for a low carb way of eating!
Kayla Hartsfield says:
I love all of your products and following your Instagram account! Thank you for all your hard work!
I started following you on Instagram years ago for healthy twists on pasta dishes. I've been struggling with my weight and the spiralized swaps are helping with weightloss.
Erin says:
Cooking from scratch reveals the healing power of food! Thanks For Inspiralizing us to create a healthier lifestyle!
Kaila says:
This looks amazing! I can't wait to make this bread.
Kate Zimmerman says:
I love all of your recipes and how they have allowed my husband and I to eat healthier!
Amy Cimino says:
I love all your recipes. As a past pasta-Holocic you have helped me get healthy
Maggie says:
I love the recipes and learning new things i can spiralize
Lynne Fox says:
I began my Weight Watchers journey last September, just about the time I discovered Inspiralizer....I began copying and making the recipes you posted Ali, and found that they helped me with my journey. I also love when you calculate the WW Smart Points, that is so helpful to me. I am discovering new ways to eat vegetables and fruits and have shared the recipes with many of my friends. I have purchased a total of 4 Inspiralizers for my friends as gifts. I love your blog, your recipes and your insight into healthy eating. Thanks Ali for all you do for us.....
Erica Stein says:
I love all the yummy recipes!!
Rachel M says:
Definitely how the nutrition facts are easily available, and inspiralized recipes never sacrifice taste!!
kristin says:
I love all of the amazing healthy recipes that you create!
Lynne Fox says:
Ali, I hope this note qualifies me for the I don't do twitter, instagram or Pinterest, only e-mails. I am 74 years old and thanks to you and your Inspiralizer, I am eating healthy and discovering new recipes and new ideas about cooking & nutrition. I inspiralize everything nowadays, and the machine is a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter. I love your creativity and enjoy cooking the food. I would love to win the give-a-way and be able to share the gifts with my friends. I have purchased 4 Inspiralizers from HSN for some of my friends and now they too are enjoying a new way of cooking healthy. Thanks Ali.
Ellen Backus says:
I fell hard for the recipes! I love that I can eat really nutrient rich foods that also taste amazing. My family agrees, we've never gone wrong with an Inspiralized recipe. In fact, my husband keeps begging me to have buffalo cauliflower again soon!
Marla says:
My favorite part of following Inspiralized is all the new recipes that help me use my amazing Inspiralizer!
Cristina Wardrip says:
My favorite thing is how tasty the nutritious recipes are. I never have to sacrifice taste for nutrition with inspiralized!
Adele says:
Love that you make healthy cooking so easy!
Joanna says:
Happy Blogiversary! It's amazing how far you've come and I love following your journey. Thanks for always being so "inspirational!"
Abby says:
I love how my kids can be involved with preparing the veggies and that it makes it fun for them to eat as well!! So easy!
My favorite thing about the inspiralizer is that is helps us transform recipes into much healthier versions. It has inspired me to start my own instagram page for the food I make. My friends who follow my page told me they are trying to eat healthier because of it. There really is a trickle down effect in this world! Thank you and keep your awesome recipes coming!
Mary says:
My favorite part of Inspiralized? The recipes. They're so good! Although I do enjoy reading about what's going on in your life, too.
Holli Rhodes says:
I have lost weight, feel better, and get to utilize do many more veggies in my diet all thanks to you Ali. Thank you
Maria says:
My favorite part of following the blog is always finding something different to do with the vegetables I buy everyday. Variety is the best for not getting bored of eating any kind of food!
My favorite thing about the Inspiralizer is taking recipes and making them into a healthier version! It has even inspired me to create my own Instagram page for the recipes I make. My friends have told me they are making some of things I post and are trying to eat healthier because of my page. Thank you for inspiring me and helping inspire others. There really is a trickle down effect in this world :)
Andrea Lanter says:
Inspiralized combines healthy food and inspiration in a way that has helped me live a healthier and happier life. By following Inspiralized, I was able to incorporate more vegetables into my diet and progress away from processed foods, which helped me in my physical and mental fitness. Cutting out processed food like pasta for simple spiralized veggies has helped me in reducing my anxiety by making me feel so much better, which is what I love most about Inspiralized - the whole life effect of being better.
Kim says:
I love the inspiration for quick and easy dinners!
Felicia Pineda says:
The reason why I follow Inspiralized are two reasons: 1) inspiration. I am always so inspired by seeing all of your creative and unique dishes using the spiralizer. 2) Health. Your recipes always look delicious and I love that you use REAL food and a variety of healthy veggies and fruits. Thank you so much!
Lydia says:
Is the amount of coconut flour right? Seems too much..? Thank you
Kathy says:
I love the healthy meals you inspire. Spriralized vegetables have really helped my efforts to eat healthily and get fit.
