Coconut Chicken and Kale Lentil Curry

Coconut Chicken, Kale and Lentil Curry

We’re writing an eCookbook with Feeding Littles! This eCookbook will be full of healthy and...

We’re writing an eCookbook with Feeding Littles! This eCookbook will be full of healthy and easy recipes for Baby Led Weaning that parents, kids, and babies will love! There will be tips on how to safely prepare and serve food for your littles ones, without sacrificing flavor! 

Coconut Chicken and Kale Lentil Curry

When I first started Baby Led Weaning with my son, I started small – giving him one food a day (avocado, then banana, then string beans). Then, I started giving him a couple vegetables or fruits a day. Soon enough, I was building him full meals.

As I continued on, I started to feel like I was spending all of my time in the kitchen, preparing his meals. This kind of defeats part of the purpose of baby led weaning (BLW) – it’s supposed to be a family-friendly way to prepare food for your baby, because the baby eats what you eat (just served and slightly prepared differently.)

So, I started to look for recipes online and start to flip through cookbooks that were made for baby led weaning. To my surprise, many of the cookbooks were geared more towards babies and less towards the whole family. The recipes were very basic and not super flavorful or exciting. I thought to myself, “If I’m feeling this way, I better a lot of other parents are!”

And now, here we are, and I’m so excited to announce that next week, I’ll be launching an eCookbook, in partnership with the Feeding Littles team! The eCookbook will be called Inspiralized Littles: Healthy and Delicious Recipes For Baby Led Weaning That Parents and Kids Will Love, Too. 

In this cookbook, you’ll find:

  • 14 Recipes, divided by Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Pictures for every recipe, including a photo of how to plate for a baby in an EZPZ Mini Mat
  • Introduction to baby led weaning basics by the Feeding Littles team
  • Tip Boxes for each recipe from Inspiralized and Feeding Littles
  • Recipes that incorporate common allergens and recipes that are totally allergen-free

I can’t wait for you to grab a copy of this eCookbook when it’s officially available next week on September 24th! For exclusive sneak peeks of recipes (like today’s!), discount codes for launch day, and more, make sure you subscribe to the Inspiralized Kids newsletter!

This Coconut, Chicken and Kale Lentil Curry is guaranteed to get your littles ones (and whole family!) eating healthfully – it’s packed with mild curry flavor, veggies, and comes together in one pot for an easy cleanup. It saves well in the freezer and is totally meal prep friendly. Watch me make it and then you can find the recipe in the new Inspiralized Littles eCookbook on September 24th (or subscribe to our newsletter to get it in your Inbox this Thursday, September 21!)

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Coconut Chicken, Kale and Lentil Curry

with love, Ali

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