Spinach Banana and Oat Donuts

Spinach Banana and Oat Donuts

Luca is loving my Beet and Oat Banana Muffins and they’re a great way to get whole grains, protein, iron, and veggies in – all in one bite!

Instead of reinventing the wheel (since he’s already showing an affinity towards the muffins), I decided to modify the recipe to change up the flavor and nutrient profile. I went with Spinach! You can’t mess with spinach – there are so many benefits of this leafy green, like vitamins, fiber, protein, and calcium!

Spinach Banana and Oat Donuts

I made these a few ways:

He loved them every style, but I felt like the larger muffins were easiest for him to grab! No slicing into strips, he just gripped it and went right for it!

If your baby has been loving the Beet Muffins, baby will be sure to like these!

Spinach Banana and Oat Donuts

Yields 4-6 regular donuts

10 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

30 minTotal Time

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  • 1.5 packed cups baby spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 2 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons rolled oats
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a regular donut tin.
  2. Add all of the ingredients into a blender and process until smooth. Pour the batter into the donut cavities and bake for 17 minutes or until the donuts are firm and browning on the edges. pop out of the donut cavities and enjoy.


This makes 4-6 regular donuts.

Spinach and Banana Oat Donuts


  1. I'm so excited to make these. Just a few questions! How many donuts will this make? Also, how long/where would you store them? Thank you!
  2. Would you suggest substituting applesauce for egg? Allergic baby over here. Same with the flax, can it just be omitted?
  3. Same issue as well. Following!
  4. My donuts keep coming out slightly foamy... has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Does cook time change a lot if you are using the mini donut tin?
  6. Hi, my baby has an egg intolerance so she can have eggs baked in things cause apparently the proteins change when baked. But she can’t have straight egg. Does this have the consistency of a baked muffin or a quiche since it doesn’t have flour in it?
    • Carly Glazer Carly Glazer :
      Hi Kandice! The ground flax and oats act sort of as a flour so these should have the consistency of baked muffins!
  7. Anyway to make these without a donut pan? Would a regular muffin pan work?
  8. Ok. So I too have mushy insides and cooked them considerably longer than 20min. Too much spinach? Maybe less spinach more flax and oat? Thank you.
  9. Can you use kale instead of spinach?
  10. I've made these twice, the second time adding almost 10 extra minutes of cooking time, and the inside is still very mushy. I followed the recipe, making 9 small muffins. Has any one else had this and found a fix? I love the simple concept for veggies for baby, but cant get this recipe to work.
  11. I also made this three times - in two different ovens - and the baking time is way too short and the batter remains too wet. I don’t want to give my baby undercooked food! Ali, could you address these concerns and update us?
  12. Any update on an egg substitute? Son is allergic and wondering if a flax egg or something else would work.
  13. I’m out of bananas :( anything else I could substitute with?
  14. These were quite dense when I made them and I think it turned my daughter off. I tested adding some baking powder but it didn’t do the trick. Any suggestions on how to lighten them, even adding some whole wheat flour plus a baking soda or powder? Thank you! My husband and I did enjoy them :)
  15. I made these twice with canned sweet potato in a mini doughnut pan and they came out great. My 10 month old grandson loved them.
  16. Would frozen spinach work? Any thoughts?
    • Hi Jamie! I would think frozen spinach would have a high water content and make the consistency of these not right!
  17. Mine keep coming out watery. I followed the recipe exactly. Any suggestions?
    • Hi Katie! Have you tried spreading your mixture to a few more tins? Maybe filling these a little less will help them to cook all the way through!
  18. Same comment as others about the watery, undercooked, donuts. I also commented on instagram with the question. Please help!
    • Hi Megan! My suggestion is to put less mixture into your muffin tins! Give that a try and let us know how they turn out!
  19. Folllwing !
  20. I made these the recipe exactly as stated, used a small silicone muffin tray put in toaster oven about 20 min came out great
  21. Made these this morning, doubled the recipe! I did not have flax, so I used 1/2 of an avocado. The consistency was definitely softer, but I was still able to hold it without it falling apart. I baked mine for 20 minutes. My son ate 3 of them!
  22. The inside of my muffins are wet and i cooked them extra long too :( So bummed!
    • Hi Brittany! Maybe try putting less mixture in your muffin tin! This should help them get cooked all the way through!
  23. Hi! Your recipes are really a great help. I actually recently bought your ecookbook. I just want to ask if the banana for the blender muffins/donuts can be substituted with something else? My baby gets constipated easily with bananas and apples.
  24. Hi! Just made these for my 10 month old, she crushed 2! I buttered my pan and they still stuck pretty badly, any tips?
  25. I just found about you through signing out your first cookbook at my local library, Ali and I can't wait to make veggie spaghetti! (^_^) I just need a spiralizer, lol. I hope you are having a great day and your baby is SO precious! Take care! xo
  26. I only have quick cooking steel cut oats... would it be ok to use?
    • Hi Lauren, we haven't tried it, but since everything goes in a blender I don't see why not! Give it a try and let us know how they turn out!
  27. I don’t have ground flaxseed. Will the recipie still work?
  28. Do you think I could sub the banana for something else?
  29. Hi my 10m old daughter is sensitive to oats ...any recommendation on a substitue? Whole wheat flour or almond flour or coconut flour??

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