Evangeline B says:
Love that it clamps on a counter or flat surface for safety before you use it. And it's easy to use and inspiralized pretty much any fruit or veggies! Love Zucchini spaghetti the most!
kayla ver helst says:
Inspiralized has shown me new ways to use vegetables! Seriously grew up on potatoes and canned beans, corn, and peas. So to have a fun and simple way to incorporate vegetables truly helps a person feel better both mentally and physically. Keep on being BA Ali!
kayla ver helst says:
Inspiralized has shown me new ways to use vegetables! Seriously grew up on potatoes and canned beans, corn, and peas. So to have a fun and simple way to incorporate vegetables truly helps a person feel better both mentally and physically. Keep on being BA Ali!
Barbara Lopez says:
I love the variety of ways to use vegetables with the Inspiralizer! One of my favorite recipes is the sweet potato frittata with goat cheese. I have added turkey sausage to it as well!
Another fav of mine on inspiralized is YOU!! Your enthusiasm for life. For trying new foods on the inspiralizer. Your determination to chase your dream. You're quite an inspiration and an encouragement! Best wishes on continued success, Ali!
Dana says:
I love all the creative ideas for using fresh produce!
Sarah Scott says:
My favorite thing about the Inspiralizer is how it's brought my Grandma and me together in the kitchen. She was interested in your product so I bought it for her, which gives me more cooking inspo! She is my number one person to look up to when it comes to cooking and making things from scratch. Healthier options are something I opt for now, as diabetes runs in my family, so that's where the Inspiralizer has changed the game for me.
Bec says:
Learning more about a healthy lifestyle! It's also great to follow along with you and see all the great things that have come from your business and it's inspiration to be a girl boss as well!
As a type 1 diabetic since I was 4 + celiac since 5 + many food allergies/intolerances since, I have always been on the look-out for new, low-carb and Brianna-safe recipes to create. You have revolutionized how I cook and always keep things exciting! I would love to win an inspiralizer, as I'm a #femalefounder myself and don't have the income to get one for myself! Thanks for running this giveaway and congratulations!
Lauren says:
I absolutely love reading your personal anecdotes, Ali. Your blog makes the recipes come to life and inspires me to cook more healthfully. As a Southerner, I've had to "unlearn" the way my mama taught me to cook!
Mona petersen says:
Healthy eating..
Natalia says:
My favorite thing about "Inspiralized" is how this blog brings together everything needed to start--and continue--doing spiralized vegetables: Inspiralizer, the tool, IS the best on the market, the blog offers TASTY (and affordable!) recipes, the customer support from Ali and her team is amazing, and the blog is just hands-down beautiful. Thank you for the helpfulness and inspiration!
susanna Arroyo says:
My favorite thing about "Inspiralized" was when I walked into the kitchen one day and saw my mom spiralizing a zucchini. I was shocked because I never taught her how to use it and when I asked why she was doing it she said "I always see you use it so I wanted to try it." this has been one of the biggest blessings because my mom has turned her eating habits around and controlled her high blood pressure. Who knew that one tool could have helped her do that. It also bonded us and now we are closer than ever because we spend time cooking together. Thanks Ali! and congratulations!
Amanda says:
I like being able to recipe swap with my sister and share our creations that we've made with our Inspiralizer.
Marisa says:
I love how every blog post or Instagram recipe you post looks soooo amazing it's typically my next recipe I make !!
Amy Waddill says:
I love following you because my family eats SO many more veggies now since using the inspiralizer. We love your recipes and ideas!
Emily says:
I love reading your blog posts! It was so fun following your Hawaii adventures on your insta stories!
agnes says:
I love Italian courgette pasta salad
Mary says:
Dear Ali, I discovered your blog after noticing one of your books at Natural Grocers. I was in a hurry that day while shopping and didn't have time to leaf through the book, so I decided to research Inspiralized when I had some time at home. I quickly signed up to receive recipes via e-mail, and have been almost obsessed with spiralizing since that day. I've shared your blog with my sister and three nieces and they have all joined me in this new world of spiralizing. We love to try your new recipes, share the results with each other and we often surprise our dinner guests with a feast of spiralized vegetables. Although we were all relatively healthy eaters and quite aware of good nutrition, all of our lives have changed since becoming "addicted" to spiralized meals. Your culinary genius has brought us all a lot of joy and we find ourselves chatting, almost incessantly, about Ali's new recipes! Thank you for opening up an entirely new world to us. Our lives are forever changed, Ali! Keep cooking and sharing with us! Warm regards, Mary
Laura S says:
I love discovering all of your recipes!
Brittany swindler says:
My favorite thing about inspiralized is following you on instagram. You're so real it's a breathe of fresh air in the social media world!
Susan Pettit says:
Love the ever-new and fresh ideas you offer. I've been following you since the beginning. Fantastic job!
Bethany ramirez says:
Favorite thing is being able to incorporate more vegetables in my diet in a fun and creative way. Mealtime is never boring and I've developed the confidence to venture out and try things outside of my comfort zone.
Ellen says:
My favorite thing is being shown the variety of things that can be spiralized! I used to only do zucchini, but now I have so many more options.
Corinne Burstein says:
I love Inspiralized and have been following the blog as well as Instagram pages for years now! Inspiralized is what got me into spiralizing vegetables, and has given me a love of vegetables that I didn't know how to love before. I have begun a much healthier lifestyle with the many recipes I've used from this page, and have gotten my roommates and friends into the spiralizing lifestyle as well! I have loved recipes from the Carrot Hot Dogs (a personal favorite - especially when you had to acknowledge some not-quite-so-nice comments so graciously) to the most recent exploration with the buffalo chicken zoodles and ELOTE ZOODLES - bringing my favorite food to a healthier alternative. Being able to work these recipes into a busy lifestyle and Weight Watchers diet is so helpful! Thank you for sharing so many amazing recipes and sharing your passion for food with us!!
Carl says:
My favorite thing is Zucchini Noodles!! The creamy avocado dressing with cilantro is amazing, I can add just about any protein choice to this meal and its always a hit! Thank you for always inspiralizing me with your easy and amazing recipes! Oh, and the triple chocolate protein muffins are to die for!
Amanda Gardner says:
It's never been easier to incorporate veggies into my meals- it may not be an original reason but it's definitely the reason I love Inspiralized!!
Kat T says:
I love the beautiful photos that inspire and remind me that healthy eating is within reach!
Abby says:
For many, veggies have long been regarded as dinner’s sidepiece. That is, until the spiralizer made it possible and trendy to spin everything from zucchini to broccoli into the foundation of a satisfying meal! The Inspiralizer has inspired me to whip up veggie noodle-centric meals night after night!
Colleen C says:
I love the great recipes and the variety of veggies used.
Lori says:
My absolute favorite aspect of the whole shebang is Ali's recipes are always easy, delicious, healthy and family friendly!
Francesca says:
I am Italian and pasta is a staple. Really missed being able to eat it on the low carb lifestyle I'm on. With spiralized noodles, get the best of both worlds! Yummy pasta sauce and healthy veggies. I have tried some of your recipes and have never been disappointed! Especially with the roasted beet noodles, delicious! Also had a zucchini recipe with mascarpone cheese I adored. Those cookbooks would be a goldmine. Happy anniversary to inspiralized!
Sarah says:
We're currently stationed in South Korea and we cannot stress how great the Inspiralizer has been opening up our veggie and fruit intake. We love that you've built this community up and are always chatting and encouraging more creativity with incorporating heathy meals and lifestyle. There isn't a week that goes by that we aren't using your recipes word for word, or for inspiration. Thank you for being such a positive force in this world! Congratulations to you and your family with this hard earned success and of course marriage and motherhood!!! Cheers!!
Camille says:
Favorite thing is how spiralized helped me with a low carb lifestyle. Finally loosing weight...
Lisa says:
My favorite part about Inspiralized is the variety of recipes I can find here. When I first started trying to incorporate more veggies into my meal planning, I found the blog and made about three of the recipes I found here and from that point forward.... I've been hooked!
Bibi Grimaldi says:
The best thing that I like about spiralizing is that I can eat a ton, I love a lot of food, now I don't have to feel guilty about it any more and I'm loosing weight. :-D My favorite recipe at the moment is Baked Lemon Salmon with Sprialized Broccoli and Dijon Sauce (, but that keeps changing as I try new recipes from Ali and they all seem to be fantastic. Thank you Ali!!!
Amy says:
Makes cooking fun! Congrats on 4 years!!
Nichole M. says:
My favorite be thing is MY KIDS LOVE IT, just the other day they were fighting over who gets to spiralize the zucchini and you know how it leaves that little piece at the end of the zucchini it looks like a worm? They always love that part, hey if kids will eat more veggies just because it's such a cool kitchen tool to use then that's an amazing product!!
Jeffrey says:
My favorite part of following Inspiralized is all the great recipes!
Melissa says:
I like the new fruit/ veggie you try to inspiralize
Katie Cookerly-Dietrich says:
I started out by following Inspiralized because I wanted to find alternatives for pasta because I am a bit of a carbaholic. I have become motivated to eat better by the heathy spins on some of my favorite dishes, but to be honest my favorite part of Inspiralized is the woman behind it all! Ali, I think you are an incredible role model and your positive messages through your cooking bring me an immense amount of inpiraton and motivation to be better and be well. I enjoy following your journey on building your empire and as I said it is truly inspiring, or should I say inspiralizing... Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog and all the 500 other social media platforms there are! I can tell your heart is in everything you do. ?
Lynne Farrar says:
Limiting us to one thing we like about Spiralizing? Not fair! Your blog has really been helpful in finding really tasty recipes that are as creative as I like to be! The fact that you go to the trouble to investigate and post the WW points, is a bonus. A friend bought me someone else's cookbook and I couldn't even begin to understand her directions and I'm a seasoned cook, so your walking us through your blog, You Tube and your FB community has really made spiralizing fun! I know you're grateful for the adventure these last for years have been, but we are grateful you decided to go on it, head on! Thank you!
Emily says:
I love how quick & easy spiralizing makes my meal prep! Having a diet full of fruits and veggies is a breeze!'s fun to get my whole family and my friends #inspiralized too!
Scott Winchester says:
I love zucchini bread...and would Really would like to try the zucchini noodles!
Kimmy Ripley says:
I am a ZOODLE ADDICT and I wish I could eat them every day. SO versatile!
Stephv says:
I love the healthy foods
Elizabeth Brooks says:
These noodles sounds good
Azeem says:
I like the unique and lovely ideas! They are also very simple.
Jane Kumar says:
I am obsessed with your blog on instagram Ali!! Love your live feeds. First thing I look at in the morning. You and Lu are so cute! Your recipes and pictures are great to follow. Love the links you add to it if you are not an experienced cook like myself. Like what coconut flour you use etc. Also, the youtube videos has helped me quite a bit. The Chicken sausage and potato recipe is great. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida and wanted to show up at Fresh Kitchen to meet you (i promise not in a stalker way). You look so great being pregnant. You have soooo much energy!!! Thanks for being so inspiring!
Patricia says:
I'm perplexed, just made the zucchini banana bread, only thing changed in recipe is doubled the almond milk but was more like cookie dough thick and dry. Baked it came out dry and crumbly, horrible. How do we thin it out a bit to be more like bread batter and to bake up properly?
Patricia says:
I'm inexperienced with coconut flour so don't know how to adjust. Thank you
Anonymous says:
Mine was exactly the same! weird
Stephanie says:
I had the same issue! Would love to know if anyone has tips to improve this.
Anna E says:
I had the same thing! Any updates on how to fix this? It’s horrible :(
While players will usually argue abolut which map will bee the absoluyte hardest, Deep Space Turtle Chase beelongs innside thee top three, woth no doubt. From simple huts and buildings to complex loigic gates and switch systems used to power elaborate cities, in Minecraft anything iis possible. At the time of his writing, the 360 version is a few updztes behhind the present PC version, but in accordance with news found about the internet and good sources, eventually the 2 versions is going to bbe involved to every other.
Shelley J says:
I'm getting more fresh veggies into my son and he loves spiraling the veggies. It's win-win
Very creative. Congrats on your fourth year of blogiversary.
I would like to show my love for your generosity giving support to men and women who absolutely need help with this subject. Your special dedication to getting the message around ended up being wonderfully helpful and has really enabled women just like me to realize their targets. The invaluable recommendations indicates a lot to me and substantially more to my office colleagues. Best wishes; from everyone of us.
Anna E says:
Not sure why, but this recipe didn’t turn out at all for me. So crumbly and didn’t stay together. Sounded great but it was a total fail.
Awgirl says:
I just love how pretty food is when it’s inspiralized!!
Carly Glazer says:
Yes! Agreed!
Anonymous says:
Hello, this turned out great! how long will these stay fresh in fridge or freezer?
Carly Glazer says:
We usually only like to keep things like this in the freezer for about a week!

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you know what keeps me up at night? 🥺 the gut-wrenching mom guilt from worrying that this time is going to fly by (it is!) and I’m going to look back and wish I had made more one on one time with each my kids when they wanted it! it’s so hard to separate my time, and I’ll admit that I’m not great at finding ways and the right moments to do it. mamas out there who have 2 or more, what do you do to get more individual time with each of your kids?

maybe I’m putting too much pressure of myself in this season of life, but I can’t help feeling like I’m failing and I’m missing out on this adorable age! #proofofmom #motherhood #thisismotherhood #toddlermom

turned up my Broccoli & Cheddar Egg Donuts with some everything bagel seasoning, and it's a totally new recipe 🥯 🧀 you can grab this original recipe on the blog - just add a generous amount of EB seasoning to them! great for an on-the-go breakfast, packable kids lunch, or just a protein packed snack!  🥚

also, we only have two more weeks left in florida, which means I’ll be back to dreary backgrounds to my food photos 😂😂 🌊⁣

#healthysnacks #vegetarianbreakfasts #vegetarianbreakfast #glutenfreebreakfast #vegetarianrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #broccoliandcheddar

IT'S HERE!!🎙️ 🎉 👏🏼

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